Shine on!

I was given the Shine-on Award by Marsha Lee last month.  For this award, I must tell 7 things about myself and pass the award on to deserving others who Shine and Sparkle.

Here are 7 random facts you probably could care less about:

  1. I’m quite mystified about where my summer has gone. Seriously. Who stole it from me?
  2. I went to 2 family reunions this summer and now know I have the best families ever. Who else loves me when I stink of campfire smoke and haven’t showered for several days? Only family! I love them!
  3. I saw the Milky Way during a campout this summer. It was very shiny (like this award) and filled me with awe.
  4. My kids never cease to amaze me.
  5. I love taro fries from my favorite hole-in-the-wall Hawaiian diner–Kana Girl’s. I also love their Mochiko chicken. It is like a best friend (that you eat).
  6. I got a breadmaker for my birthday, and am super excited to have fresh, hot bread for Sunday dinner tomorrow.
  7. I forgot how old I was turning this year on my birthday (which is past, so please don’t wish me happy birthday. People who don’t know their age don’t deserve birthday greetings). All morning I thought I was a year younger than I really was. My husband enlightened me to how old I really was, and I kind of felt old after that. Bummer. But I got a breadmaker, so I’m okay.

Now to pass this Shiny award on to more deserving bloggers. Check these blogs out:

Humans of New York – For writers, this is a great sight to get unique characters and maybe jumpstart your imagination; for anyone else, it’s just funny to read about the different people in NYC

Julianne Donaldson – I am so excited for her new book, Blackmoore. That’s why she gets a shiny shoutout!

Ella Claire Inspired – This is my friend who has creativity out the wazoo (that means she has a lot of it). Whenever I need something to look cute, I go to Kristen for help

Milka’s Photo blog – I have been following Milka for over a year, and I have never been disappointed yet by what she posts. Her photo skills are top notch, and she has an online store if you want to get any of her pictures on a calendar, mousepad, mug, or whatever.

Jill Weatherholt – I sympathized with this particular post she wrote about being “Blogged down.” I think we all feel this way as bloggers sometimes, and have to prioritize to make time for writing. Hang in there, Jill!

Hope you had a fabulous summer (although it went by way too fast). I am planning to begin blogging more regularly now that kids are getting back into school and I will hopefully settle into a routine (although fall might become even more hectic than summer if that is possible). Wish me shiny luck!

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29 thoughts on “Shine on!

  1. Nope, I’m not going to wish you a Happy Birthday, and I’m certainly not going to sing. Nope, not doing it.

    But instead, I wish you a Happy Bread Day! Nothing like warm, fresh, homemade bread to celebrate being another year butter, I mean, better. Yum. Congrats on your award, happy Saturday (and belated, well, you know…) – Christy

    • Ha ha! I loved your comment, Christy…the butter part, especially. I hope I do get a lot butter this year. And yes! I’m so excited for my bread tomorrow. I used to have one about 10 years ago and it broke. I have missed that hot bread for 10 years because I’m too lazy to do the whole bosch thing like my mom. I just want the machine to do all the work and make me happy.

  2. Isn’t that true! Where did the summer go. It’s been so wonderful, I guess we all just used up the minutes with fervor. We had several family get togethers too. So much fun, but only fireworks smoke at one of them. I miss campfires!
    Oh…and now I want fresh bread! But I’m busy with peaches from my peach tree and enjoying them. I’ll put baking bread on my list though. Hmmmm. Peach bread?
    I suspect you are right. Fall may be even more busy. Enjoy each season…and sorry I missed your birthday. You look thirty, so must be…because I said so. Not a day older. 😉

    • 30 would be nice. I’ll say that’s how old I am–Gina said, and you know what you’re talking about. Peach bread sounds good. Do send the recipe (if it’s not too complicated) when you figure it out. No fruit on my trees this year. We got a late freeze that froze everything and now I’m fruitless (which is sad; I really miss the peaches).

        • Yea! I’m glad yours are fruiting this year. My baby peach trees doubled in size this year, so that’s pretty exciting even if they didn’t bear fruit. But I was sad with all my mature fruit trees (nectarine, plum, cherry) that didn’t give me one single fruit. I guess it’s okay, because if they had born one fruit the birds would have got it before I did (dumb black birds)

            • Here’s to next year! I’m hoping for a nice hard winter (even as much as I hate winter) so that we get the reservoir’s filled up and the ground saturated so plants and trees are happy again and bear lots of fruit.

    • I don’t know. If I find it, I’ll let you know. I’m still baffled that it’s almost September. Thanks for your honest post; it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one feeling blog overwhelmed.

  3. Congrats on the “Shine-On”. I read all the names you listed. On the Humans of New York, I was watching “Clash of the Gods” on TV as I am reading and heard the word “stories”. Reminded me of the TV show years ago called the Naked City and ended with the words.
    “There are eight million stories in the Naked City. This has been one of them”..

    Aftermath[edit source]

    • Glad I could give you a fix. I’m less calories than chocolate (if you don’t put me on the scale). After this reunion with my family this week, I think I’ll just give the scale in my bathroom a wide berth. It might make me angry (there was a LOT of good food…and I have no will power in family settings. I have the need to please, and if that means I must eat 3 helpings of fried chicken and dutch oven potatoes to make my sister happy that cooked it all…then so be it).

  4. Congrats on the award, Charissa! You deserve it! Love your blog posts. I love your sense of humor, you always make me laugh. You should write a romantic comedy. Seriously.

    • That would be fun. I’m reading one right now that keeps me giggling. I do love a good romantic comedy, but seem to only think up serious ones when ideas come to me. Weird.

      • Me too. I received a review the other day that said, “I like Taylor Dean’s books, but they are all so sad.” Oh my gosh, I realized she was right–and I’m a happy person! But I do love drama in books, so I guess we’re on the same page! But you have a natural talent for writing humor that I enjoy, even if it’s only on your blog!

        • That’s funny that someone thought they were so sad. One thing I love in your books is how silly the characters can get–like in For Nick when they are on their honeymoon, and in Joshua’s Folly all the crazy antics those two do. But thank you for thinking I can write humor. That makes me feel good.

  5. Wow, thank you for the plug! I hope I can shine on as a result. 🙂

    Well, I’m still going to wish you a belated happy birthday, whatever age you are or think you are. It happened to me one year too, that was a quite weird. I honestly don’t feel my age and think it’s just a number so we could just pick a number that sounds about right and stick to it!

    • That’s about what I did. I knew it was my birthday and tried to remember how old I was (and I remember how old I was 2 years ago). That shows how often I think about my age. Maybe when I hit 50 that will be easier to remember, but I have a few years to keep forgetting before then. And once again, I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos. They always intrigue me with all the detail and beauty. You have an awesome gift.

  6. The summer has flown by, hasn’t it? Congratulations on the award and the new bread maker! I’ve definitely reached that point where I don’t really need the remembers as to my exact age. I’ll stick with feeling good and healthy, no matter the number. 🙂

  7. Congrats Char!! Definitely well deserved!! 🙂 I’m so glad you turned us on the Humans of NY, what a great blog!

    Oh I’m so sad summer is slipping through our fingers like sand … I want to hold onto it for so much longer. I’ve already caught a few tree’s leaves turning pale greens and yellows. I don’t want fall to get here, seems too soon, yet I can’t help enjoy the surprising bursts of colors.

    • Oh, wow! Your leaves are already turning. That seems early. It’s just hot and dry here, and the city is turning off the irrigation water next week (which makes me want to cry). Wah! Glad you liked the Humans of NY blog. I get a kick out of that one when I read it.

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