Absolutely Zabulous!

April was full of alphabet posts for the A to Z Challenge. Now I must post my reflections. This was my first year doing the A to Z Challenge, and it just about killed me. I’m prone to exaggeration, but seriously…it’s hard to post every day.

The pros to this challenge were meeting new bloggers and forcing myself to write.

Meeting new bloggers is always fun. I loved what others came up with for their letters (and sometimes was jealous and wish I’d stolen their idea). A lot of bloggers had themes (which makes the challenge that much more challenging). Vikki did an author theme. John did a crazy apocalyptic world theme. My hat is off to anyone who did a theme. You are talented.

My theme was “Anything Goes–and Alliteration in the Title.” (I just made that up right now)

My posts were all over the place, from Animals to Chocolate (yes!) to vacation destinations to book reviews…to random posts about Kites to exploring the Universe. Not much different than how I normally post (except the daily part). That’s how my mind works…it’s all over the place. If I only blogged about writing, I would have gotten bored and quit last summer.

At the beginning of this challenge, I put up a $20 Amazon gift card prize to lure my followers to read and comment each day, instead of de-friending me and never speaking to me again. You all were the best, and made me laugh or think a little deeper with each of your comments. I LOVE reading your thoughts. Seven people showed true Gumption and commented on every single post for the month. Kudos to you!

Your names were entered into the drawing for the gift card…and I had my 12 year old son draw a winner out of a cauldron (because I didn’t have a good hat). Last time I had a contest, I had Ginger (my dog) draw the winner, and that was a pain. I’ll tell you from scientific research that 12 year old boys are much better at drawing out winners than Golden Retrievers.

The Suspense is Killing Me!

The Suspense is Killing Me!

So to conclude this A to Z Challenge, I will announce the 7 people who’s names were placed in my handy dandy cauldron. These bloggers deserve a shout out for being so loyal and faithful in supporting me in this crazy hard challenge. Visit them and be edified! I love their blogs.

Vanessa, Arlene, Justin, Kate, Carrie, Renee, and Jacqueline.

Several others missed only 1 day commenting, and it broke my heart to take them out of the running…but rules are rules (even though I break them all the time with blog awards).

………And the WINNER is……..



Congratulations Kate! Thanks for cheering me on during this hard alphabetic challenge. You deserve to spoil yourself now (my treat!). And to those of you who didn’t win, but have commented nearly every day (or even once)…when I win the lottery, I will buy you all your own Amazon cards to thank you as well (but since I haven’t entered the lottery yet, don’t hold your breath. You might turn blue). I think you’re all amazingly awesome. Have an Absolutely Zabulous weekend to rejoice that the A to Z Challenge is finished.

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40 thoughts on “Absolutely Zabulous!

  1. I can’t imagine committing to a post a day without me being committed 😆 Great job and I think Ginger did an amazing job picking a winner last time!

  2. Great work! Daily posting is hard this time of year. It was fun to read them. I always enjoy your insights.

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge. Your the first one so far that felt having a theme was harder. Most blogs and comments I’ve read through out the challenge felt picking a theme made finding topics easier. I did both. 2 of the 3 blogs were theme oriented, and 1 was what ever. From my experience I would say, it really just depends. I spent time researching for all 3, so not sure one what or the other seemed easier or harder.

    • I just saw your theme on places and traveling and that was fun. You did Yellowstone like me, and I love, love, love Zion National Park. It’s the best. Good job, Sandy.

  4. What?! There must be some kind of mistake! I’m the one who always wins everything! Sigh 😉 Ah well, congratulations Kate! And it was fun going on the month long blogging journey with you Char.

    • I know! It was shocking when my son didn’t call out your name. I was sure you would win (because you always do). You are amazing for sticking with it though. I now know why you win on so many other blogs. You have tenacity! Don’t lose it.

  5. Tee hee. Yep, we had it rigged, even though I didn’t quite make 100%. She and I were going to split the price and each order a tub of bacon bits. Alas, foiled again!

  6. Congrats to Kate! (See, I’m being a good loser here. 😉 )

    I thought you handled the challenge perfectly, Char. You kept the posts short, which made it much easier to comment each time. You kept it witty. And you kept referring to chocolate. The trifecta!

    • Place a star on your forehead for good sportsmanship. If I can’t eat chocolate, talking about it almost makes me feel like I’m eating it. Wait a minute! That’s a lie. I need me some real chocolate.

  7. A big congrats on finishing the challenge (you are my hero for being able to post every day – I struggle at once a week) 😉

    Congrats also to Kate and the others who read every day! Well done 😀

    • Thanks, Dianne. The posting every day was HARD. I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it. Thanks for dropping by. I can’t wait to do your interview soon. I think I’ll do it next week, but will email you soon for say for sure.

  8. Congrats to Kate for reading every day. And congrats to you, Char, for posting every day. I don’t know how you managed it–I think it’s difficult to come up with posts just once a week!!

    • I think it is just as difficult to think of posts for once a week as it is daily. You just have to do it more often on the daily. But I will still stress over 1-2 times a week now that it is over.

  9. Congratulations to you for managing all those posts and to Kate for winning the contest! I don’t think I could manage a post a day for a month. I think this is one challenge I’ll continue to watch from the sidelines. 😉

  10. Whoa, I’m late getting here. Thanks to your Gumption post, I kept to my promise to buy a new computer. Yay! Congratulations on achieving your alphabet soup of posts. 🙂 And, what’s this about you being prone to exaggeration? I wouldn’t believe that in a million years. 🙂

    • I can always count on your witty comments to make me laugh. Yea! for the new computer. Did you ever do this as a kid–get new shoes and know they would make you run faster? Maybe a new computer works the same way and will make you a bestseller author. I’d go buy one tomorrow if I thought that would work. Enjoy every byte of your new computer.

  11. What? Did I miss commenting on a day or two? Bummer…
    OK, I have to admit, I thought only Carrie Rubin would have a cauldron in her house (I can hear her laughing right now). Who knew you had one too? Are you the witches of Eastwick???

    • Yeah, I had to double check several times, but it was letter D. Dang. I was going to use the strainer, but it was in the dishwasher and I didn’t want to wait for it to dry. The cauldron we hand out Halloween candy in was on a shelf I could reach…hence the choice. I did think of Carrie when I used it since she has her handy dandy witch sign.

  12. Great job Char! You made it fun to comment and the contest had me so tuned in to your blog. Plus giving away your books was such an awesome and unexpected bonus 🙂

    By the way, Yeah! for Kate. Congrats!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Arlene. It was fun to read your comments each day. You are awesome for being one of the commenters who never missed.

  13. You made the challenge look easy – I wouldn’t have guessed that it nearly killed you! Your posts were really fun too. And your son and Ginger are both very cute. 🙂

    • I won’t tell my boy you said that. He would let the praise go to his head and flex his scrawny muscles for you and probably give you a sexy wink-wink. I don’t know where he learned that, but for a 13 year old, he’s pretty charming (except when he pulls the muscle act on me. I just laugh at him. But I’m sure some 13 year old girl at school drools over him daily)

  14. I love how you did the drawing! I could feel the suspense! Rats–I didn’t win. Well, I didn’t enter either. Hmm… Something cause and effect about that.

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