Happy October!

2011 10 24_0477eI love autumn…but when I looked up what was special about October, I had to laugh.

Not only is it Cookie Month

But National Diabetes Month

And Sarcastic Month.


All 3 October ‘holidays’ seem to go together, don’t they?

But whether any of those ‘holiday’s thrill you or not, here’s hoping you have a great start to this month! Here are links to some of my favorite cookie recipes to get you started (and if you’re Diabetic, skip to Sarcastic Month, and tell me to keep my cookies to myself.

Macaroons (a bite of heaven)

Chocolate chip (lots of bites of heaven…because it’s hard to eat just one)

Gingersnap (a bite of Christmas heaven)

Rolo (all heaven)

Cake Mix (easy way to heaven)

My kids and I use these when we need to take a snack somewhere and we forget until the last minute. You can whip these up in about 15 minutes from start to out of the oven…and there are lots of ways to be creative (like the chocolate cake mix, rolled into balls and then rolled in powder sugar before you bake them). 

Enjoy your October!

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38 thoughts on “Happy October!

  1. Okay, those Rolo cookies are on my agenda for this weekend or next. You had me at chocolate and caramel. I’m such an oxymoron. I eat and cook nutritiously when it comes to main meals, but those dang treats still beckon…

    • I know. Sorry to be the chocolate temptress. But those rolo cookies are divine (even though I don’t make them often because they take a little more work than normal cookies; you have to unwrap all those rolos and put one in the middle of dough and then roll it up into a ball. Still, if you’re willing to take the time, they are amazing! Probably my favorite cookie. I usually only make them 2 times a year though…at Christmas–because we make everything bad for us then–and around Mother’s day).

        • It is hard. I usually have my kids do that part and have to get after them every once in a while with “We’re not going to have any left for cookies if you keep eating them!” (Truth be told, they eat less than I would if I did that part…but I don’t tell them that)

  2. Hey! Sarcasm month? Who knew? My goodness those cookie recipes look phenomenal. I’m going to try those cake mix cookies. I take treats to church once a week for kids in our confirmation class and I think those would be perfect. Thanks for a great blog post!

    • They are fun. You can add chocolate chips to yellow cake mix, or sprinkles on top of the white ones. My daughter’s cross country team always begs her to make them for spaghetti feeds (as the dessert–they aren’t a substitute for spaghetti). One of the commenters on the Pilsbury site said they add andes mints (I’m going to have to try that one). So have fun with them.

  3. They all look so good – I’ll have to try the Rolo ones just because I don’t think I’ve ever had anything like that before. It’ll be a perfect way to get ready for Halloween – hopefully I won’t go into shock from the sudden sugar intake if I eat cookies a few weeks beforehand. Thanks for sharing the sweetness – Happy October!

    • That’s why we mostly do cakemix cookies in a pinch–only 3 things–cake mix (which I always have a bunch in the cupboard), eggs and oil. Enjoy them when you do get the ingredients

  4. Mmmmm, thanks so much for the recipes, Charissa! I love the cake mix cookies, so good and so easy! Perfect for this time of year! I love having some new recipes to try.

    • My husband isn’t a fan of the cakemix cookies, so my girls and I use them to take other places (and everyone else seems to love them). Try the rolo one some time–it’s a little more work, but so worth it in the end.

    • It is kind of silly how many made-up holidays there are…and I always wonder who is the lucky person that gets to make them all up! I want their job.

    • I missed that one. Good for you for wearing your purple. I wish there were no domestic abuse in this world. I took a class this summer on that subject and it just made me sad thinking how many poor kids are abused in some manner. Terrible!

  5. Wait, what happened to the sarcasm part? Did I miss it? Or was it when you made us salivate all over our computer screens, just to tell us we’d get diabetes if we ate those cookies?
    You remind me my son and I haven’t baked chocolate chip cookies for a while. We should do that once the weather cools down a bit and before we bake sugar cookies for Halloween.

    • Sorry, I was too happy when I wrote this to come across with a good sarcastic comment. But I thought it was a little sarcastic (or better…ironic) that Cookie and Diabetes months were together. That made me laugh. I’ve never done Halloween sugar cookies before. Why haven’t I? That has to be fun to create monster shapes with the cookies (instead of bloated deer for Christmas)

  6. My kids would love the Rolo cookies. I actually never see Rolos around anymore; they used to be so popular when I was a kid. Do you remember the TV commercial for Rolos? A bygone era.

  7. I have an even quicker Rolo treat, just put some of them on a plate, zap them in the microwave until they are just starting to lose their shape a little, but still holding it together, and them eat them with a spoon. Yum!

    By the way, I noticed that you used the word ‘autumn’, is there some kind of rule about when you should use ‘autumn’ and when you should use ‘fall’? I’m just interested because we only say autumn over here and I thought you guys only said fall over there, but obviously not! Or is it just whatever you feel like saying at the time?

  8. Must. Have. Rolo. Cookies.


    Sorry for the late comment, was crazy there for a bit setting up the other site and (still) trying to figure out the two identities. Can you say confusing?

    Glad I still have time for cookies and sarcasm! Um, I’ll pass on the other one. LOL.

    Hope you’ve been doing well my friend,

    • It’s fun to make them fancy, but they are still good just plain. My daughter’s cross country teammates always beg her to bring them each week to the spaghetti feeds. They are a favorite for them to eat…and for use to make since they’re so easy.

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