Unconditional Love

Ginger and the Neighbor's dogs002Sad day for my family yesterday. We had to put down my beloved dog, Ginger. I’ve posted about her in the past, so some of you are already familiar with her cute face. She went downhill pretty fast, which was a tender mercy (although super hard). I made this video as a tribute to her life. I never meant to have a dog. I didn’t have one growing up, so I’m not really a dog person. But I’ve never regretted bringing Ginger into our family.

Yes, I’ve complained about how hairy she was or stressed about finding someone to tend her when we left on vacations…but she was an integral part of our family. She taught us about unconditional love and always had a smile on her face. I will love her forever for how she blessed our lives.

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  1. Dear Char,
    So sorry to hear about Ginger. What a beautiful girl–you could see the light and love that surrounded her. Your video tribute was poignant and so time-telling. I love seeing dog/kiddo pictures–it portrays that bittersweet growing-up-beside-each-other story so well. I don’t want to cloud your beautiful post with sad words, so I’ll just say thank you for sharing her with us. Sending you and your family virtual hugs.

    • You’re awesome, Michelle. I’ll take the sad for all the happy we experienced with her. She was a pretty special dog who taught me amazing things (without ever speaking…because I never figured out how to make the dog talker machine like on the movie Up)

  2. So sorry Char, but what a beautiful tribute video you made, so lovely to see her and the kids growing up together. Ginger was lucky to have such a wonderful family to live with, and you were all lucky to have such a wonderful dog as part of your family 🙂

    • So true! I know she’s happy now and has energy again (something she lost completely in the last 2 weeks, which was torturous to watch in the poor girl)

  3. Deepest sympathy on the loss of your four legged family member, Char. Those of us who have been blessed with dog love know how hard this is, yet how blessed you were to have Ginger in your lives.

    It’s a lovely tribute.

    • Thanks, Gloria. This is my first time losing an animal, so it was especially hard…but you’re right, I was so blessed to have her in my life. I won’t ever forget her.

    • We did torment her a few times with costumes. She wasn’t too hip on any of them and always rubbed her head or body to escape our human torture devices…but the glasses were completely funny. She became nerd dog with them on.

  4. So sorry Char. It’s heartbreaking to loose a four-legged family member. They bring so much joy into our lives. My sincere condolences!

    • Thanks, Ingrid. It has been terribly sad, but peaceful too. She lived a great life and I have so many good memories of her to last me. Loving brings heartache when you lose someone/thing…but it is so worth it.

  5. I have too much of my dad in me and have never cared for animals but Ginger was definitely a one of a kind. What a great dog, never a pesky nuisance. So sorry to hear about her passing. I was with Mom when Brandy passed on and those last pictures made me tear up because I know how hard that was. My heart goes out to you guys! Families are forever!

    • Thanks, sis. She was pretty special and spoiled us rotten when it comes to dogs. I don’t know whether I’ll dare get another one because it might not be fair to the new dog to always be compared to Ginger and found lacking.

  6. Oh Char…I cried through the whole video.
    I’m so sorry.
    She was such a loved doggie.
    Hopefully she and Spot are both enjoying an endless buffet of grilled salmon and bacon.
    Thinking of you and your family.

    • I knew you would understand. I’m glad she can meet Spot now. They were two wonderful pups and now are probably having a heyday together running around chasing squirrels and frisbees.

      • I have no doubt they’re having a great time together. It’s a blessing and a curse to have them go downhill so quickly. More of a blessing though I think. You’ll always miss her, but in time the memories will make you smile more than they make you tear up. Again, know how much I am thinking of you. Love to you and the family, christy

  7. I’m so sorry. Dogs are pure love. You were blessed to have her, but when we love, we suffer loss. Better though to love and lose than to never love. People who have dogs know real love. Like you said. It’s unconditional when it comes to dog.

    • So true. She did love us unconditionally and didn’t need much from us. She was usually just a quiet, comforting presence always around in the house…and I’m missing that presence now.

  8. Aw, such sad news. Family pets truly become a part of our families and are missed terribly when they leave us. So sorry for the loss of Ginger. What a beautiful tribute you made for her. So cute to see your kiddos with her when they were little. Having a chance to enjoy that “one special dog” in your life is so rare and such a blessing. Treasure those memories.

    • I’m so glad my kids were able to have her in their lives. As I was going through pictures, it made me cry more, but also made me extremely happy. She was the best dog ever.

  9. Oh No – So Sad! Great Video Tribute to Smiley Ginger – made me tear up. Thanks so much for sharing – may she have many treats and toys and places to run over the rainbow bridge 🙂

    • Thanks, Renee. It was so sad to let her go. I haven’t cried that hard or continuously for a long time. Now it just feels lonely without her.

      • I still think about my cat growing up, Squeeky, blessed to have had her for 19 years – hardest decision I had to make at 21 years of age. I have not had a cat or dog since, some day when I am more settled I would love to have a furry friend again. Wishing You the Best – Take Care 🙂

  10. What a sweet video for a sweet girl. Dogs definitely stay in our hearts forever as a part of our family. Love that picture of her with the ball though. Just makes me smile.

  11. I’m so sorry, Char. It’s always difficult to lose a pet. They do indeed become part of the family. She had a wonderful life, and I know she’ll always be in your hearts.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, Char. I still remember my childhood dog and have never been able to replace him with another. It looks like Ginger had a wonderful life with you, and she’ll always live on in your memories.

    • Yes, my memories keep making me tear up at odd moments though…like when the sprinklers came on today and I thought of the last day before she went and she was helping herself to them and getting soaking wet.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about Ginger’s passing, Char. I know she was your partner in crime. Er, I mean your devoted writing assistant. I think it’s great to have had her grow up with your children. Pets are only around for a short while and that’s what makes them so special.

    • She was my writing buddy; she always like to be under my feet. I’m glad we got her for the time we did. From the video, you can tell my kids have aged a lot since she was a puppy.

  14. Char, so sorry for your loss! It is so difficult to lose a 4-legged family member!!! They work their way into our hearts and bring us so much joy and love. Thinking of you and your family!!!

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