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October 6,2010 018Whoohooo! I have made my first book trailer for Eyes of Light. It probably won’t win any Academy Awards for cinematography, but I’m dang proud of it and love to watch it. The beginning somehow got flubbed up when I created the final version (and I’m too irritated to go in and try to fix it), so just know that the first words are “Triggers of Tragedy.” Alliteration (I love it).

Anyway, here it is for your enjoyment. It will provide you about 1 minute and 26 seconds of pure entertainment. WOW! Hopefully you don’t feel like you’ll never get that minute and a half back again and it was a waste of time.

How’s your summer going by the way? Mine is flying by like a whirlwind (kind of messy like that too). I’ve attended my niece’s wedding, packed up and brought my daughter home from college, done a week of girl’s camp with my youngest daughter, and done a camping trip as well. July is almost over, and I’m a bit concerned about that fact since I have yet to go into a store to do school shopping. I’ll probably have to brave the crowds fighting over college- or wide-ruled paper in August. Dang!

But I made a book trailer. I can do anything now…even brave those school shopping crowds. (Shiver, shiver) Let me know what you think of this trailer in the comments. I know I will have to eventually fix it (but it isn’t a minor fix now since I moved pictures and now can’t find them in the original files. Urgh!), but since I’ll be creating a 2nd and 3rd trailer, I’d like some ideas of what you liked/disliked about this one that is my TESTER. Thanks a billion.

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  1. Loved your trailer. You did a great job. It makes me want to go back and reread the book but I’m holding out for book 3. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you. Book 3 is out to a few people. I’m just waiting on them. I guess I should start figuring out a cover for it.

  2. Great job! I know that must have been a lot of work!

    After viewing it the first time, my only comment was going to be that I love the music selection. It is beautiful, and I think the tone and mood fits the trailer perfectly.

    But, since you are looking for constructive criticism for going forward, I watched it a second time to see if there was anything I did not like or would change. The only issues I could think of are these two things: 1) For the frames that are more wordy or more complicated phrase construction, I would give a few more seconds for the reader/viewer to process what they are reading and, 2) at the end, I would not just have “Book 1” (rather “Book 1 of the ____ Series,” even though Book 3 has not been released yet). It sort of creates a question that needs to be answered. But, those are just my unprofessional opinions, and those are the only other things I would change. If that is all I can come up with, you should be very proud of what you created–they are inconsequential. I do love the music choice.

    I feel for you thinking about going back and trying to edit it at all. After all the work you have to have put into it, I am sure it just makes you cringe to think of messing with it at all.

    Love it!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living
    Kate’s genealogical newspaper stories from Iowa in 1870s@Finding Their Stories

    • Good ideas. Yes, I agree about needing more time to read (and if I hadn’t ruined pictures and have to start over for any small change, I would do that right now). I will do that on the next trailer for sure. Thanks for the constructive helps. You are awesome!

  3. I love the trailer! I wouldn’t even know the first thing about putting one together. You did wonderfully, and James is just how I pictured him to be.

    Thanks for reminding me about school supplies. Good grief, is it that time again already? Yikes, the days fly by quickly!

    • I’m glad you liked the picture for James. I’ve got a good one for Austan in the next trailer, but I haven’t started trying to put that together yet. I figure I better organize my photos first so I don’t end up moving them after the movie is done and then can’t get back to them to edit. There are big exclamation marks all over the photos in the 1st video, which means I have to start from scratch if I edit anything in it (which I’m not really willing to do right now–it makes me want to run away screaming “Mama!” School shopping makes me feel the same way, especially when teachers have a page of 9 font items my child needs for their ‘free education’)

      • Ah yes, the school supply list. The list that also includes things like Kleenex and hand sanitizer. Which is sad, because if the parents don’t buy them, the teachers get stuck supplying those items. My sister’s a teacher. It’s amazing how many things she has to purchase with her own money.

        • I taught for a year while my husband was still in college, and I was shocked at how much falls on the teachers. I guess each school district is different, but mine was a poor one and we got hardly any supplies. And being a poor college student myself, my students didn’t get a lot of frills and thrills.

  4. Great job, Charissa! I love your new book trailer. Especially since I’ve read the book. It’s fun to see the author’s idea of how the characters look–which matches how I envisioned them perfectly. Love the music too! Fantastic!

    • Your trailers were my inspiration. I never would have found Jewelbeat if I hadn’t noticed it in your acknowledgments, and I loved their music selections. So thanks for doing a good job on yours so I could have ideas where to start. I never thought I’d be able to do the trailer thing, but it was kind of fun (although very time-consuming for me so far; hopefully it gets easier)

  5. The trailer is excellent Charissa and the music is perfect. The only suggestion I would make if you were to redo any of it is to bring the title in – the meaning of the title doesn’t come out in the trailer, so if it was me, on the bit where you mention the kind and forgiving man, I would add a line, possibly on a separate slide after that says “…with eyes of light” because I think that would pique people’s interest to wonder what that means. And the light that he brings is a big part of the book so I feel a bit more should be made of that. Other than that though, it’s great!

    My summer is going well thanks, but passing all too quickly! And I haven’t bought the school supplies yet either!

    • Good suggestion. Thanks, Vanessa! I tried to throw the eyes on at the end, but a little blurb where you mentioned would be a good place to shuffle them around (when I get the energy to do it over).

  6. I liked it. Definitely Academy material. 😉 The music is great — evocative and mysterious.

    But I would change two things. At one point, the heroine’s man is dark-haired and brown-eyed, then he has light brown hair and blue eyes. I’m confused.

    Also, I would take out the word “for” in the sentence “Suvi seeks for redemption”. It could be “Suvi seeks redemption” or “She seeks redemption”.

    • There are 2 men–one dark, one light (the love triangle thing). Yes, I agree with the “for”–it sounds better without that. The hardest part about this was trying to sum up a whole complicated novel in just a few words. There are a million ways I could do it, and trying to find the best way is tough. I know I didn’t quite get it, but I tried pretty hard. I doubt it will get any easier on the other book trailers I try (but I wish it would)

  7. Ooh yay Char! I loved it!

    I didn’t really notice the flub? Maybe because you already told us what the words were?

    The music was fantastic. I loved how it built and grew with intensity around :42 to match the plot teaser. Very cool.

    I might spend an extra second or two on the final picture with the “Eyes” of light. It felt a tad shorter than the other pix, and as a closing shot that ties into your title, you may want it to linger for a bit. Maybe even open with the same image instead of the clouds? The clouds were nice though, so I dunno… Something to play with in future trailers. Maybe even make some sort of theme between light eyes and dark eyes…?

    This was great work! I do some photo slide shows in my spare time, so I know how labor intensive they are getting everything *just so* and timed and synched, etc. I’m really proud and happy for you!!! This was awesome!

    • Thanks for the ideas. I thought the book ended up being shorter than I remembered too when I played with it before I published. Urgh. Will have to make that longer in the other ones (and eventually this one too when I work up gumption to go at it again).

  8. This is absolutely amazing, Char. I love the trailer and now you’ve inspired me to try and do one myself! I know it must have taken you a long time to put this together. Very impressive! 😀

    • Good. It was hard, but very fun and rewarding (except messing up pictures by moving them around after I’d published it. Now I can’t find them and have to start again to make any changes. Have your pictures where you want them on your computer and DON’T move them). Another author inspired me…so I’m glad I’ve inspired you. Have fun with it.

  9. Wow, this is really good! I love how the mood of the music matched the words just right. You did a great job and you’re right, you can do anything! I’m working on a post for tomorrow where I too feel like I’m amazing. In quite a different way, as you’ll see…

  10. If this is your first attempt at a book trailer, then I’d agree you can do anything you set your mind to! I would need to hire someone to do something like this.

    The summer has been far too busy at work and too full of the sadder side of life for me and many of my friends. I’m hoping August will turn around, but if not, I’ll do the best I can. Meghan and I have done some work, so that’s a positive!

    • Thanks, Jacqueline. I hope August turns around too for you and is a lot happier. Sometimes the slumps and bumps make hills and thrills a lot more amazing after we get through them.

  11. How COOL is that – A Book Trailer – love that – WAY TO GO!!! I had a sad day on July 31st because Summer is flying by WAY TOO FAST for me:( Here’s to Enjoying & Soaking Up Summer!!!

  12. Love the trailer! Most of what i feel needs to be tighten up has already been suggested! Waiting on the last book before i order both 2 & 3 together 😉

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