Weathered, Wrinkled & Wise

W is for Wrinkles.

In the World today, lots of people have bought into that Whole  outward beauty concept that Wrinkles are bad. People spend a fortune on botox, plastic surgery, and whatever else you do to your faces to take Wrinkles out of them.

But I don’t buy into that. A lot of those Hollywood stars look silly when they’re all plasticized. As you age, you Wrinkle. That’s natural…and beautiful. When I see Wrinkles and Weathered skin, I see Wisdom. Older people have gained a lot of life experience, and with each one, another Wrinkle appears…adding character.  No amount of plastic surgery adds character (Michael Jackson is proof).

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I love Wrinkled faces and Weathered hands. They add depth that young and flawless can’t seem to mimic. Wrinkles tell stories. You can tell whether a person has laughed a lot by the Wrinkles around their eyes and mouths. My grandma had a ton. She had a hard life, but her Wrinkles told that she enjoyed every minute of it. It would have been a tragedy if she’d every had those wrinkles (or stories) ironed out of her face–replaced with a plastic mask that covered who she really was.

smell roses

Don’t buy into the World’s definition of beautiful and try to cover up signs of aging. Take care of your face and body the best you can (use moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup)  but don’t try to be something you’re not. Wrinkles are Wonderful. They’re signs that we have lived and learned. They’re signs of growing Wisdom.

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27 thoughts on “Weathered, Wrinkled & Wise

    • Transitioning is hard. Maybe because there is such a stigma in the world against aging. It’s funny though…when I see younger photos of older people I love, I think they look funny. I grow to love their wrinkles and character-etched faces…so to see them without those is weird.

  1. I kid you not, my wife and I were just talking about wrinkles a few minutes ago. My mother used to use a product called Lemon Delph. I have no idea what it was, but she swore by it (well, she didn’t swear, but anyway). Wrinkles mean experience, unless you’re out in the sun without protection all the time and that means inexperience. I wouldn’t be surprised if when trend followers tire of plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos etc., they’ll invent ways to make wrinkles, so they’ll seem more experienced and wise. But they’ll do it in a weird, messed up way, like coloured wrinkles or something. 🙂

    • The Hunger Games movie showed how weird trends can get with face, bodies, hair, etc. I am all for trying to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle free as long as possible (because having wrinkles in your 20’s would be kind of sad), but there comes a point when it is what it is, no matter what cream you use. And smile wrinkles are my favorite. Those speak volumes.

  2. “Take care of your face and body the best you can (use moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup) but don’t try to be something you’re not.”—Loved this! I, too, believe wrinkles carry much more meaning than simply lines on the face. Then again, I’m now too much of a wimp to undergo elective anesthesia or have needles sting my face, so I pretty much have to believe this, don’t I?… 😉

    • Believe it ’cause it’s true. I think some people are so concerned about wrinkles that they won’t smile and laugh because that crinkles your skin around your eyes. For shame! Those laugh lines are the BEST wrinkles of all. You can tell which old people have been happy in their life and which ones have scowled a lot.I hope to be one of the happy wrinkly ones.

      • I’m a very contemplative person, so I will go long periods without smiling and sometimes even scowling if I’m perplexed. It’s not on purpose; I think I just get deep in thought and tune every thing else out. I suspect this is why my forehead wrinkles are worse than any around my eyes or mouth. But at least I can hide those with bangs…

        • I’m the same when alone; I probably tend to get those wrinkle lines in my forehead when I’m thinking. But when I’m around others, I laugh a lot, so hopefully that makes up for time alone. And bangs are the best!

  3. LOVED this!!
    When I was in college I lived in an apartment. Across the hall lived an elderly woman and down the hall, a young mother and her little son. We were all having coffee one Saturday morning and the little boy, maybe four, reached up and ran his finger down the line of one of the elderly woman’s wrinkles and asked, “Did God make your face that way?”
    “Why yes he did.” She answered with a big smile!

    • Kids are so great. I remember telling my Grandma (when I was little) that the great aunt she pointed out to me couldn’t be a grandma because she wasn’t fat. My grandma just chuckled, but seriously, kids can be so blunt when they notice things. I love how your neighbor just smiled and said “Why yes he did.”

  4. Oh goodness yes, I can’t say that I love wrinkles but they are certainly far more preferable than those plastic faces. I can’t stand those smooth plastic faces, I don’t know who they think they are kidding, nobody believes that they have kept their youthful looks, it’s so obvious that it’s not natural. I find it quite sad really.

    • It is sad. They aren’t fooling anyone. It’s nice to just love yourself for who you are–wrinkles and all when you’ve earned them.

  5. My grandmother stated to me one day that she earned every wrinkle and every gray hair living the good life – she was so wise:) I think the one celebrity that shocked me the most was Kenny Rogers – his whole face just morphed – so not a good look! The one thing that I do not want to wrinkle until I am about 75 years of age is my neck are – hello moisturizer. Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!

    • You had a Wise grandmother. Kenny Rogers was a sad case. He always looked so good–I didn’t see why he went and ruined that handsome face of his.

      • I believe my grandma was an old soul when she was born and when she hitched a ride with the angels she was a young, wise soul:) I use to think Mr. KR was handsome before the transition.

  6. I think I would be too afraid to go under the knife and have the years of “experience” changed to someone I couldn’t recognize like Kenny Rogers or Linda Evans. Linda Evans was always stunning and now just looks weird. Sunscreen and a hat are my bestfriends. I hope with each new wrinkle I become smarter……wisdom 🙂

    • You definitely are becoming more wise…and you’ll have happy wrinkles when you get them because you’re always smiling in your pictures. Love it!

  7. Haha, you’d think growing up in Las Vegas, you’ve seen those people than look like an old piece of dry leather… Those wrinkles are not pretty. 🙂
    I hear you about embracing your age, your wrinkles, your scars and anything that make you YOU. I don’t mind my wrinkles, which seem to have multiplied since I turned forty, by the way. The only ones I don’t like are the ones between my eye brows. They’re from not wearing sunglasses for so long and having to frown because my eyes are very sensitive to the sunlight. But I doubt I’ll get Botox for that anyway. I don’t know why women obsess over their wrinkles so much, when you see men never use moisturizers and look a lot older than women for the same age. I don’t think I look like my age but I know plenty of men my age or younger who look a lot older!

    • I saw lots of leathery people in Vegas. Makes me want to be careful in the sun. I hate sunglasses so will probably have my share of eye wrinkles from squinting when I drive. I just can never find glasses that don’t bother my head and give me headaches. So I squint and am happier.

  8. I cringe when I see women my age who look years older simply because they baked themselves in the sun when they were younger. But while I take care of my skin, the lines still appear, as they should. It’s only natural. Western culture has become so youth-obsessed that we forget the wisdom that should accompany the normal progression of the years. Those who chase illusions of youth and immortality are likely the unhappiest and most afraid at the end.

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I love seeing celebrities who are willing to age naturally. They are beautiful in their own skin. I agree with Vanessa, those plastic faces don’t fool anyone. They look way worse than if they has just let themselves age naturally. And although I LOVE Michael Jackson’s music and dancing, he was kind of scary to look at 😦

    • Michael did a sad thing. I always thought he looked good until he started doing all the plasticy stuff to try to be ‘perfect.’ It didn’t work.

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