Fun Fall Frolicks

Fall is whizzing by in a swirl of colorful fun. I’ve slowly been regaining my confidence on my mountain bike since my accident. It feels good to be out again. I love being out and seeing views like these…

I also did a road trip with my sister to Washington. It was a long drive (11 hours one way), but it went by faster than I expected with visiting and seeing cool settings out the car window. We surprised my brother and niece for their birthdays, which was so much fun! Totally worth the drive.

That’s a taste of why I’ve been absent for a little while from the blogging world. But I’m back…and so excited to give you some book news soon. I’m madly rushing to get the last book edited and ready to release in November or December. Eeeek! Yea!!! Have a great week!

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26 thoughts on “Fun Fall Frolicks

  1. Wow! Just gorgeous pics! I especially love the boardwalk through the trees and foliage. So beautiful. It’s calling to me, inviting me to wander down its path.
    YOU are so brave to get back on your mountain bike after your accident. Good for you!
    Good luck with your new release!

    • Thanks, Taylor. I have seen some truly beautiful sights this month. It’s been amazing! I love the boardwalks on the trails in Washington. They’re usually where a creek or marsh can form, but I think they are stunning. It did take a lot of courage to get back on the bike. I was more fearful than I thought I would be…and I still get off and walk a lot if it’s a steeper downhill than I am comfortable with.

    • Thanks. I’m not the best photographer, but I guess when the scene is so stunning, I can get a few semi-decent ones here and there.

    • I don’t want to drive that far all the time, but the weather was pretty perfect for this time of year so made it bearable. And yes, yes, yes, to bike riding. It’s so pretty right now. I want the leaves to stop falling and hang on a little longer.

  2. I’ve been rather absent from the blogging world, too, and madly catching up on posts that I have missed! I don’t think I’ll get to them all, though. Looks like you had a great time away with family. Can’t wait to hear your book news!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful reasons to be away from the blogosphere. I sooooo love Idaho. Glad to see you back, excited for your book and thankful to have a glimpse into your gorgeous adventures. Have a great week, Char!

    • Thanks, Michele. Sep and Oct have been super busy (but you know all about that already), yet these little moments where I get to look out over the city with the wind blowing through my hair or eat lunch at a scenic lake make me feel that I can do anything (or if I can’t, that’s it’s okay still).

    • I thought so too (it also helped that I had no internet for part of that time, so I will blame it all on that–even the days when I did have internet and was too lazy to write a post)

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