Tour de Hands – Day 3

bikeWe’re only 3 days into this race of words, but it’s already been intense and my books are huffing and puffing. To recap some of the highlights along the course so far…

  • We started Day 1 down in Texas at Taylor Dean’s site. Eyes of Light was in the lead there
  • Day 2 we ran into heavy snow up in Cape Cod (yes, my books put the Tour de France bikers to shame with their speed across long distances) and had to stop for a short pit stop at Sheila Hurst’s

Today we’ve circled back to Texas again (kind of like “lines” in basketball practice–back and forth to push you to the limits…I told you this race was intense!). Secret Keepers has pulled ahead for the lead as we reach Taylor Dean’s resting stop for the day. Hope you can come on over and show your support. It was grueling to bike through all that snow yesterday and my books need some love.


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