Forgetting and Remembering

Forget Me Not

I just read and reviewed these Young Adult books in the Collective Series. The first book, Forget Me Not, was very riveting. Anamae (or Mae) is a normal 17-year-old girl who struggles to get up in time for school, spend time with her best friend, Will, and hang out with her dad since her mother disappeared years ago and they only have each other. But when she touches her mother’s necklace pendant and opens the gift of invisibility, everything she knew to be true is shattered.

She changes her definition of ‘normal’ and unknowingly brings down the wrath of the Collective upon her, a secret society of techno-gurus who run the world incognito through the use of technology that no one else knows about. Mae and her best friend, Will, escape and are taken in by the resistance. That’s where she meets Jax, a hot 18-year-old who confuses and attracts her. This book was fast-paced and introduced the characters for the series as well as some mysteries that need to be solved in the future.


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Remember Me

The 2nd book in the series, Remember Me, has just been released. This story throws a twist into Mae’s life when she receives a blow to the head and awakes in an unfamiliar location and can’t remember anything–even who she is.

This sequel was much darker than the first book, and a little more confusing (but I felt this was done on purpose so the reader was in the same boat as Mae with not remembering anything). There’s a good love triangle forming to continue on in book 3. I’m excited to see what Mae decides to do and whether the Collective will come out on top or not in the end. It’s a pretty scary scenario!

This series is great for teenagers since the main characters are high school age. Both books are clean and didn’t have any offensive scenes. The stories have a touch of romance in them, but the main plot centers around the paranormal element and action (which is advanced technology, not magic).


Check these out if they sound like something you would like. Though they don’t fit in the normal genre I read, I enjoyed them anyway. Also, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win $25. Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “Forgetting and Remembering

    • It’s funny how names can draw you in. I love when I find names of people I know in my favorite books, so I get your bias. Of course, I don’t find Charissa very often. I wonder why that is?

  1. You do such a nice job reviewing books. You’ve really found your niche’. I don’t normally read YA but these two books have a very interesting plot line.

    • I don’t read much YA, but sometimes one comes along that intrigues me into signing up to review it. I love when others review books after they read them…so it’s fun for me to do this (and a great way to get books for free).

  2. I love the original and intriguing plot in these books. Sometimes I like YA books better than adult books, I have to admit. These are going on my TBR list.
    I love reading your reviews, Charissa. They are always well written and don’t have spoilers. I’m not good at writing reviews, so I’m impressed!

    • Thank you, Taylor. I don’t always feel that good at writing reviews, but I’m glad you like them anyway. I try hard not to put in spoilers. People on Goodreads can be harsh when you accidentally do put one in (which I’ve been called on before).

  3. Today’s books for young adults have some amazingly original ideas. I don’t remember too many of the books being very appealing when I was that age. I think today, though, would be another story, so to speak. 😉

  4. Now I want the gift of invisibility – imagine what I could get up to! 😉 These books sound intriguing, Char. I’d love to be able to write reviews, but i’m truly hopeless at it xxx

    • Yes, I always wanted an invisibility cloak after reading the Harry Potter series. That came in handy so many times for those kids. Reviews are hard. When I get done with a book, I always wished I’d made notes all the way through about what I liked or didn’t like…because it’s hard to bring together for a final synopsis when I don’t.

  5. YA is really coming into its own, isn’t it. I don’t remember YA being such a distinct genre when I was growing up. Or, maybe I just wasn’t exposed to that genre — maybe I went straight from MG to Adult!!

    • I remember reading a few books as a teenager that were written for teens, but I can’t remember many. But, like you, I probably just wasn’t aware of genres back then much.

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