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I know I’ve been gone from the blogging world for a while. October has been full of fun vacations and other things that I’ll tell you about a little later. Yet, I’ve managed to fit in some reading time and this was one of the better books I read this month. This story had some of my favorite loves in it–painting and kisses (ha ha).

Painting Kisses is a contemporary romance with charming characters that made me laugh. Seriously, these girls in this book were funny. I found myself wishing I could meet Lia and her sister in real life because the way they talked to each other was hilarious. (WARNING: it’s fiction, so you won’t be able to meet them, so don’t get your hopes up).

This story is set in Salt Lake City and introduces you to Lia, a cynical ex-painter who has left her glitzy New York life to be a humble waitress in a diner. She vows to never be hurt by a man again, but with her combination of wit and beauty, several men seem bent on entering her life…and heart. And when a mysterious commission worth lots of money is dangled before her, she finds herself torn between giving into her art passion to help those she loves at the risk of losing herself once more.

If you like painting or art at all, you’ll love this book. Reading about Lia and her art made me see things differently from her creative viewpoint, and I loved that experience. You will learn to see emotion in the mountains, the clouds, and people as you follow Lia through a hard point in her life where she must decide whether to continue in mediocrity or soar with the eagles.

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8 thoughts on “Painting Kisses

  1. You’ve been missed in the blogosphere, but it’s nice to see you’ve had some reading time. Sounds like a great book. Hopefully you’re finding time for your own writing, too.

  2. Nice to see you’re back, Charissa! I’ve missed your posts.
    I love funny books. Wish I could write funny, but NO. I’m just not that funny. But I love reading a book that makes me laugh. Looking forward to hearing your book news!

    • I don’t know where October even went. I went to post and gasped when I realized a whole month had passed since my last post. Yikes! Why must fall rush past so fast? It’s my favorite season and I don’t feel I get to appreciate it fully before winter is here.

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