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444864412_fcd684b27f_zGood news! I’ve been working on all the books of the Bending Willow Trilogy (the new name for my Eyes of Light series) for the last millennium. What? Did I hear a snort of disbelief? Well, for your information, it feels like forever…and that’s even longer than a millennium.

When I’m in the reader’s chair eagerly awaiting a new book release, I wish the author would hurry up and get their book done. It’s agony waiting for a beloved book!

But now, after being in the author’s rigid, uncomfortable seat…I beg mercy and plead my case (and a box of chocolates) before you oh, noble readers. I had every intention of getting this final book out last fall…but then life happened. My daughter got married, my other daughter had surgery, my other daughter went to Korea, and the characters in my book just didn’t cooperate. They seriously fought me. One of them even broke my arm (oh, wait! That was falling off my bike…but I bet I was distracted thinking about my characters and that’s how I tumbled over my handlebars.)

My Excuses!

I know, I know…I’m making excuses, but they’re almost as fun to make as cookies, and I think you should sample my excuses and proclaim them good.

So now what?

If you will extend your mercy to me, a slow writer, I will deign to lift my head and tell you that…

The trilogy is almost done! YEA!!!

I whipped my characters into shape and finally finished the Bending Willow Trilogy. [Big sigh of relief] Now the manuscript is being edited and a cover completed. I’ve also made extensive revisions to the first two books and am having their covers redesigned. I’m quite taken with the proofs so far; the model for my character, Suvi, is perfect!

Now stay tuned for fun!

I’ll be posting a series of fun extras (photos, music, trailers, live interviews with my characters) over the next month in preparation for the release of Hands of Mercy this winter. So keep checking back here to find out quirky facts and read extra scenes about Suvi, Austan, and James (the characters I’ve fought with now for 4 long years).

Have a great weekend!


28 thoughts on “News on the Book Front

  1. I’d say all those excuses are more than reasonable. It’s amazing you made any progress at all! How exciting to be almost done. I look forward to seeing your cover reveal.

  2. Good for you!!! You had very good excuses, and it’s better to make readers wait for a great book than to put out something based on time limits!

    I can’t WAIT to read it and I’m excited to see the new covers. I think the old ones are nice, too. Very exciting times for you!

    • Thanks for helping me with this one, Gina. I’ve changed it a ton since you read it, so hopefully you like it better now. It’s fun to see it shining a little more.

  3. Hurrah for you! You have had a lot on your plate so it’s no wonder there was a delay. I have yet to read the second one so I’ll wait for the revised version with new cover! 🙂 I think I must have missed some of your posts because I see the archives is saying this is your second November post and you had two in October but I don’t think I’ve seen one for ages! I wonder if my Reader is playing up, I shall have to go back and look at what I missed later.

  4. We have been waiting a long time. I am excited to read it. Does it mean we need to read the other two books if you have revised them? Patiently waiting. Love you Charissa.

    • You don’t have to reread the first 2; the story hasn’t changed at all. Sorry it’s taken me so long. I’m not a fast writer. Love you too!

  5. Char, congratulations! That is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the new covers and the idea of sharing extra scenes sounds like fun. Look forward to hearing more. 🙂

    • It is fun to see my books coming together…and writing the extra blog posts that will start in a few weeks has been very enjoyable as well.

  6. Those are absolutely valid and good excuses for not writing! Sometimes, Life must come first. But congratulations on getting back on the horse (or bike….) and getting the characters back in line. Looking forward to the new reveals!

    • Hopefully around Thanksgiving time I’ll have the cover reveals ready to put up. It’s fun to see things coming together after all this time.

  7. Sounds like a true writer’s excuses — they all sound logical to me! Only a non-writer would tell you that you’re full of it. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us — and congrats on your progress!

  8. Congratulations on sticking to your project for so long and getting it done! Well, almost done. I can’t imagine how much work it takes to write not one, but three books. I can’t wait to see your new book covers!

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