Why I love Idaho

I found this old article the other day and it made me laugh my head off. Since I’m in the midst of wedding craziness right now, I will let you read THIS LINK to understand why I love Idaho so much. It sums up my feelings pretty well (and even included rare facts about us not being afraid of gorillas and being able to jump over the hood of our cars, which I found very enlightening). Now hold onto your heads so you don’t laugh them off like I did.

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32 thoughts on “Why I love Idaho

  1. That was great. I sent it to my daughter. I have to admit, when I visited my daughter in Idaho, I was surprised with how pretty it was! Hang in there with all the wedding plans!

    • Oh yeah. Your daughter would love it. There are so many beautiful parts of Idaho. There is the deserty parts as well, but they are pretty in their own way.

  2. Now I definitely want to visit Idaho. For those cookies alone. And I bet Barzilla Clark would have no trouble tackling a wild gorilla. Not with a name like that. πŸ™‚

    • You would have to come and visit Boise Fry Company. Best burgers in the world as well as about 8 types of fries to choose from and about 8 different ketchups and 12 different salts. Divine!

      • Oh, jeez, the men in my family would be in heaven. I don’t eat red meat which means I don’t cook it, which means they only get it if we go out to eat. But I bet that place has a great veggie burger, too. Or maybe a black bean one. Those are tasty.

        • Hmmm? I don’t know if they have a veggie burger. But they do have an elk and buffalo burger (which I haven’t tried; cows are good enough for me). I mostly crave the purple or Okinawan fries…or yam fries. They’re so unique, as well as blueberry or marshmallow ketchup to go with it. And the salts are delicious too. I’m getting hungry!

  3. I loved exploring Idaho and really when into it thinking I would just check off another State on my 50 States checklist, but it is BEAUTIFUL:) Love #28 and #40 – ha! Happy Tuesday.

    • It is beautiful. I’ve grown to love it a lot. I kind of liked the one about best costumes hands down. It reminds me of my costume making abilities (or lack of them).

        • Well, Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday because I find costume making/buying so frustrating. And the Sawtooths are one of my favorite areas. I love Stanley Lake and Redfish Lake. There are so many hikes in that area. You would love them.

  4. I have to admit, potatoes jump to mind when I think of Idaho. πŸ˜‰ But I love potatoes, so maybe that’s okay? I’m wondering if the car jumping is anything like Wisconsin’s cow tipping? I’ve been to both Washington state and Montana, but so far haven’t stopped in between. I should probably do so!

    • Potatoes are awesome, so I don’t mind Idaho being known for those…and we do have lots of potato fields. And the car jumping was news to me. I’ve actually never tried jumping over mine, but that little statistic gave me full confidence that I can do so now. Maybe I’ll wait until after this wedding before I try though.

  5. Haha, I forgot all about Napoleon Dynamite!!! That’s great, and I think they should make the same for California and give the 45 reasons why it’s overrated. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the wedding plans!

    • I would love to see one about every state. I remember years ago (and I mean YEARS), I watched Johnny Carson do a little thing on each state and it was the funniest thing ever. Thanks for the luck you send me. I will need it in the next two days.

  6. Hi Char we are new to you lovely blog by way of mutual blogging friend Carrie Rubin. What an unbelievable post! Had us laughing & in awe. We had never really looked at pics of Idaho. What a beautiful place. Both of us said, we have to visit. The mountains….wow. & the city was beautiful as well. You have every right to be proud. We look forward to stopping by & reading more of your posts. Now we’re off to find out if we have a video about our state. lol

    • Yea! I’m happy to meet you both. I just read your About page and am now a happy follower of you. Hope to get to know more about you in the future.

  7. Thank you for educating us on Iowa (just kidding). I loved the drinking with your raccoon stereotype. I’ll have to make sure to try that sometime. Good luck with those wedding plans!

    • Ha ha. You’re so funny. The raccoon stereotype was funny all right. Thanks for the well wishes. Weather looks like we’ll be dealing with rain or snow tomorrow for the wedding. Not cool for outside pictures…but we’ll deal with it.

        • It ended up being rainy with a few snowflakes mixed in that melted as soon as they touched the ground. It was fun (but my daughter was a little cold after taking pictures outside)

          • That’s too bad it wasn’t just snow but then it probably would have been even colder. Hope you had a fun time and hope you enjoyed that cake! πŸ™‚

            • It was fun…and I got to really like my cake lady. She stayed for the whole reception to cut and serve it. She was definitely worth the money…and the cake was out of this world good. Not only pretty in looks, but in taste as well. If I ever do another wedding down in Utah, I would use her again.

  8. This was wonderful, and now I’m smarter today. I thought it interesting that NH (my state) was also highlighted in the car hood jumping question. I’m going to have to be extra careful when I park my car in public lots, I think!

    I really loved the “real” pictures of Idaho. Beautiful, even the city is lovely! πŸ™‚

    • I love Idaho, as I’m sure you love New Hampshire. And you and me should get together and practice our car hood jumping skills–to better compete in that contest next time they do a survey.

    • You’re awesome! I got home late last night and have enjoyed crashing and resting–and having no decisions to make. Thanks for the bacon donut wishes. They will hopefully get me through the next few days catching up at work before Thanksgiving. Have a fun, happy, yummy Thanksgiving holiday, and if you go out on Black Friday, watch out for the crazy shoppers..

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