Go with the Flow

DSC01719Life has been a little hectic since school started. We went camping with a bunch of other families on Labor Day weekend, and then my husband and I went to Vegas for an awards banquet and I finished painting my dad’s train room for his birthday. Since I got back this week, I’ve had something or other every single day and haven’t had a speck of time to myself. Sigh!

But here’s what I’ve learned…thanks to my dog, Ginger.

When life sends a deluge instead of a light sprinkle…don’t sweat it. Just go with the flow. Lay your head into the sprinkler full on and let yourself get wet. Why fight it?

When you do, there are some fun things that happen. My fun new adventures that stemmed from busy or stressful activities this week include:

  1. Seeing up into my daughter’s nostrils with a microscopic camera thingie that seemed to see clear to her brain. It was pretty dang cool. I don’t know what that ‘thingie’ will cost me…but I now have a new appreciation of a human nose.
  2. Seeing into the bones of my other daughter’s mouth as she got her wisdom teeth taken out. The dentist was super cool and invited me to look over his shoulder while he extracted the teeth. I couldn’t believe the mouth, gums and jawbone or whatever bone it was could take so much pressure and prying. It was kind of bloody and gory at times, but incredibly fascinating.
  3. Painting aspen trees. I’ve never done them before, and they were really fun. I now want to paint them everywhere—like a graffiti artist—only aspen trees would look so much better than weird shaped letters on sides of trains that make no sense.

And now I will end with this tiny tip of knowledge. There are some strange looking people in the Vegas airport. I almost felt like a blog could be created on that subject alone (like the People of New York blog).  Have a great weekend (or week…whenever you read this).

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24 thoughts on “Go with the Flow

    • Yeah, the nose thing almost made me want to go back to school to become an ENT…or even better, a heart surgeon! I would LOVE to see an actual heart. And no boobie card trampling did I do. We went to a nice dinner near the strip, but I had to do no walking in those crazy crowds. I mostly just hung out at my mom’s and one day hung out with some old friends from when I lived there.

    • My daughter told me afterward that she didn’t like watching my face because she could tell by my expressions when I was a little grossed out and she knew it must be painful (even though she couldn’t feel it). And I’m always a little surprised by the craziness in Vegas. The Strip and airport were never places I visited when I lived there. I stayed far away…so when I do visit, some things still can shock me. Most places where people live around Vegas are very normal like other cities (it’s just that downtown and strip area that the weirdos gravitate to).

  1. Yep, you sure see it all in Vegas. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something more bizarre walks by. Kudos for your close involvement during those medical procedures.

    • I’m sure the ENT thought I was annoying–I kept exclaiming from behind him at how cool the nose show (from the microscopic camera) was. It really was.

    • Yes, ultra busy! And no I wasn’t grossed out. That made it bearable to be there. I would have been bored stiff if the doctors didn’t let me do anything.

  2. I’m not very good with medical things so I admire your admiration of it! I kind of miss Vegas and all the quirky people from when I lived there. And unlike you, I did spend a lot of time on the Strip – even though I was there over four years, I never stopped behaving like a tourist!

    • Maybe that’s because you didn’t grow up there. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, so never saw the fascination with the strip. It was just crowds, bad traffic and too much 2nd hand smoke to be enjoyable for me.

  3. I love that picture of Ginger – dogs really do teach us so much! I think I would have fainted if I had to watch those medical procedures. It sounds like some relaxation and recovery time is needed after doing all that. Hope you get some sprinkler time in with Ginger.

  4. Thanks, Charissa. I needed to hear this today. After being gone for two weeks with my new grandbaby, I’m overwhelmed with catch-up work! Go with the flow sounds good and I’m ready to join your dog in front of the sprinkler and just let life pass me by!! As for the medical procedures you witnessed, you must have a strong stomach!!

    • I guess I have a strong stomach, or I was just bored enough sitting doing nothing that it seemed a great alternative. If it had been me having the procedures done, I probably wouldn’t have found them as fascinating. I bet you’re sad to be gone from your grandbaby. Hope you enjoyed him.

  5. Love it – sprinkler full in the face – why not, right:) The Vegas airport along with LAX is a great place to people watch and if you are really lucky you may have a celebrity sighting too! Happy Tuesday

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