Daisies and Super Suits

Tell me the truth! Please. Are the daisies too much? I love flowers and thought they looked cute on my background…but are they too flowery and cutesy? Be honest. If you will stop reading my blog because you can’t stand my background, I will try to find a more subtle one. I was playing around with my settings the other day and found this one. Only problem is…I don’t know if I can find my other tile I had before this now. Oh well.

Now on to some blog business. JMMcdowell nominated me for 2 awards early last month. With vacations and catching up after vacations and then  a touch (or slap) of laziness added in, I haven’t been Super Blogger. I apologize for not getting this done faster, Jacqueline. But now I am ready to don my Super Cape (I hope I don’t trip on it). The 2 awards are:

The Wonderful Team Member Award…

…and the WordPress Family Award

The rules for both awards are pretty simple; display the logo, thank whoever passed this award to you, and pass on the Super Suit to some other bloggers. So here are my blogger award recipients. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do (the awards…not the spandex). ***And a few of these aren’t on WordPress…so they can ignore that award.

  • TaylorDeanBooks (I have read 5 of her books now and love, love, love her stories! She’s a great blogger friend too.)
  • Christy at RunningOnSober (I love her and Spot. They are an inspiration to me…and they love bacon. How could we not be friends?
  • Belinda at MyRiteofPassage (She has very good posts about writing. I found her during the ABC Challenge and am so glad I did)
  • AnnabelleMintz (This girl is a genius with blog layouts. Her posts are so pleasant to look at…they just make me smile)
  • KarenJonesGowen (She’s a new blogger I found by reading her book, Lighting Candles in the Snow. Karen’s a talented writer)

That is all for today. Ginger’s pulling at my Super Cape wanting a walk. Check out these fun bloggers and let me know if the Daisy background grates on your nerves or not. I needed a change…and the daisies are cheery (not as cheery as chocolate…but I couldn’t find an M&M background, and I thought that might make some of you jealous or hungry if I did. Hence…no chocolate background).

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45 thoughts on “Daisies and Super Suits

  1. I love the daisies! Maybe they don’t exactly go with the blue flowers in the header, but hey, it’s no biggee, and it’s certainly not going to put me off from visiting! I always prefer the more simple flowers like daisies, and poppies and sunflowers…although maybe sunflowers aren’t all that simple, maybe I just mean simple to remember because I’m not very good at identifying different flowers! But anyway, I do love daisies! I say keep the daisies! 🙂

    • I’m glad you like them. I don’t really like the header flower either, but don’t know how to change the picture. I will have to get someone to help me (I just don’t know who that is yet)

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Charissa. I really like the boldness of the daisies; it was my first thought as your page opened.

    BTW: Please check out my 9/11 memoir as the anniversary of that day is coming up soon.

    Have a super day! 🙂

    • I can tell you put a lot of work into your posts. I will have to check out the 9/11 memoir. I didn’t see it up yet, so will keep checking back.

  3. Thank you so much, Charissa! I feel honored. What a wonderful thing to wake up to this morning! Thank you, my friend. And I LOVE the daisies. Very cheerful. They make me happy just looking at them.

    • You deserve the honor. I’ve been rereading For Nick today, and am still captivated by that one. It might be my favorite. I’ll have to reread Sierra later and see. But something about For Nick just whacks my heart and I can’t let go of it.

  4. I love the daisies, Char. 95% of my blog reading is done on my iPhone, and the daisies look very subtle on the mobile platform. But you know what would look REALLY good? … BACON!!!

    (Haha, you know I couldn’t resist that.)

    Thanks so much for the very sweet mention. It really made Spot’s day, which of course made my day. She had a really rough week with some tummy issues (only one chemo session left though as soon as she’s up to it). After some meds and fluids on Saturday, she’s finally feeling much better, and better still after your nice post.

    Thanks much. Our love to you and Ginger. Come see me tomorrow, I’ve got something fun in the works, yay!


    • Bacon, bacon, bacon. What dog commercial is that from? I can’t remember right now. Give Spot my love. That poor dog has been through a lot; but she is in very good hands with you. I doubt she could be loved more. And I will definitely be there tomorrow! Yea!!!!

        • You just made my whole day! Awesome. And the dog looked like my Ginger (except she doesn’t jump up on people like that; jumping requires too much energy, and she conserves that for her walks only.

  5. I like the daisies. 🙂 But, ooh, would m&m’s look good, too! And I have to think your kids could help you upload a different photo as a header or figure out how to make it a solid color. Their generation knows everything about technology, right? 😉 And it’s summer—laziness and vacations from Super Blogging go hand-in-hand with it!

    • My daughter that could help me is far away and too busy to ask. My other daughter is only into Facebook. I doubt she’d know about the header. Thanks for justifying my summer laziness. I’ll blame it on the heat.

  6. I love the daisies but they hurt my eyes when I scroll down. 😦 I think it wouldn’t happen if there were less of them or they were larger. Hey, you asked for our opinions, sorry! I’m just giving you my two cents with my marketing professional’s hat on. I’d save the daisies or something similar for the header and keep some uniform and less busy image for the sides/background.

  7. Congratulations, Char and I absolutely LOVE the daisy background (I have to get out now or I’ll be staring at them all day – they’re so pretty) 😀

      • Mom, wife, writer and blogger… You’ve got your hands full, for sure 🙂 thank you! Nice to meet you too. At least I think the language translated by me will be more accurate than Google Translator 😀

        • I’m sure you’re better than Google translator. That program sometimes comes up with some huge mistakes that make me laugh. And yes, my hands are very full…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Makes life fun!

  8. I love them, but I am bias towards daises. They are my favourites. I even made an award of daisies to celebrate them. 🙂 Keep the daisies.

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