Just Breathe!

This book is discounted through September 7th. Taylor Dean is one of my favorite authors, so if you’ve wanted to read her books before and haven’t yet…now’s a great time to get this dollar deal. Hope you enjoy! Read my review of I Have People HERE.

This past week brought lots of happy surprises for my family. My oldest got engaged to an awesome guy I love so much, and my 2nd daughter received her mission call to Seoul, Korea. I’m pretty excited for both of them…although it means my life will be super, super busy for the next 2-4 months getting them both ready. Yikes! [Breathe deeply! I can do this]

I just got back from a camping trip and have loads of laundry to do so my house doesn’t smell like a campfire. ย [Breathe deeply…without choking on campfire scent. I can do this]

I also am working on the cover for my last Eyes of Light book. Whenever I do this…I really wish I was a graphic artist and could whip out masterpieces easily. But I am not, and kind of hyperventilate about getting it just right and not irritating my graphic artist friend by changing my mind too much. [Breathe…..deeply! Ahhhhh! I can do this]

How are your breathing exercises going lately? Do you have anything stressful (like laundry or huge family events) that you have to remind yourself to breathe about so you don’t faint? If so, maybe you need a good book to read. I Have People is a good one to help you de-stress. Enjoy your week! And remember to breathe!

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26 thoughts on “Just Breathe!

  1. Congrats to both of your daughters! How exciting. So weird to watch our babies become adults. Thrilling but weird.

    I hope the spitting issue resolved itself out… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Congratulations to both daughters! My nephew will be in Korea this October for a month. He is playing with Korea’s #1 punk rock band. He is a good musician, I am just not into punk.

    So will there be a cute adorable grand baby to accompany you on the Presidential campaign trail? With “Candy” as your platform and an cute baby by your side you will not lose.

    Stay calm and remember to breathe during the next few months.


    • You are so funny. The baby would be perfect, but that might be further into the future when they’re both closer to being done with school. Thanks for the reminder once more to breathe. I might have to write that on sticky notes all over my house.

  3. Congratulations to your daughters! I just read your review as well as reviews on Amazon for I Have People…sounds good! I put it on my “Wish List” since I’m trying not to hoard books on my Kindle, until I read the others, like I do the paper books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That’s so wonderful about your daughters! When is the one getting married and when does the other one leave…and for how long? I have a friend here who’s son got a call, too. They’re excited for him, but of course, they’ll miss him so. Yes. Just breathe. If anyone can handle it all with grace, it’s you.

    • I guess that will be the next step. It might be a couple years though. I’ve never thought being called Grandma would be that bad. Grandma’s are the best people EVER! So I look forward to that day.

    • Thanks! It’s exciting, exciting…but stressful too to get everything bought and planned for. There goes finishing my yard again. This fall was going to be the time to do it…and now I’ll have to use that money for other things (better things, really). But I do hate weeding and will probably grumble come springtime.

  5. Best wishes to both your daughters! They must be so excited, and I’m glad the one won’t be leaving for Korea before the other’s wedding! The yard will just have to understand that some events take precedence. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, I breathed a big sigh of relief that my 2nd won’t miss her big sister’s wedding. It worked out well. Thanks for the good wishes…and I will pass on your advice for the yard to be a little understanding of why it is neglected once more.

    • Thanks. I don’t think I’m as busy as you are. Thankfully, my oldest is ultra-organized and will help her Mom put together an awesome wedding (no thanks to my social planning disability)

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  7. Ah, the empty nest beckons… As my sister told me many years ago “you’ll get used to it”. I didn’t believe her at the time, and when my kids left I cried my eyes out for a time. But…lo and behold, I realized my sister was right. Not only did I get used to it, I actually enjoy it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy getting them ready to leave, give yourself a cry, then …. you just might surprise yourself!

    • I hope you’re right. I kind of choke myself up thinking that in 5 years they all could be gone. Wah! I’m sure it’s something you grow into…right?

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