Rainy Day Blessings

Hi! My name’s Char in case you’ve forgotten. I know I haven’t posted for a while…but I thought I deserved a little break since my daughter got married last month in another state and I was a little stretched for time. But now the stress is mostly over. The wedding went off without too many hiccups, my daughter was a happy bride, and I love my new son-in-law. Here are pictures of the happy couple.

credit: Luminosity Photography

Yes, it rained for her wedding day, but I thought these pictures turned out spectacular because of that. There’s always a little blessing in life’s challenges. The night before the big day, my daughter was super upset because of the pouring rain and thought her day would be ruined.

But things turned out great. Yes, it was still rainy and cold, but the rain made the colors so vivid, and the damp, cold weather kept people inside, making it super easy to get great pictures outside with no people in the background–which can be a hard thing to do at the Salt Lake Temple because there are so many tourists.

The dress got a little damp on the bottom, and my daughter’s arms were ice cold by time she showed up for the luncheon after taking pictures for an hour and a half, but she had this huge smile on her face…and that made it seem like a sunny day.

Life is like that. If we focus on the dreary clouds, we can miss out on all the vivid colors the rain brings out that can make us happy. If all we want is constant sunshine, we are certain to be disappointed. Little blessings are hidden in all sorts of weather.

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  1. Yes……she is beautiful….and the photos are gorgeous….and her husband is a cutie. I am so happy for them.

  2. A beautiful couple and beautiful pictures. Congrats on a successful wedding! It’s a lot of work, but so very worth it in the end. Hope you’re getting lots of rest and recovering from the event. So glad it went well!

    • Thanksgiving week was a nice relaxing week for me, even having to do my own holiday meal alone. We’ve had lots of leftovers, so I haven’t had to cook much since. And yes, all the hard work that went into the wedding was definitely worth it.

  3. I absolutely loved this post. You really hit the nail on the head. There really is a blessing in every thing good or bad.
    Your daughter and son-in-law are just beautiful.
    I am guessing, you are exhausted. Enjoy the memories. I’m so glad it went well for you.

    • Weddings are funny when you’re the mom of the bride. All my extended family was around, but I couldn’t ever sit down and chat all night like normal…and I didn’t get to eat one single refreshment (although I did steal 2 Italian sodas because I was dying of thirst…but I wished for 5)…and I didn’t snap one picture because my silly dress had no pockets in it to carry it around in all day. Sigh. Now I’m anxious to get pictures.

  4. So glad everything went okay, and I love your positive attitude about the weather. The photos are wonderful–what a gorgeous couple. Your daughter is lucky to have such an invested mother. 🙂

    • I tell my kids all the time how lucky they are to have me (ha ha), but I think they won’t really know that until they have kids of their own. That’s what it took for me to truly appreciate my mom. And I keep appreciating her more and more. Working on this wedding made me realize how clueless I was as a bride myself all those years ago of ALL that my mom did for me.

  5. Well, that’s one great excuse to be absent. Stunning photos and the rain added to the ambiance. As parents, there’s nothing more special than to see our children happy. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • That is so true! I always hated when I would ask my mom what she wanted for Christmas and she would say good or happy kids. Now I understand. That is the best gift of all.

  6. What gorgeous pictures! I looked at the pictures before reading any of the text and I honestly thought they were professional wedding models! They both look so stunning. Plus the rainy backgrounds makes the photos look different, it gives them an interesting edge. I’m sure you’re relieved it’s all over though! Congratulations to all of you.

    • I was so happy with how everything turned out. My little sister did my daughter’s hair–and it turned out super good, and that dress was amazing! I felt like my daughter had become a gorgeous Disney princess for the day, and I couldn’t help smiling every time I saw her.

  7. Very true – it looks like the rain made everything shine. They look so happy together. I hope you’ll be doing that hibernating like a bear thing now! 🙂

  8. Congratulations! These are some great pictures! Yes, the rain/clouds bring some amazing light (as long as it’s not pouring), and you can see the pavement was super shiny and reflective because it was wet. The pictures wouldn’t have been as nice on a dry day.

    • I know. I think a sunny picture wouldn’t have been near as nice as these (although I did thank God for blessing it not to torrent during that hour for them…only drizzle).

  9. What a lovely couple they are, and the photos are beautiful. If you think about all the car commercials, the roads are always wet, which is done purposely to enhance the image. So nature was just lending a helping hand for the photos. And, there are many cultures where rain on a wedding day is considered to be good luck for the the couple. So I’d say they’re off to a great start!

  10. Wow, Char, you were right–those photos are gorgeous! She’s a beautiful bride.

    I saw that you were happy with the cake (and the cake baker!)

    Take some time to just breathe. Oh and to eat some chocolate, of course!

    • I haven’t had much chocolate, but there has been lots of pies around to enjoy–and cake from a birthday…and stuffing. How I love Thanksgiving stuffing!

  11. Hey Char, glad to have you back in the blogosphere! Your daughter, is breathtakingly beautiful!! And she looks so happy. Congratulations dear friend. We hope they have a century of happy blessings together. Now onto our favorite part of your blog. To quote a brilliant woman, “Little blessings are hidden in all sorts of weather.” Luv it. And so very true. It is those vivid colors that make up the rainbow brought on by that dreary rain. And without it the world would be black & white and a very boring place!

    • Ah thanks! I’m glad to be back too. And I’d forgot to write about rainbows. I’m glad you brought them up. That is my favorite part of rain is looking for rainbows that come after (or during). Have a great rest of the week!

  12. WOW – What a Beautiful Bride and Couple – thanks for sharing!!! I have heard it is good when it rains on your Big Day – wealth, luck, etc. It rained on my Big Day and we have been married 9 years now. Happy Week!

    • I thought the rain made it unique. I got married in Vegas in August so it was like 110 degrees and I would have loved some rain. I guess no matter what weather you get on your wedding day, you’re going to experience a whole lot of sunny and stormy over the years together as a married couple, so you’d better dig in your heels and enjoy whatever comes your way.

  13. Wonderful photos, and I love your philosophy. If we take the time to view such disappointments as a chance to prove our mettle we are sure to handle them differently.

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