You’re my only Hope

Seoul, Korea

Hello friends! I’ve taken a hiatus from this blog for the past couple weeks, but have still been on WordPress a lot messing around. I’ve set up a new blog for my daughter who’s leaving me to serve a mission in South Korea. I wanted to highlight her journey as she sends me letters to tell of her experience. Feel free to check out what our life has been like getting her ready HERE (but please don’t comment. I turned off comments on actual posts, but it still has it for pages and videos, etc–which annoys me because I don’t want to have to keep up on those while she’s gone).

I’m still working on my goals for the year—at least some of them. I have nothing good to tell you about my fingernails yet…but I will. I promise. I am going to tackle these bitten babies and win this year (just not in January). I have accomplished a few of my smaller goals though. Yea!

As for my writing—I hope to start fitting in a couple extra hours now that life has slowed down and all the crazy, exciting family events are done. The first set of test readers have gone through my manuscript and given me back lots of good advice for Book 3. I’m in the rewriting stage now—redoing the whole middle again. I don’t get that right on any of my books it seems. I must say…I love my beta-readers! They’re awesome, and my books would be junk without them. We should have a National Cheer on your Beta-Readers Day, don’t you think?

With the wedding, surgery and mission going on in my kids’ lives the past few months, I’ve not put a lot of time into thinking up cool posts for my blog…but I want to change that. So should I write about psychotic polar bears, or the terror of watching 13 year-old boys in Morph suits dance around my living room? Both are equally frightening…but that’s all I’ve got in my head right now.

Please help me with your comments. Don’t leave me drifting with the morph-suit boys.


24 thoughts on “You’re my only Hope

  1. Wait, what? Psychotic polar bears? Did I miss something on YouTube?

    I’m still writing my 2014 goals and it’s already Jan 17. What the heck? But at least, this year I’m spending time laying them out in detail and breaking them down step by step. I guess that’s why it’s taking me a while. But I have some many different goals I want to work on this year, this is the only way I’ll be able to maintain focus and not forget some. Good luck with yours! And good luck to your daughter in South Korea too.

    • No, no. You didn’t miss anything on YouTube (at least, I think not). I was just remembering the crazy polar bear at the zoo last year. I love how you do your goals. You got so much done last year–like Wonder Woman.

  2. Wow, your baby is headed off to South Korea. I wish her the best of luck. I’m sure it’s not easy having her go, but I imagine you’re extremely proud of her. The blog looks great–such a nice looking family you have.

    I have no tips for blog topics for you since I struggle with my own. Sometimes I get what seems like a great idea, and then I’m just too lazy to write about it. Some writer I am…

    • I sometimes wish for that gusto I started with. I miss those creative juices that flowed through me. Where have they gone? Waaaaa! Just kidding. I’ve just haven’t been in the mood to blog with everything else going on. I guess I need to kick myself back into gear. Luggglugggluggrrrrrr! That’s me getting into gear…or not.

  3. Wishing your daughter the best of luck on her next life adventure – how exciting for her – love it Seoul Sister! I cannot believe this month is half over already. Happy Weekend:)

  4. I love the blog you created for your daughter. It’s wonderful and I love all the pictures of your beautiful family. As far as blog topics, I would love to hear more about the inspiration behind your novels.

  5. Ooh, good luck to your daughter, how exciting, I’m sure it’ll be a great experience for her.

    As for blog topics – how about sharing some of your own childhood memories? I don’t think you’ve done much of that.

    • Good idea. I will ponder on that. I love when you share childhood memories. And I still want to do the 4 truths and a lie post that you did.

  6. I love the idea of childhood memories. I enjoy sharing those of my own. I definitely want to hear about Psychotic polar bears – that has me guessing all sorts of things 🙂

    I wish your daughter a wonderful and safe time and I’m sure it has to be tough to let her go half way across the world but it’s pretty awesome!

    Sounds like you got some good feedback from your betas to work off of. Good luck with your editing and with your goals!!

  7. I second that motion to have a celebrate-our-betas day. They are worth their weight in gold!

    Finding those blog topics can be tough. Like you, I found they came so easily when I started blogging. Of course I could post several times a week without the well drying up. Hmm, live and learn, right? 😉 Childhood memories make great posts, and I toy with the idea of turning some of them into short stories for the blog. That way they’re good writing exercise, too.

    Best wishes for your daughter on her mission work! Maybe you’ll be able to work some of her experiences into a future novel. 🙂

    • That would be fun to turn memories into short stories. I do need to exercise my writing skills in different areas. Thanks for all your support, Jacqueline.

  8. Your daughter’s blog looks great – I’m looking forward to hearing more about her adventures in South Korea. Psychotic polar bears and 13-year-old boys dancing both sound funny and entertaining. If I have to vote for one though, I’ll say psychotic polar bears. That’s not something I get to see every day. 🙂

    • Okay, I might have to post about the polar bears I saw at the zoo last summer. He really did act a little psychotic. I’m looking forward to hearing more from my daughter too. Every day I hope to get a letter. The waiting is killing me..

  9. I followed from my Words account, looks like a cool project!

    Good luck with the rewrites. Is the rewriting harder, or are the first drafts tougher?

    How about boys in morph suits acting like crazy polar bears? Why limit yourself?

    • Rewrites are much harder (for me, anyway). The beginning process of writing a story is total freedom and fun. I think my son could pull off the morph suit and acting like a polar bear. He already does the morph suit (much to my chagrin).

  10. I have been having a run of un-cool blog post ideas, so I can sympathize. For me, it is the let-down after a crazy 5 months of parties, holidays, birthdays, celebrations, and sport commitments. My mind just isn’t into blogging.

    My vote is for psychotic polar bears- I think that would be fascinating. 🙂

    • Psychotic polar bears have gotten lots of votes. Hopefully we both get the creative kick we need for blogging soon. I’ll wish luck your way.

  11. What a wonderful thing your daughter is doing, you must be so proud of her. I can’t wait to check out her blog. My second cousin lived in South Korea for two years and she loved it.
    When it comes to ideas for the blog, I’m always stressing about that. I wish I could plant a “Blog Idea” tree in my yard. 🙂

    • My daughter seems to be loving it so far…although she’s not in Korea yet. Maybe March. She has to learn the language first. A blog idea tree would be awesome! I saw another blogger post about some site you could put a few words in and it would give you ideas to post about. I wonder if that would work well for me.

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