Trick or Treat (my style)

Halloween is just around the corner. I was never the kind of kid who did the TRICK part of Halloween, but (as you probably can tell from all the chocolate drizzled into my posts), I really get into the TREAT part of this holiday. So Happy Halloween! Here are some TREATS from me. You can pretend it’s an edible message. Yum!


that when Halloween rolls around

of scary masked creatures come out of hiding and make an

lot of noise as they yell Trick or Treat! and cause a

of a scene demanding candy and other sugary

from innocent

(like you and me).

The masked crazies call it fun, tradition, or even interpersonal social interaction, but it doesn’t really matter

it can make the bravest of us cower in fear

(especially if you happen to run out of candy to appease these frenzied sugar mobs).

You’ll wish for a

to be your

or even the 

to protect you.

But if you don’t have any of those safety nets,

Have fear.

Halloween doesn’t have to be frightening, even though there are

 of ghosts, goblins, Freddy Kruegers, and other nightmarish creatures roaming the streets with their glow sticks.


 those scary goblins and masked villains are

of cute critters as well…

Cuddly Caterpillar babies that fill your heart with

…Pretty Princesses that are gentle as

…Artistic Animal toddlers that make you

All these wonderful, good creatures somehow survive among the more frightening elements of Halloween night (like those teenage gangs of pumpkin smashers wearing no costumes–the scariest creatures known to mankind).

So don’t be a

on Halloween and cower in your shower.

Pass out candy and make the Halloween critters (good and evil) be glad they knocked on your door.

their world,

and then, when the candy bowl runs out, lock the door, turn off your porch light, and

 to relax with a good book on the couch. You deserve it.

Here are two great reads for this season, and they’re on sale until Halloween. I really loved these stories when I read them last year. This is an awesome deal! So go get yours now.

halloween lh ma with dates

Here’s hoping the spooks don’t get you!

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29 thoughts on “Trick or Treat (my style)

        • Lately, I’ve been riding my exercycle and reading the e-version of my book and making changes on a notepad as I go to go in and change later. I feel like I get a lot of work done on my writing, but I doubt I’m going full force on the exercise, as it is hard to write when you’re really cranking it.

  1. Wow – I’m amazed that you were able to make coherent sentences out of all that candy! Now I’m craving chocolate or even Pop Rocks for breakfast. I haven’t seen Pop Rocks in forever and I’m guessing they would probably do a better job of waking me up than coffee. Hope you have lots of leftover candy this Halloween!

    • We have pop rocks in my store down the street. Funny thing is they aren’t near as good to me now as they were when I was a child. Lots of candy is like that to me now. I’ve outgrown the taste…or finally got a sense of taste (ha ha).

      • dead silent and fine by me. But sometimes I buy a bag of mini snickers and we eat them…because someone has to for crying out loud!!!

        • I’m glad you do your part to support the Snickers company. You’re right! If you don’t, who will (only about 100 million others of us who love that peanut/chocolate taste)

  2. I so want a candy bar now – thanks:) I am into the treat and not the trick. My grandfather handed out pennies on Halloween and he would ask you trick or treat and depending on your answer you got what was coming – ha! He was a great trickster and fun loving guy. Happy Thursday!

  3. We never get any trick or treaters at our house, partly because trick or treating obviously isn’t as big over here as in the US (although it’s getting there!), but mostly because we’re kind of tucked away, so you have to know our house is there to come to it. But of course we would hate to suddenly have a huge rush of hundreds of callers, so we stock up big time on the candy, you know, just in case, because we wouldn’t want to disappoint the children. You understand right?

    Loved the chocolate verse! 🙂

    • We do the same thing. Be prepared, I always say. And in case not many kids come, I’m fully stocked with chocolatey bliss for the next week.

  4. So . . . now I’m really hungry and I need to go Halloween candy shopping! It’s the only time of year all my favorite candy is wrapped in cute little portions. Clever little post, Charissa! I enjoyed it. And thanks so much for including my LH and MA sale! Much appreciated!

    • You’re welcome. Those are the books that introduced me to your writing. I really enjoyed them and now have read all your others. And yes, aren’t the cute mini size candies and candybars so cute at this time of year. And for some reason (even though I know they don’t taste any different) I’m quite in love with the fall color M&Ms.

  5. I love these posts of yours. Very clever! And the fact that you use chocolate to tell your story enhances them that much more. I wonder if the effect would be the same using fruits and vegetables? Let’s see what you can do with broccoli and Brussels sprouts. 😉

    • I think I will leave it to the health professional (clear my throat…”You!”) to do the vegie tale (ha ha). It might be a little harder, since they don’t have such cool names as Candy does (unless you’re traveling to Brussels…then it might just be perfect).

  6. You are so clever with these posts! I have to admit, I haven’t heard of some of these (U-Nos, Big Hunks), but there are some old favorites like 100 Grand and Snickers. 🙂 Something tells me the kids love visiting your house on Halloween!

    • Sadly, I live on a culdesac and have neighbors on both side who don’t do anything for Halloween, so we tend to get skipped because our street looks too dark…besides us. I have to have some though…just in case.

  7. A chocolately sugary Symphony of yummy music to my ears.

    This was so creative! I remember your Ode to Candy piece was when I knew that you were a kindred candy spirit.

    I don’t think fruit or veggies would have the same effect, nope, no way Jose. I don’t salivate over cauliflower. Twix bars and rolos on the other hand….. ((wiping off computer keyboard))

    • You are so funny! (Here’s a towel for all your drool) I agree about the vegies. I’m not touching that project with a 40 foot pole. I wish I salivated over vegies, because then I’d probably be 15 lbs lighter…but alas, that is not one of my attributes. Candy on the other hand…let’s just say if I ever had to be a lobbyist…I’d lobby for almost any candy company (except Smarties…they’re not my favorite)

  8. Wow, I was trying to think of using a candy bar to comment on this delicious post, but I’m afraid you’ve used them all! You know, you should really….
    gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

  9. This was GREAT, Char! And now you’ve got us all craving chocolate. I LOVED pop rocks growing up but haven’t had them in years. Maybe I’ll try to find some to give out for Halloween (and of course keep a few for myself) 🙂

    Halloween is very big where I live! We get at least a hundred kids and never have candy left over. One of our neighbors somehow converts her garage into an awesome haunted house. Each year I continue to be amazed at how she makes it have so many scary nooks and crannys!

    Happy Halloween!!!

    • That sounds so fun. My neighborhood in Vegas used to have tons of trick or treaters. Not as many here, but some Halloweens are pretty cold; it’s miserable to be out for long. This year looks like it will be warmer than usual. Maybe we’ll get more.

  10. We just had trick or treat last night, which is so unlike how I grew up. We used to trick or treat on Halloween night, not the eve of. I guess some surrounding towns do it on different nights so all the kids in the greater seacoast area aren’t all out trick or treating on the same night.

    It was freezing, but a better deal than last year when we had an ice storm and trick or treat was postponed for four days!!

    • That’s interesting that you did it last night. We have chance of rain for tonight, but I don’t have to go trick or treating with the kids anymore. They’re big and do teenage parties and corn mazes and stuff.

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