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After the election ruckus we just endured, please rest assured that this campaign isn’t a political one. Whew!! I just finished reading this regency romance set in war torn Spain. This has a few of the same characters from Becoming Lady Lockwood, which I reviewed HERE, but it isn’t a sequel. It’s a stand-alone story.

Emma Drake is the little sister of William, one of the main characters in the first book. She has been in love with her brother’s sailor friend, Sidney, for as long as she can remember. The only problem is that he only views her as a sister-figure. When Sidney is captured by the French and proclaimed dead falsely, a witness from his ship’s crew comes to plead for William’s help to save his friend. Emma stows aboard her brother’s ship to save the man she loves, but it isn’t the happily ever after fairy tale ending she imagined as she is thrust into the savage clutches of war and sees and experiences atrocities she will never forget.

I loved this plot and the setting on the battlefields of Spain. The growth of the characters was charming to watch unfold, and heartbreaking at times too. The subject of post-traumatic stress disorder is addressed as the characters suffer from anxiety and panic after what they endure and what they must face as they escape behind battle lines.

There are all sorts of rating systems out there. I rated this 5 on both Amazon and Goodreads! The author deserved credit for a well-written book that captured my heart and mind. If you like sweets, then a different rating system might appeal to you. I’d rate this story a Brownie Sundae–the kind made with decadent brownies with chocolate chips in them and a good vanilla bean ice cream on top. Yeah! It’s that good.

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So start your own campaign to read this book…or make a yummy brownie sundae…or both!


8 thoughts on “Campaign Time

    • She actually started out as what you would expect a London debutante to act, but she grew strong through some horrible experiences, and I really liked seeing her grow.

  1. I love the sound (and taste) of Brownie Sundae with decadent brownies with chocolate chips and vanilla bean ice cream on top. Ahhhh – Now I really want it 😉

    • The dessert rating fills a need in me. Since I’ve been trying to eat better and not fill my system with sugar, I thought books could fill that void. When I read a book that is a brownie sundae, I can’t help but feel a little sugar-high still.

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