Zany Zoo

Z is for Zoo (and THE END of this challenge).

I love going to Zoos with my kids. When they were little, we went to the Hogle Zoo every time we drove through Salt Lake City, Utah. Last month, I went to visit my oldest daughter and asked her what she wanted to do while we were in town…and she surprised me when she said, “I want to go to the Zoo. I haven’t been since I was a kid.”ย How could we disappoint her? So we went to the Zoo…and here are some of the Zany Zoo creatures we met.

Dumbo's Zantastic family

Dumbo’s Zantastic family
(Hey, don’t judge me. There’s not a lot of Z words to choose from)

Zippy Giraffes and Zesty Kids

Majestic Rajja roared at us

ZigZag Tiger stripes

The Noble Baldies squawked at us (not happily either)

Zealous Bald Eagles (that didn’t like us staring at them)

These two 'fluffy' critters were quiet as they ate

Zonked Rhinos

And this guy...well, he surprised us

And this guy…well, he was Zippy

Wow! Face-to-face interaction.

And surprised us with a Zoological Face-to-Face meeting!

We had so much fun. I felt a little out of place at first. Most families had tiny kiddos with them and pushing strollers. I had teenagers. Yet my teens had a Blast! So did I. Zoos aren’t just for little people. They’re for anyone who’s young at heart.

Fun at the Zoo

Zounds! Do you have a Zoo where you live? When’s the last time you went? I’m now done with the A to Z Challenge. Yeeee Haw! Thanks for sticking with me all month. I’ll announce the winner of the Amazon gift card on Friday, after I’ve had time to breathe and figure out all the comments for each letter. Have a great week!

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  1. Great topic and as usual great photos. I think you started this challenge with animals, so we’ve come full circle. What is so good about zoos is they create a curiosity about animals which leads to education and awareness of how our lifestyles impact on them. A zoo I’d like to visit one day is the 300 hectare zoo here in Australia known as the Taronga Western Plains Zoo where many of the animals have room to move around rather than being kept in small enclosures. Without zoos, many species would face extinction. Zoos are zantastic!

    • Yeah, sometimes I want to feel bad for the animals there, but then we went by one enclosure that had an animal that was going extinct, and if zoos hadn’t stepped in, the critter would be. So hooray for zoos! That Taronga Western Plains Zoo sounds incredible…maybe like the Wild Animal kingdom here in Florida and California. Here in Boise, there is a wallaby exhibit where you can walk in (along a path) and the wallabies are hopping around. Once while we were there, airforce jets flew over (noisy) and the babies all jumped and hid in their mom’s pouches. Too cute.

    • Thanks, Kate. I had kind of considered the zoo a place for little kids, so was shocked when my 20 year old wanted to go there again. I think we had more fun than when they were little. They appreciated the animals more now.

  2. We have both the Cleveland Zoo and the Akron Zoo near us. Although the Cleveland one is really nice, nothing compares to the Columbus Zoo. We first went there only a few years ago, and I can’t believe it took us so long to get there. I’ve been to zoos all over the US, but Columbus’s is my favorite. So many great animals. Not just one or two gorillas, but families of gorillas. Jack Hanna is behind it, so I suppose that’s why. If you ever head this way, you should check it out.

    What a beautiful family you have! And I love that you can hang together at the zoo and have fun. I have teens, and we still love it as well. By the way, this sure sounds like fun for you: “figure out all the comments for each letter.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Okay, I’ll have to remember Columbus zoo. A family of gorillas sounds very worth the drive. Hopefully my figuring out the comments won’t be too hard. I’ve been trying to tick off on a chart when people comment so I wouldn’t have to do it all at the end…but I’ll have to go back through here and there to check when I see a comment missing to see if I forgot to mark them down or if they truly didn’t comment that day. It will be fun if I eat an Almond Joy while I do it (I have a couple mini ones of those in my purse, I think)

    • Come on, what are the world famous San Diego Zoo? We have Joan Embery!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Char, that polar bear exhibit you photographed is almost an exact copy of the exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, how funny!

  3. I think you used most of the z words I know. Respect to you. This was an excellent challenge. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

    • And I think I made up one or two of my own Z words (author’s license). I’d pat myself on the back, but am afraid I might hurt myself, so I’m eating a half of chocolate muffin instead. Yum!

    • They are spoiled, I think. A lot of them have been hurt out in the wild and zoos take them in to fix them and give them a chance to live (whereas they’d be killed off and eaten in the wild most likely). I don’t feel sorry for them either.

  4. Oh yes, I like zoos too! Just 10 minutes drive away from me is a zoo called Howletts, and its sister zoo called Port Lympne is just 40 minutes drive away, they are both owned by The Aspinal Foundation who do a lot of international conservation work. At Port Lympne, you can do things like this dusk safari –

    There are several other small animal parks close by too. And also a couple of the farm type ones where you can have rides on tractors and watch lambs being born, and kids can climb into the pig pen to play with the little piglets who squeal and play excitedly like puppies when the kids get in, it’s so cute!

    And you’ve made it through a month of blogging! Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That dusk safari looks fabulous! Like being in Africa (except hopefully a lot safer). Yes, we both made it through this crazy month! Hooray!

      • Yes, I’ve done that safari during the day twice – the first time it was great, we saw loads of animals, and giraffes and ostriches were walking next to us, then the second time I took my sister and was raving about how great it was and we saw hardly anything! I guess that’s the nature of safaris, there’s loads of open space so the animals might not always be where you are!

        • That same thing happened once in Yellowstone to us. We’ve been there 5-6 times, and seen animals galore each time. And then one time we just drove through on our way home from Wyoming and saw zippo! Very sad.

  5. Congrats on finishing the A to Z Challenge! I thought about doing a zoo theme too. The last zoo I went to was in Ft. Worth, TX. My favorite zoo is in Colorado Springs, CO, where they let you feed the giraffes. My daughter loved it that one of the giraffes liked to be petted on the head. I don’t think there are any zoos in Montana where we live now. There may be one in Alberta, Canada but I haven’t looked it up.

    • Feeding giraffes is fun. They let us do that once here at the Boise Zoo while they were fundraising to get more African animals. They are soooo cute when they eat out of your hands.

  6. The Colorado Springs Zoo is built into the side of a mountain and they have an amazing giraffe display. You get a work out walking this zoo. When my kids were little, I would take them to the Brookfield Zoo just outside of Chicago. Congrats on completing the challenge. What’s next … after you catch a breath?

    • That sounds super cool! Giraffes are some of my favorites to watch. And I’m all for a workout going anywhere to see sights. That’s an extra bonus, in my opinion. What’s next? I have a couple author interviews I’m super excited to post in May…and whatever else tickles my fancy I guess.

  7. There’s no reason adults can’t enjoy the zoo! We have the National Zoo down in DC, and we like going there. The most incredible one for us was the San Diego Zoo and then we also went to the Wildlife Park and took the “safari.” That was so much fun. My husband’s favorite part was getting to feed a giraffe. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on making it through the challenge!

    • That safari experience sounds super neat. I hope to do that someday. Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge. I know it wasn’t just challenging to me, but to you all as well since you had to read everything. Thanks for your support! I’ll give you a break now.

  8. The Bronx Zoo! Plan on going again this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats Char … You did a great job on the A to Z challenge. It was a lot of fun too, waiting to see what you’d come up with for each letter ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy your break!

    • Thanks, Arlene. You’re awesome for sticking with this the whole time! Enjoy the zoo this summer…and I will enjoy a little break.

      • Char can you believe I went to bed last night, just started to fall asleep and then snapped by eyelids open, thinking, “Oh no, I didn’t reply to Z! I *have* to reply to Z!!!”

        I sat up and grabbed the iPad by the bed (luckily it wasn’t downstairs). I had to read and reply before I could settle back in for bed ๐Ÿ™‚

        It’s been fun!!

        • You deserve a break now. I’m tallying up all the commenters, but didn’t question your name. You’ve been with me this whole month. Good job!

  9. Penguins were always my favorites at the zoo – they’re so much fun to watch. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I never would have been able to do it. It was a lot of fun checking in to see what you’d come up with! Now you deserve an ice cream or at least some chocolate.

    • Penguins are fun (when they’re swimming). When they’re just sitting or standing doing nothing, they’re pretty boring. Thanks for the sugary wishes. I did splurge and have 2 mini almond joys yesterday when I finished.

      • Hahah! I’m glad you splurged – definitely very much deserved! I love the way penguins walk and waddle. They really make me laugh for some reason. I must have been lucky to see the energetic ones.

        • Yeah, I’ve see them both ways. And when they just stand or sit still, it’s very boring…and they don’t move for ‘nuthin. I like their waddling too. Dick Van Dyck’s imitation of them in Mary Poppins is one of my all time favorites.

  10. Zoinks, you did it!!!

    Congratulations on finishing your “marathon!” I never had any doubt. I’m zooper-dooper proud of you!

    We have a teeny-weeny zoo here. I’ve not been to it, though I did love the Atlanta and San Diego zoos as a child. I especially loved the flamingos and monkeys. I always enjoyed the petting zoos too–I’m sure that strengthened my love of all animals. Maybe I’ll go check out the zoo here.

    Congrats again Char! Woo-hoo!

    • You have a mini-zoo in your own yard, Christy. Thanks for the zooper-dooper wishes. If you were here, I’d do my monkey imitation for you (and you’d either be my friend for life, or run away screaming…or spit at me like the monkey at the biblical zoo in Israel did).

      • My blogging bud Guapola reminded me a few weeks ago that monkeys are also fond of “slinging poo.” I think as long as we don’t do that to each other, we’ll be life-long buds! Eeeeee-eeeeee-eeee-oooooh! (My best written monkey imitation. Though on second thought, I sound like a donkey, haha!)

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