Saying goodbye to Summer


This is my sentimental ode to Summer (and my subtle slam to winter). Hope you enjoy.

                               Oh, Summer

                   Why did you go by so fast?

I looked out one day and you hit me with a blast

         But then I blinked, and you were gone

                    Just like my favorite song.


* * *

I love you summer

Your heat, your green

Your wild, school-free days with no routine

But now I must bid you adieu

Which I really don’t want to do.

 Boo hoo.

* * *

Why can’t you be like winter…

Long, brutal, and never-ending?

Maybe I’d be glad to say goodbye then.

But you’re summer hot–

Winter you’re definitely not

Which I’m glad of a lot.

* * *

Summer you’ve zipped past too fast for me

Flying into Fall

And sending kids back to school halls.

I really don’t want to say goodbye…

But you force my hand and make me cry


* * *

Come back next year!

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19 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to Summer

  1. Char, you’ve said it so well! Why can’t summer by like winter … long and never-ending? I’m doing as much outside as I can until it gets too cold. The only good thing is that Fall is between summer and winter and I do love the Fall! Colors, crisp air, apple pie and most of all … football!!! Enjoy the last few days of summer 🙂

  2. Normally, I’m happy when our summers finally turn to fall. Weeks of upper 80s and 90s with stifling humidity are tough on me. 😉 But this year has been mild overall, and I wouldn’t mind this summer hanging on a bit longer. And I’m definitely going to miss the longer days.

    Stay positive, though, because summer will be back next year! And winter usually makes us appreciate it all the more. 😉

    • That’s what I’ve decided also is best about winter. It makes me appreciate the other seasons SOOO much more. Glad you had a mild summer. I’ve not dealt with humidity since the Galilee in Israel as a teen. It almost suffocated me I was so shocked by it.

  3. ‘Which I’m glad of a lot.’—ah, the syntax rolls off the tongue… 😉

    It is sad to see summer coming to an end. And you and I must be sharing the same M&Ms, because in my return post that I drafted last night, I wrote my own little ode to the end of summer. But I’m saving it for another week. Just can’t let summer go yet. Sigh.

    • Can’t wait to read it. Are you done with your boring recertification yet? Hope so. I am off to a xc race for my daughter. Since she’s having a hard time breathing today…it should be interesting, to say the least.

      • Oh, I hope she’s okay! Asthma?

        Yes, my board-review course is over. Almost 60 hours of lectures. Phew. The certification process is ongoing over a seven-year period, then the cycle keeps repeating every 7 years. There are multiple requirements (as there should be–no one wants a slacker for a doc!), and one of those is to take another examination. Mine is coming up in October. I read so much medical literature that I’ve never had problems with previous exams, but a review course is always helpful, and I’m fortunate to have one of the best ones so close in Cleveland.

        But while there, I did learn that Cleveland is now second only to Detroit for the number of gonorrhea cases. Think they’ll put that in their travel brochure?…

        • Interesting factoid. No asthma. Just polyps in her nose blocking her airway. We see a specialist mid Sept…but for now she’s suffering. I told her this season will be the slacker season (she’s very competitive, so is having a hard time with this, and didn’t appreciate my slacker comment). Glad your review is over. Now to retain until October. Be glad you’re not me. My brain doesn’t like to have many useful facts stuck inside cluttering it up, so gets rid of them as fast as possible. In college, that meant until the test was over. But now that there are no tests, it is about as long as it takes to go in one ear and out the other. I think I might have to start memorizing things again to make my brain retain better. I’ve become a ‘slacker’ in my old age.

          • Ah, yes, mental aerobics are important. I try to remind myself of that every time I open up an article about immunomodulating therapies or other riveting topics…

            Sorry to hear about your daughter. I can appreciate how frustrated she must be. That Type A gene is tough to tame. Hope it all works out okay.

            • Ask me that later if it turns out okay. She just yelled at me that she was leaving, and I came out of my room to say goodbye and she cleared her throat and spit on my carpet. I’m ready to kill her. Seriously! The carpet? You’d think I raised a boy. When I find her after the race, we are going to have a big lesson on the difference between grass and carpet.

  4. Beautiful ode to the end of summer! Well, school is starting next week but it’s hard to think it’s the end of summer for us, as we’re going through a major heat wave. And it’s supposed to continue all next week. We’ve had beautiful weather for a couple of months and we’re paying for it now. September and October are usually the hottest months of the year and therefore my least favorite, especially when it comes with wildfires. 😦

  5. Can’t believe summer is nearly gone. Seems like it just got here!

    I read your comment to Carrie above, the nasal polyps? Is that the same daughter that was having the dizziness? I’ve been wondering how she was.

    Happy Wednesday, Char!

    • Yes, next week we’ll finally get into see the specialist and he can tell us what is next–surgery or not. I’m kind of hoping surgery since the poor girl can’t use her nostrils at all right now.

    • Having 4 seasons is fun. Winter’s my least favorite, but it still has its good points: 1) it ends eventually, 2) snow is pretty, and 3) no bugs

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