Kiya: Rise of New Dynasty

Today I’m excited to interview one of my favorite characters from Katie Teller’s Kiya series. I’ve read both the 1st and 2nd books in this series set in ancient Egypt and have thoroughly loved them. The 3rd book’s out now. Yippee! If you haven’t read these yet, let me give you a synopsis.

Kiya is actually a Hebrew girl named Naomi. She was taken from her family by Horemheb (the Pharoah’s general) to become a new wife to Pharoah. In Pharoah’s court, she is introduced to Nefertiti. Intrigues and dangers abound. Horemheb guides Kiya in how to stay safe and gain the Pharoah’s love and trust so she has a chance to be the first to present him a male heir.

So without further ado…let’s get to interviewing the complex and mighty General Horemheb. He doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

Me: Good morning, Horemheb. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I’m a great fan of yours. Let’s start by having you tell us a little about yourself.

H:  I was born in Herakleopolis. My family has a large estate there, and is where my family originates. We have been aristocrats for many generations, serving the pharaohs, but there is only me left now.

Me: How did you become favored by the Pharoah?

H:  My father before me showed great loyalty and strength to the pharaohs. He taught me to be strong and how to fight in defense of the crown. When he passed, the Pharaoh already knew of me, and once I’d removed those in my way, he placed me in my position, knowing I’d be his strong arm in governing.

Me:  Hmm. What do you mean about those that were in your way? Do you have enemies besides Egypt’s foes?

H:  Yes, all those that oppose my will oppose Egypt and are out for their own gain. Fools like Ay and his kin, who whisper treachery against the king. Such things will bring the nation down, so must be treated with contempt. And there’s that foul Hebrew guard…

Me:  Let’s keep personal issues out of this. I happen to know Malachi is an honorable man and is loyal to the Pharoah. Tell me about your wife. She was tried for treason. How did you feel about that?

H:  Feel? She was caught, she deserved it. If she was foolish enough to be caught worshiping Isis and having an affair during that reign of heresy, then it’s her own fault.

Me:  Some have accused you of having an affair with Pharoah’s wife, Kiya. What would you answer them?

H:  Fools. I’d never risk placing her virtue in question. An heir had to be born so the royal line could continue. I’d never betray the crown.

Me:  Are you still in contact with Kiya?

H:  No, Kiya is dead. But my Hebrew cook, Naomi, is a close relation to her.

Me:  What about Kiya’s child, Tutankhamen? How do you feel about him?

H:  Tut is a wise boy, well beyond his years. He is a fast learner with a kind heart. He will make a great Pharaoh. The late pharaoh was wise to bring Kiya in to bear his heir.

Me:  Tell us about your greatest military exploit?

H:  I have not had many opportunities to flex my military muscles, but we did recently go up against the Hittites. With Akhenaten gone, Tut allows me to use his armies to push back Egypt’s enemies off our land. It was a grand day to face a real battle, rather than small skirmishes with a handful of men. As I said earlier, my father trained me to be a military man, but by the time I could join, Akhenaten ruled and military exploits became… limited.

Me:  Who are some of your heroes?

H:  I have no heroes. At the most I admired my father, and to some extent, Kiya. A man should stand on his own and accept his own strengths.

Me:  What do you do in your down time?

H:  Down time? Relaxing is a luxury I will enjoy once I am dead. Too much could happen if I let my guard down for even a moment.

Me:  Oh my. I don’t envy your life. What about the Hebrew issue? They seem to be growing in number and can be troublesome. If you were Pharaoh, what would you do with this slave race?

H:  They are…but I am not Pharaoh so I will not answer this question. At most, I will say that I support Tut’s decision to encourage the Hebrews to move to other parts of the kingdom to alleviate the pressure from those who wish to see them destroyed.

Me: One last question. What do you aspire to do in the future?

H:  To see the kingdom mighty as Tut leads us to a brighter future from the ashes. Maybe one day I might marry again so I may have a child. I would very much like a child.

Me:  Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with me, General Horemheb. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

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12 thoughts on “Kiya: Rise of New Dynasty

  1. I LOVE this idea. What an interesting spin to the traditional author interview–interviewing a character from the book. Well done! As for General Horemheb, he’s quite the confident fellow, isn’t he?…

  2. I love the character interview! It’s a great way to introduce readers to the story from an inside perspective. I know the characters in my books would love the opportunity but would probably fight over who would get to do it. I’d bet Horemheb didn’t have any trouble grabbing center stage, though. 😉

    • You’re right. He’s kind of used to being in control, so no one fought him for the right to be interviewed. They actually probably breathed a sigh of relief.

  3. Character interviews are so fun, and I think you did a great job asking just the right questions so we’re intrigued to know more! He’s an interesting fellow.

  4. I love historical novels and ancient Egypt would be an interesting place to visit. I’ll have to check these out. Great interview! The General sounded a little scary so I’m glad he didn’t scare you too much.

    • Yeah, I’ve never read books set in Egypt before, so I loved it. Crazy politics going on–even (or especially) in the king’s harem.

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