Bonds of Loyalty

BondsLoyaltyBannerToday I’m participating in an awesome blog tour for the release of Bonds of Royalty by Jennifer Clark and Stephonie Williams. This is the sequel to Mark of Royalty, which I read in July and loved.

The premise of this story is that Sarah is the firstborn of twins to the king and queen of Kyridian, but a prophesy has doomed her to die if she is allowed to live. Knowing the risk she will be in if she stays in the kingdom, Apollo, the king’s trusted advisor, spirits her away to another country where she is raised as a commoner, not knowing her true identity and purpose.

In Bonds of Loyalty, Sarah is all grown up and the Court will not sanction her engagement (which you have to read the first book to know who she falls in love with) and her nemesis tells her she will never measure up to be a queen. It is easier to believe untruths than rise up to one’s responsibilities though. Sarah feels lost and unworthy of love. When her true mother’s health deteriorates, she returns to her homeland reluctantly and is caught up in political maneuverings and unrest because of that cursed long-ago prophesy that doomed her from her birth.

This book was written in such a way that the words grabbed hold of me and held me hostage. Truly! I was kidnapped, but Stockholm syndrome kicked in and I’m in love with my captor now. The story has amazing characters and cool plot twists. I love how Sarah learns to believe in herself through all her hardships and difficult choices. I could easily relate to her wanting to run away from problems instead of confronting them. Don’t we all?

If you haven’t read one of Jennifer’s or Stephanie’s books, start with Mark of Royalty and then read this one. I highly recommend being kidnapped by books. Stockholm syndrome is addicting, and these books will fill the void you may have in your heart.

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