2 Years of Memories

Two years ago today, I started this blog. I would say I deserve some chocolate to celebrate, but I already have too much (thanks to my kids who know me well and tried to outdo each other in pleasing me this Christmas). So instead of feasting on food, I’ll feast on blogging memories.

I started out with a BANG–posting a couple times a day for the first few days to fill up my blog so it didn’t look empty. I’m awed at my writing endurance back then. Whew! It makes me tired just reading back through everything.

In the beginning, I was very idealistic. I thought it would be easy to post daily, but learned very quickly that it’s not. Blogging is rewarding, but it takes lots of time, discipline and commitment to keep going. Blogging has been kind of like a roller coaster. I’ve had lots of ups where I anticipate writing my next post with excitement…and then I’ve had downs where I feel overwhelmed and close my eyes and grit my teeth to get through a month (or a season that seems super busy). Work stress, family obligations, and life events have thrown my mojo off lots of times.

It’s easy to get discouraged with blogging and want to throw in the towel. But for writers, it’s important to hang onto that towel–to do what you have to during slow,lazy times to get re-inspired to post again until you ‘like’ it. Going back through old posts and stats help re-inspire me to continue blogging.

My 1st Welcoming Post helped me remember why I started this blog. It’s easy to forget when life gets hectic.

My 1st Blogging Award opened my eyes to a new, consuming bloggy phenomenon. Blogging awards are good ways to meet new bloggers and answer weird questions.

One of my 1st Travelogues had Chuck Norris jokes. How cool is that?

My silly Writing Series pushed me to sharpen skills as I tried to think of fun ways to talk about writing principles…not the boring ways I was taught in school English classes.

My top 5 posts (per views) over the last 2 years are:

The Top 2 search terms for my blog have been “Thoughts on Motherhood” and “Cinnamon Gum.” I was shocked “Chocolate” wasn’t on there. I think I will have to work to change that in the new year. That reminds me…I’m due to make some New Years Resolutions. I don’t know if I can top 2012’s goals, but I should try.

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31 thoughts on “2 Years of Memories

  1. Congrats on the two years! I think my two-year blogaversary came and went recently. It does take commitment to blog, but I’ve gotten better at cutting myself some slack. If I need a break, I take it (like this extended holiday break I’m on). Keeps the process from becoming a chore.

    I think you need to post a pic of all your chocolate. I’m already salivating…

    • You are my role model for this whole blogging thing. And the chocolate is almost gone (well, not really, but enough that the picture would look silly with half boxes of chocolate eaten out of it). Just for the record, I haven’t eaten all of it myself. I’ve left the boxes out in the open knowing that my children would help me feel less guilty by taking some. That’s why it’s disappearing so fast. But I’m okay with that. I got too much. The one thing I’ve horded is my Jones Cream Soda that my sister sent me. I can’t ever find that stuff here, and it’s the BEST!…so I tell them to keep their grimy hands off my stash. What about you? Did you have a good Christmas? Did the elf survive, or is he decapitated somewhere in the Christmas wrapping?

      • “but enough that the picture would look silly with half boxes of chocolate eaten out of it”—Ha, I know the feeling. I’ve never heard of Jones Cream Soda though. I’ll have to Google that.

        The last I saw of Elfie he was straddling the hatchet of one of our soldier nutcrackers. But I’m in New Hampshire now with my boys visiting family. My husband is home and has taken down the Christmas decorations, so I suppose Elfie is now buried in a box somewhere. He’s probably relieved…

        • Wow girl! You are awesomely tricky–going to visit family to get out of taking down Christmas. I’m jealous. Jones has lots of flavors, but the Cream Soda’s my favorite. For some reason, I can’t find them anymore here in Idaho. It has bothered me enough that I complained to my sister, and she sent me some from Utah.

          • Yes, I was crafty getting out of taking down the decorations. Then again, my husband gets the week to himself, so he says he came out the winner. I think I have to agree with him…

            • Yeah, a week alone would be nice. He could wait until the very last day and then bonzai the ‘taking down’ of Christmas into 3 miserable hours. But all the days of enjoyment before would definitely be worth more than a pound of Sees chocolates.

  2. Congrats Charissa – I am glad I found you and your blog and enjoy reading your posts!!! Here’s to many more adventures and good luck with your top search for 2014 being CHOCOLATE:) Happy Monday – Happy New Year Week!

    • Yea for the end of 2013. It’s been crazy…but I’m ready for some slow time. Maybe I’ll just have to throw the tag chocolate into all of my posts from now on (even if there is no chocolate in it. Would that be fair, or would the internet police come after me and throw me in the brig?) Happy New Year, Renee!

  3. Happy 2 years of blogging! I’m shocked chocolate is not one of your top search terms either. What’s up with cinnamon gum?!?

    I was just thinking the other day about how many bloggers I haven’t heard from this year, people who seemed to be going strong and then they suddenly dropped off the face of blogosphere. With no warning that they were taking a break or quitting altogether.

    I think that blogging takes a lot out of us; it is a job in itself. So, anyone who can keep up even a semi-regular schedule for 2+ years deserves an extra piece of chocolate. Here is yours… 😉

    • Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom (Cookie Monster noises as I eat your chocolate). One of my first posts was about disappearing gum–how my children were always taking it, so I started buying Cinnamon instead of fruity flavors because they didn’t like cinnamon gum as much. I guess that shows up whenever people search cinnamon gum. Weird, huh?

  4. Congratulations on two years! Mine just happened too. That’s funny that we started and found each other around the same time. Visiting here always makes me think of chocolate so that should definitely come up as a top search! You could also be one of the reasons why I probably ate more chocolate than ever this year. 🙂 But that’s ok because chocolate is happiness. Hope you have a great new year!

  5. Congratulations on the two-year anniversary! I always enjoy your posts, but I’m also shocked that chocolate searches don’t lead readers here. Google and Bing are clearly falling down on the job!

    It can be tough, sometimes, to keep the enthusiasm levels up for blogging, but I’ve never had the impression you were ever “phoning it in.” Your heart and dedication always come through in your posts. Here’s to another year of fun and good times in our corner of Blog Land!

    • Ah, yours is the sweetest comment ever (even with the chocolate taken out of it). Thanks, Jacqueline for your support and friendship. People like you make all the work of blogging worth it. Thanks!

  6. Happy blog anniversary! I think you deserve the chocolate blog award for that. I’d give it to you but I had a piece of it already. Sorry, it was too good to resist. I hear you about not feeling like blogging sometimes. Life gets in the way and is not conducive to blogging sometimes. I always find it best to take a break or slow the posts down until you have something good to blog about. Why stress out even more?

    • Chocolate blog award. I don’t blame you for eating it. And thanks for the tips about slowing down. I hate posting something just to put something up there. It is good to take a small break at times to get my head back on my shoulders. I hate when it falls off.

  7. Congrats on two+ years Char! I have really enjoyed getting to know you.

    And yes, we need to work on getting chocolate and bacon donuts into your top ranks!

    • Ha ha. Yes, it was surprising that edible delights like those didn’t show up in my most searched terms. I feel that Weight Watchers and other places like that probably ban my site to their users just because I talk about tempting goodness all the time.

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