X-country Racing and Awards

 is for X-country racing.

I love X-country skiing and my kids do X-country running. Both are endurance sports, and require lots of stamina and effort. Other things that requires those traits are this A to Z Challenge (which is almost done. Whoo hooo!) and Blog awards. I love getting awards, but it take effort and a lot of work to answer the questions in a fun way, think of recipients to hand off new awards to, and then link to everyone you’re supposed to. Can you hear me huffing and puffing?

scouts tuba 007So today after running with these awards for several weeks, I’m handing off the baton to some others in this X-country blogging race. Carry these X-ponential awards well, my new blogging friends.

At the beginning of the month, Arlene at WritingPiecesofMe gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Arlene is one of the valiant who has endured reading and commenting on each of my alphabet posts. She deserves an award just for that. Since today is letter X, I will deem her with the X-cellent Award (which is made up and has no rules. Thank me later).

To pass this Award, I must tell you 7 things about myself.  Here are 7 X-country facts:

  1. I used to run a sub 10 minute mile (slow, I know)
  2. Now I don’t run one at all (lame, I know)
  3. I admire people who run (they’re my heroes)
  4. But running throws my hip and knee out now and isn’t worth the pain (pain = bad)
  5. Now I bike a lot (it’s easier on my old joints)
  6. My kids are fast runners (they’re down at 6 min miles)
  7. When my daughter races, I yell “Don’t stop!” (she says that’s lame and is embarrassed by me 🙂

Rhonda over at Rhondaerb graciously nominated me for the Liebster award. Here are the questions she gave me to answer:

How many hours a day do you spend writing? Between grant writing and hobby writing, I spend about 5-8 hours a day writing.

Who do you have to critique and/or edit your work? My brother-in-law, Larry, is an excellent beta reader, as well as my friend, Summer.

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate

Why did you start blogging? It seemed a fun way to force myself to write different material and meet new people.

What is your most popular blog post? Courageous Cody

What do you want written on your tombstone? I won’t really care when I’m dead. My name and dates next to my husband’s will be fine.

What are some of your favorite books to read? Les Miserables, Harry Potter books, Twilight books, Hunger Games, and so many others.

If you could have any one super-power, what would it be? Elastigirl’s powers would be nice. Then I could reach things on the top cupboards.

If you could be invisible for a day, would you use your invisibility for evil or good? I’d go spy on my kids.

What would your “last supper” consist of? Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and white gravy, creamed peas and brownies. (Comfort foods)

What is your biggest pet peeve? Mean, rude, aggressive drivers

Are you out of breath with me yet in this X-country award race? Last, but not least, Jean Mishra at MoonlightenedShelves gave me the Thank You Award. Jean’s book is great. Check it out. I loved her short story and poems. They are touching. The rules of this award are that I must mention 5 things I would like to do with my life, no matter how mad or tame. Sticking with my X-country theme,

  1. I’m going to exercise 3-5 days a week
  2. I’m going to keep writing (even when it’s painful–like it is during the editing process I’m in right now)
  3. I’m going to keep battling the stupid weeds in my yard
  4. I’m going to keep dividing irises in my yard until I die
  5. I’m going to keep yelling at my daughter to Not Stop in her races (because it would be more embarrassing to her if she did, and I know my enthusiasm will help her get below 6 minutes soon)

Pant, pant, pant.  Almost done. I see the next person to hand the baton off to. Here are my Award Recipients. The real rules suggest more people, but in my older age division, I get perks younger bloggers don’t. I’m just passing one award off to one blogger each (because carrying more batons in my hands is awkward).

The Very Inspiring Blogger is being passed off to SherryLackey. I love her blog and have followed her through this A to Z challenge and am intrigued by her books.

The Liebster Award I’m passing off to John at BathroomMonologues. John has a very creative mind that has a created a world so unique, it leaves me mind-boggled after reading his posts. His world sounds scary crazy, but fascinating (if you survive).

The Thank You Award is being passed off to Kate at JustThisToday. I am thankful for her insightful comments that give me lots to contemplate and reflect on. I look forward to her comments and wish her all the best in her busy life in law school.

scouts tuba 012

My award recipients can answer the questions shown above for the awards. This post is too long already. But that’s how X-country races go. They are long. 2 more days, and this challenge is done. I’m ready to celebrate with a brownie.

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45 thoughts on “X-country Racing and Awards

  1. Fun to read your responses. If I had a super power, I’d choose teleportation. Cut out all that transportation to and from places time. Well, as long as I didn’t end up naked on the other end. My clothes and purse have to teleport with me.

    Only two letters left, Char! You’ve been amazing with this challenge. 🙂

  2. It was several years before I realized that X-country and cross country were the same thing. Such a funny appropriation of X.

    Congratulations on your blog honors! I was curious about your favorite books. Three of those four settle together very logically, but Les Mis stands out. Does it do anything different from Hunger Games, et.al, as you read it?

    John at The Bathroom Monologues

    • Les Mis is my favorite plot of all time. I’ve read the full version, condensed, seen the play, seen all the movies, the PBS special, etc…and I never tire of that one. That story of mercy and justice is compelling. The others are sheer enjoyment that takes no thinking like Les Mis. I love reading for pure enjoyment…but Les Mis touches me more than all those others.

  3. Thanks for the nod, Char!

    I used to run the mile in track in HS and I have to admit, I HATED it! Physically I could do it, but my mind found it SO boring! I couldn’t focus. I would say over and over again, “why are you doing this?” or “is this over yet?” Needless to say I didn’t stick with track, but I played basketball, volleyball and tennis (faster pace sports) and loved those.

    Yeah, that was a LONG time ago. Now the most exercise I do is exercising my brain. I know that’s not enough — now that Spring has finally sprung, hopefully I can get off my butt and do something more exercise-related.

    Congrats on all of your well-deserved awards and great job with the A to Z challenge!!

    • The mile is boring to run in track. My daughter endures track as practice for x-country in the fall. The 5K in x-country is more fun to her because the courses go all over. I like watching track better because I can see her the whole time, and in x-country I only see her about 3-4 times during the race (if I run fast enough to get to the next spot before she does). I never ran in high school. I did basketball and liked it very much. I tried to play it with a group of fit ladies a few years ago and they just about killed me. I realized then that I liked my body too much to keep playing with them. I seriously hurt for a week after their intense games.

  4. Ahhh, the Thank You Award. Thank you!

    Five things I want to do in my life: This will be a mix of short-range and long-range goals.
    1. Finish this paper and finish exams.
    2. Integrate prayer with my scripture study, not just do them as two separate activities.
    3. Run the Color Vibe 5K on June 22 with my daughter.
    4. Refocus my BJJ (a martial art) training this summer.
    5. Have a great job lined up upon finishing law school and passing the bar!

    Congratulations to you on this X-treme Blog Sport known as the A-Z Challenge. You are almost there, and I have enjoyed your posts!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

  5. I always hated cross country running when I was at school, and now my daughter hates it too! I just have no stamina for it – it’s strange how we can have more physical stamina for some things than others isn’t it, like I can dance for hours because I love it, but if I run for more than a couple of minutes, I’m exhausted! I guess that’s another example of the mind and the physical affecting each other; if we enjoy something we have more energy for it!

    • So true. When I used to run, my mind was weak. Even though I knew I could run 5 miles, the first mile still killed me and I had to force myself not to walk. I’m such a wimp. But yeah, if you enjoy something, time passes quickly in some magical way.

  6. Fun to read your answers!
    I wish I was a runner, but wishing doesn’t make it so! My knees can’t take it. Love it when I say things like that so I can sound old. haha My son can run for two hours without breathing hard. I wish I was that disciplined.

    • Yeah, my daughter will sometimes go run for an hour, then do a 45 min ab workout, and then do a hard 50 min workout video all in the same afternoon. I think she’s crazy.

  7. 6 minute miles? Egad, I’ll never be that fast. Hopefully any zombies chasing me in the future won’t be that fast either!

    Oooh, chicken fried…Yummmmm…

    Finish strong! Don’t stop!

    • I know, and my daughter wants to be under 6 so bad it hurts. I support her the best I can by yelling stupid things to her like “Run faster, Don’t stop, Hurry, hurry, and Catch her!” Yes, that chicken fried steak dinner might be worth dying for.

  8. Fun post for X! My award post today also suggested my nominees could use the questions I answered because I just couldn’t spend the time thinking of new ones. 😉

    • I know. I’m such a cheat. When I first started blogging, I was so careful to follow all the rules, but just like driving, you start to cut corners after a while.

  9. Congratulations on all your awards and for making it through this challenge.

    My aunt made excellent chicken-fried steak, hope she has a big batch of it waiting for me when I get to heaven. I have yet to find anyone who can make it as well as she did. 😦

    • Yum! Put in a good word to her for me as well. I want that when I get to heaven too. I like the recipe I make, but I’m sure someone makes it better than me (most people make everything better than me because I’m a lazy cook).

  10. Did I hear Brownies? I’ll be right over….lol. Congrats on the awards and the challenge. Hope you’ve had time to catch your breath!

    • I have to convince the fam to want brownies. They actually get sick of them because that’s all I ever want (can you believe them?) Anyway, one of these days I will convince them that it is time for brownies again (probably mother’s day)

  11. I was wondering how you would approach x. 🙂 I can see some people like running and I guess I did too when I was younger, but now when I see ‘fun’ and ‘run’ used together, it sounds like an oxymoron. I’d prefer a ‘fun sit’. Oh, and I managed to include a word with x in it. Two to go.

    • Oxymoron. Good one. Sometimes I see runners that look semi-happy…but usually they have a pained expressions on their faces. The happiness doesn’t hit them till they stop.

  12. I have spent too many school years running to get to school or running after a public bus to catch it to go to school to enjoy running. I’m terrible at it anyway and my back hates it. So good for you picking up biking to replace it. I’ll stick to walking. 🙂

    Congratulations on being almost done with your challenge. You’re on your last stretch.

    • Walking is good exercise. I do that too, but try to work the bike in since I don’t take long enough walks to count. And yes, (sigh!) I”m almost done. yea!

  13. I got exhausted just reading this, Char. You’re a marathon runner! Only Y & Z to go 😀

    Congratulations on the awards and passing on the baton. If I could be invisible for a day I’d probably spend it shopping (oops – I think that’s using it for evil!) 😉

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