Character Interview – James

JamesYou’re in for a special treat today. I promised extra behind-the-scenes posts from the Bending Willow Trilogy, and that’s what you’ll get. I’ve invited James Hinton to be with me today to answer a few questions. Please give him your complete attention since he’s missing his Genetics class right now to be here.

All right, James. Thank you so much for meeting with me.

James: It’s my pleasure…anything I can do to help out. I love your Bending Willow Trilogy.

You should, since you’re one of the main characters in it. Well, let’s get started. I know you need to go soon. Are you a cat or dog person?

James: Definitely dog. I’m allergic to cats.

So am I. That makes the choice easier, doesn’t it? What is your favorite childhood memory?

James: The time I shot my brother in his butt with my BB gun. I got grounded for a month, but it made me laugh so hard to see him holler and dance around the yard when I shot him…still does when I think about it.   

Do you have a nickname?

James: I’ve been called Jamie all my life, except by my Mom…and Suvi. She likes my full name better, and truthfully, I’d be offended now if she called me anything but James.

Any Pet Peeves?

James: 1) Men who disrespect or abuse women, 2) forward, bossy girls, and 3) cats

Do you sleep in or get up early?

James: I’m always up by 6. I can’t sleep in—it’s not in my genetic makeup. The sun rises…I rise with it.

What do you do to relax in your spare time?

James: Mountain bike or play piano.

So you like music. What are some of your favorite music groups?

James: I love anything on the piano or cello, since I play both. PianoGuys are my favorite group since they utilize both. I love their newest Youtube song–Angels We Have Heard on High for this Christmas season. 

That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. What super power would you like to have?

James: I’d like to fly.

What candybar would be your motto for life?

 James: 100,000 Grand Bar; that sums up all the blessings I’ve been given.

Are you a light-saber or magic wand type of guy?

James: I think I’d like a wand. It seems safer.

I guess that depends upon whose hands it’s in. Well, I know you have to get going. Thanks for stopping by and giving us a moment of your time. I wish you the best in your classes this semester.

James: Thank you. I hope everything goes great with your trilogy release. I’m sure I’ll talk to you later.

Most likely. See you, James. [WAVES!]

There goes one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. So polite…so cute. If you haven’t met him before, download Eyes of Light for only 99 cents right now and learn more about him.


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  2. I love the character interviews. And I think James is the kind of guy everyone would like to have in their lives, be it as a friend, spouse, relative, or colleague, or whatever other relationship I’ve forgotten. 🙂

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