Murder & Laughter

Murder and laughter usually don’t mix, but Anya Wylde has a gift of making serious things utterly ridiculous and silly. I’ve read all of her books and they are slapstick funny and make me literally LOL (the only time that dumb acronym is accurate).

Her latest novel, Murder at Rudhall Manor is no different, except that there isn’t a romance in it per se (although I wouldn’t be surprised if one blossoms in a future book). This one is a little darker, dealing with murder, exotic pets, cruel aristocrats, and a helpless young nanny caught in the middle.

This story is full of crazy characters, witty scenes, and plot twists to keep you guessing. Lucy, the Sedley’s nanny, is the main character. When the family jewels are stolen and the master of the house stabbed to death, she (as the newcomer) is blamed.

When the devilishly handsome Lord Adair visits and vows to prove who the thief/murderer truly is, Lucy’s heart is lost to him a little, but not enough to trust her life to his sketchy investigative skills. She sets out to prove her own innocence by catching the true thief and killer, but with two crazy pugs, a domesticated raven, an evil stork and an orangutan mixed into the plot, her work is cut out for her and laughter is a given.

Anya is a very talented, gracious author and is going to give away 2 copies of her new book to commenters. So leave a little note below to earn your funny, murder mystery. Ready…set…GO!


20 thoughts on “Murder & Laughter

  1. I love the movie, Clue, a great whodunit with lots of comedy. So I know I will love this book! A book that makes me laugh is a winner for me! (i hate lol too)

  2. This sounds absolutely delightful! My list of books to read is getting longer and longer thanks to you, but I may have to move this one up in the line-up.
    And, oh my friend…I hate that acronym, too!
    (LMAO? Well…that one I kinda like!)

  3. Now that’s an interesting cast of characters!!! I have to read this just to see how they all fit into the story.

    By the way, I don’t mind LOL-ing if I’m home, but when I read in public I can only hope no one notices. 🙂

  4. Spoiler Alert! It was Lady Bathsheba in the Master Bedroom with the knife. 😉 I love Anya’s books and this will move to the top of my reading list. Thank you for introducing me to her books.

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