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Okay! I had to delete 2 words from my title. My husband snuck in and added “About Zombies” and I almost published it with that. He was hoping I would. I have to stay on my toes around here.

But besides watching out for zombies, I’ve been reading a lot this summer. Several books I’ve even read a second time because I loved them so much. They are like comfort food (except with less calories). Here are some of my highlights (zombies not included).

I have People by Taylor Dean – This one has emotional depth as it deals with domestic abuse. Holly Sinclair wakes up from an 8-month coma and wants only her husband. But Gabe and Angela (her best friend) seem anxious about her missing memories, which the doctor insists must NOT be brought back through prompting. Holly’s life seems perfect, and besides mixing up words (I’m head over high heels in love with you, why are you walking on eggs around me?), Holly doesn’t seem to think she’s forgotten anything. She remembers all that’s important. But when HE returns in her life, her perfect world crashes to pieces. She’d forgotten about HIM.

Crux by Julie Reese – Thrilling YA coming of age story. Birdie is living on the streets after running from a scary foster home right before she turns 18. Life becomes crazy when she sees a man go down the street offering money to all who follow him. Birdie gets more than she bargained for when she takes the money (and a magical amulet). She runs, and takes refuge with a normal looking family eating outside a cafe. There she meets Grey, whose life becomes intertwined with hers as they take on the Snatcher, train for battle, and try their hand at a relationship. An adventure of a lifetime…if only she and Grey weren’t in mortal peril.

For Nick by Taylor Dean – This book hooked me from its small blurb: Andie was so in love that she would do anything for Nick, even marry a total stranger. What? I couldn’t see how this book would turn out, and that made it so fun to read. Hang onto your emotions, because they will be running all over the place. One minute you’ll be sighing with joy, the next your mascara will run down your face (unless you’re a guy–then I hope not). I’ve read all Taylor Dean’s books and find them like candy for my story brain. The characters in all of them become my best friends. Sierra, Lancaster House, Middle Aisle, Joshua’s Folly are some of her others I love.

In her Shadow by August McLaughlin (Free right now on Amazon until Aug 10)

An intense thriller that switches off between two different characters. Most of the book I was trying to solve the riddle of the mystery person. Were they real? Were they a memory? I won’t give away the plot, but the mystery drew me in. The author has dealt with eating disorders in real-life, so the disease shown in her characters was very real, and I could connect with it (even though I have no problem loving food like those girls). The villain in this book is evil, raunchy, despicable…yet able to wrap people around his fingers and get them to do his bidding. He seems invincible…and believes he is. You might believe so too as you read it. There is a lot of graphic abuse talked about in this book— It’s not for the weak.

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

I interviewed Amy earlier this year, but just reread this book and some of her others this summer, and I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Amy made it to the NY Times Best Seller list with this one and her other book, Running Barefoot. Way to go! This is probably one of my favorite stories of redemption I’ve ever read. Amy writes beautiful words to describe Blue’s growth through a few years of this book. She’s an amazing writer!

There you go! If you need some comfort food with no calories, try gobbling up one of these books. They are delicious! (But watch out for zombies)

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19 thoughts on “Books I’ve been Loving

    • Good! Zombies are bad. Warm Bodies is sitting on my table waiting to be watched from Netflix. Do you see what I have to live with? Ay carumba.

  1. Wow! Thank you, Charissa, for naming two of my books as books you are loving!! I’m so honored! And happy, and excited, and jumping up and down, and . . . well, you get the point! Seriously, it’s such a thrill for me. Thank you so very much! I’m so happy you enjoyed I Have People and For Nick.
    BTW, I don’t like zombies, but I loved Warm Bodies (the movie, I haven’t read the book). I like your husband’s sense of humor, though! It would’ve been kind of funny if you’d published the title like that! Maybe even a lot funny. Sounds like something my hubby would do, so I feel your pain!
    I will definitely check out the other books you named. I need some new books to read. Thanks again! You’re the best!

    • Well, maybe I’ll have to break down and watch Warm bodies since you liked it and are a zombie hater like me. My son would be thrilled if I did. Groan. I watched the last 5 minutes of Sharknado on scifi because my son wanted me to. It was so incredibly stupid that it did make me laugh. Maybe Warm bodies will be the same. Definitely read A Different Blue. That was so touching.

      • I do think you’ll like Warm Bodies, Charissa! It’s cute, funny, and totally a romance. It surprised me! After watching it, my son called me and said, ‘this is a movie you’ll like, mom.’ He was right! (even though I’m a zombie hater) BUT, be warned, there are a few GROSS scenes that I did NOT watch!

  2. It sounds like your husband has a sly sense of humor! I love posts like this that introduce me to new books for my ever-growing TBR list. Maybe those spam messages should be saying “I’m gonna watch out for zombies” instead of “brussels.” 😉

  3. Lol, I had a good laugh at your hubby’s sense of humor. Thanks for all the book ideas! And I thought “Warm Bodies” was really cute too, I’m glad you watched it! I love how one of his prized possessions was a record player.

    • Yes! He was pretty excited when it stayed on there for 20 minutes without me noticing. I think he thought he’d get away with his zombie sabotage. Warm Bodies really surprised me (pleasantly).

  4. What? Not a single book about zombies? Or vampires? Good for you being able to read this much over the summer. I’ve struggled to find time to read, with the kids being out of school and having to keep them busy with fun activities. It’s too bad because I’ve requested a lot of fun books from the library but I’ve had to return some of them before I could get to reading them.

  5. I’m just hearing about the fires in ID, hoping you and your family are safe. Thinking about y’all, Christy

    • We’re fine. I don’t live in the forest–just the city. I’m sad about the fires though, because that area is gorgeous and now it will be 25-30 years before the trees are big enough to do any good and give shade and beauty. I’m sick of all the smoke too. Ick! And all those poor people with houses and cabins by SunValley–that’s sad too. We’re praying for rain…and lots and lots of snow this winter to fill up the reservoirs and put a little moisture into the ground. The city is turning off our irrigation water a month early this year on Sep 1st, and that is never good. (Ginger says to give a big paw-pump to Spot)

  6. That’s so funny that your husband keeps sneaking zombies into everything! I’ll have to give some of these a try. Since you’ve read all of Taylor Dean’s books, which is your favorite or is it impossible to choose? Glad to hear you’re not near those fires!

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