Savoring Summer

spring iris 017Summer is awesome! I’ve been loving mine so far. I keep walking out in the backyard, and I feel like I’m in heaven. Everything is so pretty this year…the irises (of course), the dogwood, the weeping willows, the evergreens, the roses and lilies, and the grass. The evergreens have gone crazy putting out new growth. Maybe that deep freezing winter we had did some good. Ahhh!

A couple weeks ago, one of my college daughters came home for a visit. We had a lot of fun. We hiked up to Table Rock, which is about a two mile hike with 1,000 foot elevation gain. From the top of that flat butte, we could look off over the valley to an amazing view.



We also took a nice long bike ride along the greenbelt. We got up early and did it so we could beat the crowds, and it was beautiful (like always). Wildlife we saw as we rode were: squirrels, birds, and giraffes.


Yes, we passed the zoo, and the giraffes were out and we could see their cute necks and heads. I love seeing Giraffes in Boise without worrying about puddles hiding crocodiles (like in Africa).


Yes! Summer break is the BEST! I have done one or two twirls out in the yard, but more reading than twirling. But as heavenly as my yard looks…there are some hidden surprises that make me catch my breath at times. Snakes. They seem to love my yard as much as I do, and I’m okay with that as long as they eat their fair share of rodents and bugs and don’t trespass into my garage or home.

spring iris 019Ginger found a snake in the grass the other day and was sniffing it. It was kind of a medium long one, and I watched her to see what she would do. The snake held really still as Ginger gave it several curious sniffs. And then the reptile abruptly slithered off into the rocks and I thought Ginger would have a heart attack. She jumped (which is amazing for her lazy body) and I could tell she was flummoxed (I like that word).

spring iris 023Anyway, I digressed with the snakes. What I meant to post is about savoring summer (and I don’t know if I particularly savor snakes…but as long as they don’t rattle or bite me, and pretty much stay away from me…I’ll let them be; I do savor blooms, like this iris here. The color on this bunch wowed me–I didn’t even have to touch up the photo!).

How are you savoring your summer? Do you have fun vacations planned, or lots of chores and projects to finish up around your house? Go ahead, tell me and make me jealous. If you do, I’ll share the love and ship you one of my snakes. Just kidding. I’m not touching them with a 10-foot pole, or any size pole for that matter.

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  1. I was just out this morning filling bird feeders and watering flowers. It’s very temperate here right now. We’ve just had our underground sprinklers installed and it’s great to watch them spritz the yard. Oh, the yard is all dirt as it’s just been reseeded, so I’m really looking forward to seeing little green shoots of grass come up. The birds are just singing their little hearts out. I just keep thinking, Praise the Lord, what a glorious world he’s given us!

    • We reseeded our yard a few years ago and grass is amazing. The first year it was a little wimpy, but now it’s healthy as a horse (why do I say that? Are horses healthier than humans?) Glad you’re enjoying your summer, Gina.

    • Yeah, I’m the same with snakes. I don’t want to touch them…or for them to touch me or get anywhere in my inside space, but otherwise, I figure they’re helpful outside. I’m sure you enjoy the break from the hot humidity very much. Savor your winter (hopefully you don’t get crazy negative temps that are just wrong). Enjoy your kids too! That will be a fun reunion.

  2. I actually don’t mind snakes (as long as they’re not in my house) 😉

    It’s winter in Australia now, but I’m liking it because I live in the tropics and the summer heat can get very oppressive.

    It must have been wonderful having your daughter home from college! My daughter will be here next week as will my two sons – it’s going to be great spending time with them 😀

  3. Great Post – loving your captures:) I cannot wait for our upcoming trip to San Fran and then our Big Summer Vacay Trip is at the end of July to explore some more of Oregon. We still have one more trip to plan for August or September so many places we want to go to and having a hard time picking just ONE! Have a Great Day:)

    • San Francisco sounds amazing. My husband loved it when he was there. Enjoy that one. And I’ve always heard Oregon is beautiful (and I’m so close to it). I think we’ll come back through Portland and the Gorge on our way back from Washington this summer. Can’t wait to see everything there. It is hard to pick and choose. I hope you find a place that excites you a TON, Renee.

      • I am soaking up San Fran and taking captures too! Love, love, love Portland:) Cannot wait to explore more of the Oregon Coast. I know which one to pick when it calls to me and gets me excited too!

  4. We had our vacation already with our trip back to the Midwest. But we might take some long weekends to visit places nearby—there are a lot of them to see! And part of this weekend will be spent shampooing the carpets, so I don’t think you’ll need to send any snakes my way. 🙂

    • Yeah, you don’t deserve snakes for shampooing carpets. I’m not jealous of all. But I am jealous of all the cool historical sites you have so close to you back east. Enjoy!

  5. Great photos, Char, lots of summer colour. Glad to hear you and your family are enjoying the season. Over here it’s winter, but it’s not too cold, actually today will reach 19 Celsius (66 F), which means it’ll be pleasant in the sun. 🙂

    • We’ve been in the 70’s, but have tipped into the 80’s (sorry, I’m too lazy to convert to Celcius–sometimes I wish we’d just switch cold-turkey to the metric system and be like the rest of the world instead of keeping our feet in two places; that’s the only way we’ll ever convert is if we just DO IT and force us all to figure out the new things. We learn it in school, but since nothing–like gasoline, food, temperatures–are ever said in anything but the old system, we don’t have a practical concept on metric measurements.) I will get off my soapbox now and go eat a cookie.

      • That’s broken my dream! Last night I dreamt I was telling someone in a shop (store) that I needed a soap dispenser where the depth can only be 5 centimetres and the guy serving kept saying ‘you mean 2 inches’ and I’m looking at him like he’s talking in a different language. Ha! 🙂

        • Sorry to burst your bubble…or dream. We do kind of speak our own language with our old system. I love the easiness of the metric system, but nothing here pushes us to learn to use it in practical life (besides a little math, which is never practical)

  6. Now that summer’s here I finally got some spring cleaning done. Does that make you jealous? And yesterday my twins played happily in our teeny blow-up pool while I cleaned out a closet (only a few inches of water in the pool, and I had the window open so I could hear them playing)

    • Oh, I remember the days of blow-up pools! I miss them. I AM jealous…about the spring cleaning, but mostly about the pool. I want to go buy a blow up pool to play in. That would be so much fun. Of course we have goatheads here, so I’m sure it would be popped in no time.

  7. Happy Summer, Char! I am so glad it has finally warmed up–my mood is so much cheerier in the sunny weather. I just checked our 10 day forecast, and all of next week is calling for 100 degree plus temps. Wow!

    Love your hiking photos, and the giraffes made me smile. We need some for our zoo!

    Not a fan of snakes. At all. No way Jose. I l prefer my animal friends to have fur. Or at least feet. Even gills would do.

    • I wouldn’t call the snakes in my yard my friends in any way, shape or form. We are tolerant cohabitants (or something like that). Don’t melt down there. I love the heat, and the light. I went out at 9:45 tonight to get my son a blizzard from DQ for some things he’s passed off this week, and it was still light out! WhooooHOoooo! Winter STAY away.

  8. Ah yes, I love the summer! We don’t always have a great summer here in the UK, so we try and make the most of the sunny days when we get them. Last night when I got home from work, it was just me and my son, and I made some burgers and cooked them out on the barbeque, and we sat outside eating those, and then we toasted some marshmallows over the barbeque. It was just simple, but I felt so content sitting out there enjoying the sun!

  9. I’m really looking forward to summer. This spring has been crazier than usual, especially now that my kids are in baseball and softball where they practice/compete 3 times a week each! Summer won’t come fast enough, but it will be one week shorter because we had 5 snow days this winter!!

    Your pics are lovely, and I’m so glad you’re letting the snakes go about their business. 😉

    • 5 snow days! Wow. You really got socked hard. You are going to have a BUSY summer with all your sports. Hope you have fun books to read while you’re at games.

  10. Wow, your flowers are beautiful and so colorful! I’d love to have flowers all over my garden too but water is so ridiculously expensive here, I just can’t afford here, especially when it doesn’t rain 6-8 months in the year. I loved summers when I lived in Paris but I prefer spring in San Diego as the summers are too hot and dry most of the time.

  11. I’m glad you did a few garden twirls – that garden was meant for twirling! That looks like a great hike and bike ride too. Not many people can say they’ve seen giraffes while bike riding. I’ve been bike riding here too but the only wildlife I’ve seen so far are the tourists. 🙂

  12. I love your observation that “seeing Giraffes in Boise without worrying about puddles hiding crocodiles (like in Africa).” 🙂 Summer is such a fun season!

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