Spring Fever & Freebies

spring iris 012Spring fever has hit hard. For the last few weeks, I’ve only wanted to go stand in my yard and smell the flowers. My irises are out, and their scent fills the air. It’s hard to force myself to work or blog or do anything that keeps me from enjoying this beautiful time of year. The weather’s perfect, school’s almost out, and I just want to play.

I’m not the only one that has Spring Fever around here. The birds have it too! They are so noisy and Twitterpated. But they’ve taken over my yard and my husband’s truck. Seriously!

They are in full-out Nesting-mode, and have built messy homes in my rain gutters and even underneath our Ford F250. Dang! My husband spent 15 minutes trying to figure out where they were hiding. He drove to the church and back, and still the birds somewhere behind the gas nozzle kept chirping. He’s sprayed water up inside and looked everywhere, but we can’t find the chirping culprits. We can hear the little twirps though.

spring iris 063

Ginger’s had a good dose of Spring Fever as well.

spring iris 010Now back to topic (as though I had one). My irises are on the downward side of blooming heaven. I’m enjoying them as much as possible before I have to cut all the stalks down and only see leaves for the rest of summer. Aren’t they pretty!

Despite having Spring Fever, I’ve been making some slow progress in editing Book 3–Hands of Mercy. It is killing me. But I am determined it will be awesome…and so I plow slowly on, digging up the words and smoothing them down into a workable soil that hopefully people will like. I love/hate the editing process. Stories become so much more amazing each time you go through and polish/revise. But it takes FOREVER!

This time I’m doing a 6 part proofing process…which is taking even longer. Here are my 6 steps:

  1. read through focusing on everything
  2. read through focusing on character details, descriptions
  3. read through focusing on setting details–the 5 senses
  4. do Smart Edit check and then search and destroy all the problems (repeat phrases, cliches)
  5. read through and focus on sentence structure and rhythm; simplify sentences
  6. change text font and read novel aloud looking and listening for mistakes.

spring iris 006I’m tired just writing about it. I’m in the middle of doing #4 right now. My eyes feel wonky! Thank goodness for blooming flowers out my window to keep me from going insane. I look outside and want to go dance and twirl in my yard, or sit under a tree and read…not edit. If I was 8 years old again, I would do some serious twirling and singing (“The Hills are Alive!”). But since I’m too nervous my husband or one of my kids will look out and catch me dancing, I just imagine myself doing it.

I kind of like being infected with Spring Fever. What about you? If you’re like me and just want to enjoy the fresh outdoors while you read a book, here are some FREEBIES to grab on your kindle or nook this weekend.

Casting Stones by Gina Barlean (Free May 31 and June 1)

Penelope by Anya Wylde (Free until June 2nd)

Hope you catch a good dose of Spring Fever. It’s contagious. Yea!

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37 thoughts on “Spring Fever & Freebies

  1. Isn’t it annoying when you have things competing for your attention. 🙂 Perhaps you could use a laptop or tablet outside and edit away while enjoying all that the season offers. Writing can seem like ‘work’ when it comes to editing, but unfortunately there aren’t that many shortcuts, well unless you pay someone else to do it for you, but how do you know they’ll do it properly … Love the flowers, Char. You must have a green thumb.

    • I only have a green thumb when I’m coloring with a green marker (I’m messy and get marker all over my hands–usually it’s red because I’m proofing at work). Irises are hardy and very forgiving of my lazy habits of digging shallow holes and leaving most of the tuber out of the ground. They like that actually…which makes me like them. And I’ve tried to take my laptop outside, but the glare of the sun makes it hard to read. My kindle works great though…so I do sneak half an hour or so out there reading (and hoping birds in the trees above me don’t poop on me)

  2. Those flowers are magnificent, Char. No wonder you can’t focus on proofing! My favourite step is number 6 because I love the sound of my own voice LOL 😉

    • And that is the step that is most painful to me. I have to close my door and hope no one interrupts because I feel silly reading out loud.

  3. Rommie has a serious case of spring fever. She wants me to stay home from work and play. Sending prayers for strength and stamina to get through the editing process.

  4. I’ve had the same spring fever problem, which is a good problem to have. This winter was so long, it’s nice to be able to go outside. I like your editing process. I’m sure it’s long and tedious, but what a great way to catch it all. It’s hard when you end up knowing your own book so well, you can quote any sentence. It all starts to blur together, but you have a great editing process. I’m sure it’s really tightening up. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Spring Fever is one disease I love to have and spread. I appreciate it so much more this year after the nasty winter of negative temps and icky air. I’ve enjoyed trying out this editing process this time. I am catching so much more before I send it to my beta readers. Hopefully it will help me write better the first time on the next book because I’ll have more things in my mind I’m aware of.

      • That’s awesome. I keep hoping all I’ve learned through editing, editing, and more editing is transferring into my first drafts. I hope they’re better & stronger. Seems like all that work shouldn’t go for nothing.

  5. Definitely hard to buckle down and work with summer here. So nice to finally have warmth and sunshine. I like your editing process. I need to finish my first draft so I can get there too!

    • I love spring, summer and fall…winter not so much. I find myself already dreading winter and it’s 7 months away still. I fight off the dread and am trying to make the most of these next 7 months before Bleck! happens again. Will have to try to get a lot of editing done this morning before kids are out for the summer. Today’s the day (happy and scary at the same time). I love having my kids home for the summer, but that means they’ll want me to entertain them some. I must get out my witch hat and start coming up with summer chores to keep them happy [insert evil cackle here]

  6. I read this very late last night on my Kindle Fire. Thank you so much for mentioning my free book. You are a special person.
    Those pictures of your iris’ are spectacular. You go out and twirl in your backyard!!! There are worse things you can get caught doing. The joy of spring. There is nothing to compare. Enjoy, enjoy!!!

    • You’re welcome. I like the idea of combining all your stories into one book. I still think about Casting Stones. It’s a story that doesn’t soon leave ya. And yes, Grandma’s irises are spectacular. Every time I look at them and smell them, I feel like she’s near. I try not to curse when I have to dig them up to divide them (which is a pain) because Grandma couldn’t even spell curse words she felt they were so bad.

  7. Love that photo of Ginger. Spring is my favorite time of year. I never get enough of the flowers. Dance and enjoy, the dog days of summer will soon be upon us 🙂 Oh, and we too have problems with birds nesting in our F-250. Guess they are not just great vehicles for work and towing, but a great place to call home as well….lol.

    • I’ll have to tell my husband you have the same problem. It’s kind of annoying. I don’t want to be mean and kick them out…but…never mind, yes I do. I hate finding dead baby birds by the truck. They need to move elsewhere.

  8. That photo of Ginger is so cute! Irises are so beautiful, I agree – mine are lovely this year for the first time.

    Good luck with the rest of your editing!

  9. Is it still just 6 steps if you have to repeat any of them (a few times)? That’s where I feel I am in the editing process. I read through focusing on one thing then realize I need another read through to focus on another area that needs attention and so on. I have to remind myself it’s a marathon and not sprint. Too bad I never liked running long distance 😉

    Your flowers are beautiful! It’s great that you have such scenery out of your window but I agree with justinwriter, you should grab the laptop and head outdoors! Have a great weekend Char!

    • I open the window and that’s almost as good as being outside when I have to work. I can feel the breeze, smell the flowers, and it’s cooler. You’ll probably find your love for distance running as you plow through your WIP to make it better! I’ll cheer you on!

  10. It is sooo hard to concentrate on anything that feels like work when the sky is blue, the air is warm, the flowers are in full bloom, and spring is bursting into summer! At least my cold is starting to break up so I can enjoy these things again. 🙂 And then maybe I can settle down into more writing and revising, too.

    It sounds like you have a good plan of attack for Book 3, although I always feel self-conscious about reading aloud, too. I only do it when I’m home alone. 😉

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. Someone once suggested I do my book in audio with me reading, and I just laughed. Not happening. Glad your cold is on its way out the door.

  11. Ginger is soooo beautiful! Those irises are too, Char, I especially love the last photo of the purple with the sun shining down–gorgeous!

    Spring fever, yes! It feels like summer already to me though. We just returned from Aruba, where it was in the 80’s all week, to even warmer Texas where I think the 90’s and 100’s are here to stay. I’m excited to start my marathon training again and to get back to running outside!

    Good luck with all of the editing. Write fast, edit slow, and ugh the proofing! Amazing how one can read a page twenty times and still miss a silly comma or a word off by one letter that spellcheck missed because it was technically a word, haha!

    Big pets to Ginger from Spot. Spot’s going to think up some questions for G over the next couple weeks!

    • Good luck with your marathon training. That sounds fun! And yes! More power to Spot to come up with some bacon-licious questions for Ginger.

  12. I feel your pain! 🙂 I’ve been revising for too long now, but every time I think it’s done, it turns out that it’s not. I think you need to get out there and do your Sound of Music twirl at least once a day though. It sounds like the perfect thing for clearing out the brain before more editing. If only we could be more like Ginger.

    • Yes, Ginger has the relaxing down to an art. And I think I will go do a twirl or two to breathe in nature a little deeper. Look at how happy it made Julie Andrews in Sound of Music!

  13. I’d never heard of birds nesting in a truck. Kind of like a bird RV. The weather here is nice today, maybe I’ll take a walk this afternoon. I’m on the last stages of editing my MS. I’m dragging my feet for some reason!

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