I love LOVE!

_DSC6390I promised back in November that I would eventually share pictures from my daughter’s wedding when I got them. Well I have 600 pictures now to share.

But DON’T stop reading.

I promise not to show you all of them..only a few favorites. So let out that LONG breath of relief you were holding…and enjoy.

Even though wedding receptions are stressful to plan, there is something amazing about seeing your child take that big step into committed love that I wouldn’t trade for all the comfort and non-planning in the world. I am one happy, proud mother. Here are my top 10 Wedding favorites.

10–Italian Sodas


These deserve a spot in the top 10…because they were delicious and made me wish I wasn’t the mother of the bride so I could have had at least 3 more (I only got 2…wah!). The bartenders were super cute (my brother and son). And they were entrepreneurial geniuses, lining a cup to encourage tipping. Ha ha. Good thing my bartenders had fun doing this for me since they won’t retire on what they made.




Don’t they just look SOOOO happy. I love that look of adoration on his face.



Too pretty!


And way too cute. I loved these bridesmaids…they were the BEST!




Seriously! Can’t you just feel the love?

6—Cake and treats


Remember the wedding cake post where I was lamenting about having to get a cake at the last moment and how expensive they were. Well, I am very happy with the cake lady my daughter found. She was amazing…and the cake not only looked nice, it tasted delicious! And thanks to lots of help from family and friends, the dessert table was divine.  




No cake on the tux or dress. That’s true love.



Crazy groomsmen!


My silly kids!



Yes, love was definitely in the air. And it still is.



I love seeing family at weddings. It’s one of the highlights.


Okay, this picture just melts my heart. My son was so good to follow his sister around with that white, floofy umbrella so that she didn’t get too wet. And the one below is one of my favorites with almost everyone in it. We were so happy not just because they were kissing, but we knew picture time was almost over! That’s a great feeling when you’re hungry.


1—Eternal Love


We believe that marriages performed in temples of the Lord by an authorized sealer will last for time and all eternity. This picture perfectly captures their feelings and mine about love. It’s eternal.

Maybe you can understand from this post why I love to read and write romance so much. I love LOVE! And I love that my daughter finally found it with a wonderful man I respect and love as if he was my own son—which he is now! Yea!

Have a good week.

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  1. Such gorgeous pictures! And I love the fun quirky ones too. I particularly love the one with everyone cheering! And the last one is like a Disney princess photo (I don’t mean to diminish the significance of the temple and the symbolism, but you know what I mean, it’s so beautiful and magical looking!).

    • No, I know what you mean. That picture is one of my favorites and does seem like the prince and princess in a happily ever after tale.

  2. What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding full of beautiful people (inside and out). Love the one with the guys jumping in the air and the silly-face one of your kids. Those often make the best keepsakes!

  3. Wonderful photos! Your kids are beautiful, Char. I especially loved the silly kids photo, but that look of adoration in #9 is so sweet. And oooh that cake! Was that momma smiling beside the bride in the group shot?

    • Yep, that’s me. I’m in a fancy dress (the only time you’ll see me in one since I’m a more casual shirt and skirt girl…and fancy makes me feel weird). The silly shot of my kids is classic–so THEM.

  4. Ah, Char, these are great. Your daughter is just stunning and your son-in-law very handsome. I know that you will treasure these forever. And if your daughter is happy, I know you are so happy too. Aren’t weddings just great??

    • Thanks, Brigitte. It was a day to remember for the rest of my life. And every time I see my girl and new son-in-law, I’m still tickled pink by how good they treat each other. They are perfect together.

  5. Wow. Everything is so tasteful and beautiful. I love the flowers and the setting, the pictures, the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding dress. Just gorgeous. You folks could be wedding planners!

    • Ha ha. That’s funny. Actually a decade ago, my brother and I were seriously considering doing wedding planning. But then I backed out because I saw too many problems and things I didn’t like about it. After doing one myself, I still feel the same way. It’s not my thing. To give credit where credit is due, my daughter did most of the planning since I was out of state. She has an eye for interior decorating and knew what she wanted…so that’s why it turned out so beautiful.

  6. Wow! Just beautiful pictures. Everything about the wedding looks so elegant, from the dress, to the dessert table, and the chair covers. (I notice the details.) I love it! I love the Italian soda kiosk. What a great idea. Good job, Mom. You have a beautiful family. As for the funny faces–your kids and mine would get along great!

    • Yes, I will probably notice all the details from now on at weddings…instead of being clueless Sally like I always used to be. The Italian soda kiosk was my favorite. We didn’t end up having a kitchen at the reception place, so it worked out good that I didn’t have to worry about mixing up drinks in the back somehow.

  7. I can really see and feel the love in these. My favorite is the one with your son holding the umbrella over your daughter’s head. It’s nice to see that family kind of love. Love the silly ones too.

    • Glad you liked them. I was pretty happy with how they turned out and can’t help but keep looking through them and smiling. Even though it was exhausting, it was a beautiful, fun day.

    • She was pretty happy with her dress. We just rented it since we couldn’t afford to buy it. To me that was perfect. Now we don’t have to store it. And the bridesmaids dresses turned out pretty adorable too.

  8. The last picture looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. Great pictures, looks like it was a great wedding. Wishing your daughter long-lasting love and happiness!

    • Thanks so much, Arlene. It was a spectacular day, rain and all. I’m so happy she found someone who loves her as much as she loves him. Makes this mama happy.

  9. Is it sappy to admit I was crying happy tears while looking at wedding pictures of beautiful people I’ve never met? Okay, yeah it is…but, I’m a hopeless romantic and completely enjoyed reading your words and seeing the captures of love in all of the photos. Just priceless! Admittedly, I’m likely misty because I know that my daughter is probably just a couple of years away from making that walk down the aisle, too. Beautiful post!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the picture journey. You’re like me and love romance when you see it. I love flipping through photo sites and seeing young couples in love…but since this is my daughter, it’s extra romantic since I know the whole journey she’s made through feeling like no one liked her to having boyfriends that didn’t appreciate the awesome girl she was to finally meeting THE ONE. Enjoy your daughter’s journey at whatever stage she’s in–crying or happiness. It’s fun to see them grow.

  10. So true! My daughter is still young (19), but with a very nice young man who treats her like a precious gem. The love journey is always bumpy…but, the sad makes the happy even better 🙂

  11. Beautiful pictures for a beautiful day, even though the weather didn’t cooperate. So many of these shots are natural, showing people’s true feelings and joy. Definitely great photos to have for the lifelong memories.

  12. Those are absolutely beautiful photos! My niece was married last May, and like you, some of my favorite photos are those of everyone simply having fun and sharing the joy of the event. I’m not sure anything tops Love for creating Hope in the world.

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