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Hoar frost

Hoar frost – Germany (credit: Wikipedia)

I hope your December has been awesome. Mine has been busy with concerts, a surgery for my daughter, an open house for my other daughter and her new husband, Christmas baking, visiting, and shopping. It’s been fun and festive, and has made me think of some of my favorite things (just saying ‘my favorite things’ makes me want to sing: ‘bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings.’ I love The Sound of Music).

Some of my favorite things at this time of year are:

  1. Crystal Days – or as the song says: “Silver white winters that melt into spring.” We’ve had a beautiful week with lots of hoar frost. I hate that name. It’s too ugly for such a beautiful phenomenon where frost outlines all the trees and bushes, and make winter snow and cold bearable and miraculous.
  2. Colored Lights – I feel like a kid when I see a house all done up like the Griswold’s. It makes me a little giddy.
  3. Deals – I love deals ALL year long, but especially now. Here are some fun book deals I thought I would pass on to you in case you are looking for fun, exciting reads for Christmas break.

Gina Barlean’s Three for the Season $5 -set of 3 books (Thrilling dark dramas)

Taylor Dean Books99 cents (clean, suspenseful romances)

Linda Clarke’s Bedtime Stories – $10.99 Paperback (great for children)

Anita Stansfield’s Captain of her HeartFREE (Lots of suspense and drama)

2013-12-20 22.05.124.   Traditions – We eat clam chowder in bread bowls and have shrimp cocktails for Christmas Eve. Then my family sits down and we each think of a goal we want to work on throughout the coming year. We write this down and put it in a little White stocking as our gift for the Christ Child. We hang the stocking on the tree to remember our Savior, and then keep it in an easily accessible drawer the rest of the year so we can pull it out to remind us what we are working on and evaluate our progress.

These are some of my favorite things about this time of year. What are some of your favorites?

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32 thoughts on “Some of my favorite things

  1. “hoar frost”— You’re not kidding; ugly name for a beautiful phenomenon!

    I love Christmas lights, too, and I love that feeling you get on Christmas Eve when it finally gets dark, and you know the celebration can officially begin. 🙂

    • Yeah…Christmas Eve is magical no matter how you celebrate it. I hope you have an awesome one with your family (and that the elf doesn’t get tortured too badly)

        • I’m sure my girls would just ignore him and my son would threaten his life as yours do. The elfs are better left to little ones than the teen monsters.

  2. Beyond kind. I am so grateful to know you. Thank you so very much. This is a beautiful Christmas present.
    I always look forward to your blog and your positive view of life. Please keep writing, always. You bring a lot of joy to all of us!

    • Hopefully I’ll start writing more now. The wedding festivities are officially over. Hurrah! We had the Boise open house this weekend and I somehow survived (thanks to tons of good friends who helped me and made things perfect). And now I have cheeseballs and meatballs as leftovers to eat during the holidays. Nice.

      I truly treasure my friendship with you, Gina. You have taught me so much about writing and life in general. You are the best. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

      • Bless you, Char. The feeling is mutual. So glad you survived the wedding. Someday I may need your advice about dealing with those stresses! Write a lot this year! And keep shining your light in your blog. Merry Christmas and may you always know the love of our Savior. God Bless.

  3. Shrimp cocktails featured on Christmas Eve when I was growing up. I remember being so impatient for everyone to arrive because we got to open the gifts from our siblings that night. Presents from Mom and Dad and Santa were reserved for Christmas day. Just a couple of nights away now!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    • Ah! So we’re not the only weird ones that do shrimp cocktails. I remember being so anxious Christmas Eve too. Now I just savor it and never want it to end. It’s my favorite night of the year.

  4. My favorite things include: the time spent with family, the food, (had to add that!) Christmas music, and the magical feeling that surrounds the holidays. I LOVE the hoar frost pic–but you’re right, such an awful name for a beautiful phenomenon! Thanks for posting my 99 cent sale! Much appreciated! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • It is magical, isn’t it. And yes, we can’t forget the food. Thanks for your gift of friendship, Taylor. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and have lots of all that you wrote down.

  5. This year my favorite thing is the 66 degree day we were blessed with here in Northeast Ohio today.The cold weather comes back tonight – bummer. I love the idea of writing down a goal and putting it in the stocking. Thanks for the book deals, I picked up the free one as us gainfully unemployed people love free things. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you and your family! Now off to watch an amazing sunset.

    • Yea for the warm weather! Those days are nice to get here and there during the winter. I’m glad you got the free book. I love free deals too, but I will warn you that Book 1 sucked me in so much that I had to buy Bk 2 because I had to see my heroine’s life play out all the way until ultimate triumph. It was worth it. Have a truly terrific Christmas, Michele.

    • Yes, it is the worst possible name ever. Maybe I will just start calling it crystallized fluffy frost and leave the icky name in the gutter where it belongs.

  6. I’ve never heard of the term hoar frost! I wish we had some of that now – the weather outside here is gray, raining and very windy, not pretty at all! I want blue skies and frost or snow out there please! I love what you have for your Christmas eve meal, yum! We don’t really have a traditional Christmas even meal now, I wish we did, I should start one, it’s never too late right? When I was a kid, our Christmas even meal that my grandmother used to always make was a big ham that she cooked herself, with warm boiled buttery potatoes and lots of salads. The only little tradition I have with my kids is that on Christmas eve before bed we read “The Night Before Christmas”, they used to love it, but last year it was more like “Oh, do we have to? We’re too old now!”, so I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed this year! Our Christmas breakfast tradition is smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, but this year my daughter has become vegetarian, so just scrambled eggs for her I guess! I also love the pretty Christmas lights everywhere. Oh and the Christmas movies, love watching them leading up to the day to get into the festive spirit. I think I’ve written enough now. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🙂

    • I can’t believe I made the same spelling mistake twice in there – Christmas even meal! If I didn’t correct it here, you’d probably think it was some British way of referring to Christmas eve wouldn’t you, hehe.

    • I love all that you wrote. The smoked salmon and eggs sounds super delicious. My kids would love that. I think you should start now and make a new tradition for Christmas eve that you know everyone will look forward to. It’s fun! What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I think mine is the cartoon Grinch.

  7. I read the title of your post and INSTANTLY started singing that song in my head – will be there all day I am sure – ha! I love the traditions and the spirit of the Holidays – spending quality time with my greatest someone and someones too:) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  8. We eat clam chowder on Christmas eve, usually with a baked ham and sandwich fixings. I love your stocking tradition. I have never heard of that, but I think it’s a wonderful idea. Merry Christmas!

    • We usually do the ham on Christmas day, but there is enough of cheeseballs, crackers, and the shrimp cocktails with the soup that we are usually more than full. This year we’re making up some wassail. It smells so delicious!

  9. We just watched the Sound of Music and I’ve been singing it ever since! Those are all my favorite things of the season too. I love it when we get buried in snow and can’t leave the house. Still hoping for that one for the chance to catch up on reading and writing. Happy New Year and happy hoar frost!

    • That is fun when the snow’s so deep you don’t dare go anywhere. The world is lovely white and the house is toasty and books are calling! Perfect winter weather activity.

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