New Book Trailers–Yea!!!

Bending Willow Trilogy_borderHere are the most awesome trailers you will ever watch. Just kidding. But I took hours remaking them for the Bending Willow Trilogy release, so hopefully they don’t bore you to tears. But tears of joy would be all right. If that happens, here’s a Kleenex.

Here is the new trailer for Eyes of Light, the first book in the trilogy that follows the lives of Suvi, Austan, and James through several harrowing years.

Ta-da! Do you want to read it again? I do (and I’ve already read it too many times to count…but it’s still exciting!)

Now I present the 2nd book in the series, Secret Keepers. This volume delves into Suvi’s past, and like the cover, is a darker story than Eyes of Light.

Are you ready for Book 3 now? Only 2 MORE WEEKS until Hands of Mercy will be available! I’ll spotlight that trailer a few days before the book release. For everyone who’s been waiting for so LONG…I’m sorry I’m slow. Hopefully, you’ll feel the wait was worth it once you read Hands of Mercy! It might be my favorite of the whole set.

New covers and story versions have been uploaded on all the sites for volumes 1 and 2, so get them now and be ready to finish the series when it becomes available on the 26th. Eyes of Light is only 99 cents through February, so like Abba sings…Take a chance on me!

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25 thoughts on “New Book Trailers–Yea!!!

    • Yeah, she did. Let me know if anything is wrong with those files I sent you. I did it quickly and have since wondered if I sent you a wrong file with only 20% of the book in it. Hopefully not.

  1. The sound doesn’t work on the computer I’m on right now, so I can’t hear the trailers (I assume there’s music?) but they look very pretty! I make a note to remember to come back later when I’m on another computer to see AND hear the trailers 🙂

    • Thanks, Carrie! Putting together book trailers is tedious, but actually a lot of fun, since it’s all picture oriented…and I love photos.

  2. Wow! Both videos are excellent. Very impressive! You did a really good job on them. (Now I realize how much my book trailers suck! But I’ve already spent way too much time on them! I just re-did them with the new book covers. Well, I’m almost done!) At any rate, your book trailers look fantastic. (and the music played just fine for me.)

    • Your trailers didn’t suck. Actually mine looks cooler than my capabilities would allow otherwise, but Animoto had a feature where they create an original video from whatever you put into their system. The only glitch is it is a completely different video each time you play it until you finally say save and publish. So that caused me a lot of headache.

      Are you going to put your new trailers on your blog when they’re ready? I’m excited to see them. I used yours to help me create mine in the beginning, because I’d never even heard of a book trailer before then.

      • For Nick, I’m With You, and Joshua’s Folly are up on the book pages on my blog. They are basically exactly the same other than the new cover being featured at the end. I did add different transitions though. Sierra has the same pictures, but different music, as the original music was no longer available to me. (the new version is being uploaded this evening.)
        I’ll have to give Animoto a try. They (and you) did a great job on yours!

        • Yeah, I upgraded to the $30 a year for Animoto, but a lot of times I wished I had more capabilities. But I’ll have to do a whole lot more movies before I want to spend the next level with them. I still like your trailers (I just rewatched them). They fit the books good and you do a super good job of putting the perfect text for each picture (that’s the hardest part).

          • Oh, thank you. It’s not my talent though, that’s for sure. I haven’t made book trailers for all of my books. I Have People and the Lancaster House series are tough ones. Until I have inspiration for them, they just won’t happen! I make mine on Windows Movie Maker. It’s free, but probably a lot more labor intensive–and not nearly as fancy as what Animoto does.

            • I like Windows movie maker. There are times I really wish I could take features from that and put it on Animoto…so I guess nothing is perfect unless you pay the big bucks.

  3. Those look great – did your daughter help with the trailers too? You’re not slow at all – congratulations on finishing three books! You must be looking forward to getting that third one out there.

  4. Charissa, should I buy new books (vol 1 and 2) or reread the ones I got at the beginning? Have they changed with this new Trilogy?

    • The story line hasn’t changed really. They’re just much better written and I organized them slightly different in sections and quotes to theme each section. Do you have the kindle or nook? If so, I’ll just email you new updated versions. Let me know.

  5. Hi Char: I particularly like your background music (Eyes of Light–I just noticed there are two trailers). Where did you find it (the music? I also like your slide dissolves. They’re slow enough I can absorb what I’m seeing. Nice job.

  6. Very impressive production. Sets the mood for the story and hooks the viewer. Great music too. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it!

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