Olympic Beauty

DSC02768Before school started, we took a trip to the Olympic Peninsula to relax, see my brother, and pick up my daughter (who’s been working there all summer). I thought I’d share a few of my pics. I absolutely LOVE this area of the country. It’s so green (although they did have yellow lawns this year because of record-low water this summer). Still, compared to Idaho, it’s super green and lush.

Last year, I posted a series of my top 10 reasons I love Washington, so I’ll spare you a rehash. But we did visit some new areas I liked.

DSC02733This hike to Sol Duc Falls was super pretty. I did it a few years ago with my mom and siblings and there was a lot more water than this year, but it was still very pretty. I love the slot shape of the canyon where the falls are.

* * * * *

We also drove up to the tippy top northern point of the continental U.S.–Cape Flattery. It was foggy the day we went, so I didn’t get any long range views, but the fog made it quite mysterious looking. Can you imagine a good story set here with the sea caves, fog and eerie forests? Oh yeah!

I also got to spend time at my brother’s new place. He has lots of acreage and the land butts up to the national forest, so we didn’t have to walk far to be in a hidden ravine with a creek grown over with brush and trees. This summer, one of my brother’s horses actually got attacked by a mountain lion near the creek (but don’t worry, Dixie is fine now), so we made noise whenever we went out in the ‘wilderness.’ My brother thinks his horse actually woke up a mountain lion sleeping in one of the trees and that’s why it attacked (because mountain lions don’t usually attack horses). Still scary!

Anyway, my brother offered to let me build a house on his property next to the back creek. It’s very tempting, but so remote that I would have no internet…and no Dairy Queen and no sunshine in the winter. What would you do with the offer?


31 thoughts on “Olympic Beauty

  1. I’d totally take him up on that offer! Such beautiful country. I’d love to wake up to that every morning. I would always feel happy. And I love fog. Seriously, whenever we have a rare foggy day, I always make my husband go on a walk with me. I also love the way they have boardwalk trails. Gorgeous! That being said, I couldn’t live without internet. But I could do without DQ.

    • Yeah, I’d lose some pounds without DQ. Fog is fun too, but not in excess. I like my sunshine…I really do. Too many gray days make me stir-crazy. The trails and mountains up there are fantastic. I like them in whatever weather they have.

  2. I would buy lumber and start nailing that house together by myself!! What a gorgeous area. You and your family take the best vacations and you take wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us!!

    • Ha ha. I can just imagine you out there with your saw and hammer. It is a gorgeous area. My brother is lucky, and I think he absolutely loves it there with his crazy (and sometimes demonic) animals.

        • You’d have no trouble with the goat that wants to butt you rather than look at you. We learned to grab him by his horns before he could ‘surprise’ us. It gave new meaning to the phrase, “take the bull by the horns’ or the goat…whichever you have.

            • They are kind of ornery. The one sure surprised me when he acted all nice and then reared up and butted my chin. Jerk! My brother named him Little Sh– (it fits well).

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place! I keep thinking I want to take my kids to Olympic Park next summer when I see all your photos from there. If I decide to go, I may ask you for recommendations of places to stay and visit. Well, as long as there are no mountain lions because we have enough of them here already.

    As for no Dairy Queen and no internet? I’m not sure which one is worse…

  4. Port Angeles is where the more affordable hotels would be–it’s about a 30-40 minute drive to Lake Crescent from there, but would probably be central to getting anywhere in the park. Hurricane Ridge is just up the mountain from PA. And the Hoh rain forest is probably about 2 hours from there (I’m guessing). It is a huge park and everything is spread out, so you drive to one part and explore one day, and then drive to a completely different part another day to have a grand adventure. I’m excited if you go.

    • I love it because it’s so different than Idaho. Everywhere I’ve ever gone (besides Kauai) has been semi-arid…so to go to the Olympic Peninsula is exciting! So green and lush. It is like a fairy land.

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  6. Eek, no sunshine in the winter? As beautiful as that area seems, I need my sunshine. The Internet is a very close second. Okay, okay, it’s tied for first. I bet I couldn’t go without either of those for longer than a couple of weeks.

    What do they say? Nice place to visit, but…

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