Release date – Hands of Mercy – Jan 26

BW TrilogyMy daughter is in the process of redesigning my covers for the Bending Willow Trilogy. I’m so excited and love her ideas! This series has been four years in the making (shhh! I know I’m slow, but please don’t taunt me).  As I’ve written and revised each volume, my overall vision for this set has transformed as characters have surprised me and done things I haven’t expected. As I watched my characters suffer, this quote became my new theme.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the…willow survives by bending with the wind.

-Bruce Lee-

Life can be hard, and it’s natural to want problems and trials to go away when we experience them. I’m sure the willow tree hates screeching windstorms. I know I do. Winds break branches, sometimes whole large limbs…once a powerful gale snapped my backyard willow in half. Parts of trees–and us–are destroyed by storms in life, but with God’s help and mercy, we become stronger by enduring and bending with the winds, instead of cursing them.

When my willow broke, I almost pulled it out and replanted, but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s now thriving after three years and has filled in broken sections with new, stronger growth. It’s beautiful because of what it had to overcome.

What if I had given up on it after the winds tore it?

I would have missed out on something miraculous.

4926184010_70ab1942d1_zThe characters in my stories are tossed and broken by the winds of life…and there are times they want to give up or think they’re worthless because of how broken they are. Yet the storms that broke them also strengthened them. When their lives seemed shattered, they had to send their roots down deep to survive, they had to question who they really were and what their purpose in life was…and once they did, they flourished…just like my willow.

That’s why I changed the name of the series to the Bending Willow Trilogy. Each book follows three characters through the winds of life. Suvi, Austan, and James are very different, but one thing is the same…they’re all survivors. They bend with the winds and when life breaks them, they get back up and keep living.

Now for my good news! DRUM ROLL, please……………………………!!!

I have a release date for the final book, Hands of Mercy. Yes, I’m serious. You probably think I’m pulling your leg because this has taken so darn long, but I’m serious as a jury summons.

Hands of Mercy will be available for purchase on January 26, 2015!

The book is finished and just waiting to be formatted for eBook and print and get finalized covers. Yippee!!! I can hardly wait! So grab a plate of cookies and fudge and settle in for some fun. In two more days, I’ll start posting extras about my Bending Willow characters–pictures, music, interviews–and the spotlight posts will continue into January to pump you up (even  more than your Christmas baking will) about the release of Hands of Mercy.

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23 thoughts on “Release date – Hands of Mercy – Jan 26

  1. I’m so proud of you!! Beautiful covers, and SO neat that your daughter created them. I can tell you these stories and characters are outstanding! I love, love, love Char’s writing and this story line. What a great name for it, too. Keep writing, Char. I admire your work!

    • You are the biggest sweetheart and your praise means a lot to me since you are one of my writing heroes! Thanks for all your help, especially for beta-reading this last book in it’s infancy stage.

    • Thanks, Coleen. It’s so fun to watch the progress and I couldn’t wait anymore, so had to put up the mockups to celebrate the end in sight.

  2. Congratulations! These are some beautiful book covers, by the way. You’re like those famous authors will get new book covers when they do new editions. And you should be proud of yourself. 3 books in 4 years is really, really good.

    • Well, the first two books are like new editions now. I tightened up the writing and made a few small changes in section formatting and how the chapters were set up. I like it a lot better now. I’m glad you think my 4 years is fast. I see all these other authors putting out about 1-2 books a year and I feel like a tortoise.

        • That’s so true. Some authors put out so-so books really fast, but some of my heroes are putting out quality at lightning speed. I’m in awe, and want to learn how they do it! Maybe they just have more creative minds than I do. I have to hash a story out hundreds of ways in my head before I settle on the twist for that part of a story–while maybe they just think up the story in 2-3 tries and it comes out all thrilling.

  3. Those look great and that’s nice that you and your daughter are working together on this! It seems like everyone’s revising lately – it never ends. I love the idea of a tree surviving as your characters do.

  4. I love, love, love the new covers. Just beautiful. I’ll be happy to post on my blog on your release date–or whenever you’d like–and help you advertise! I’m looking forward to reading book 3! Can’t wait! Congrats!

    • Thanks, Taylor. I’m excited for them to get done. And yes, I’d love for you to help me get the word out when it gets closer. I’ll email you after Christmas.

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