Vixen and Voldemort

V is for Vixen and Voldemort (for you Harry Potter fans).

The Dictionary has two definitions for Vixen: 1) a female fox; and 2) a spiteful or quarrelsome woman. The Dictionary doesn’t have to define Voldemort, because he is the most evil wizard of all time and we all know that.

I thought I’d compare these 2 V words today and choose a winner. To start off with, let me introduce you to this cute Vixen we met camping last year. Notice a few characteristics of a Vixen: inverted V-shaped ears (lovely), nice pronounced nose (all the better to smell you with, my dear), lovely hair that looks freshly brushed, and a bushy tail that gives it that sexy aura.

Whatcha looking at?

Now let us compare that to Voldemort. Notice the differences. Smooshed ears (the V-shape a preschooler might draw), no nose (a little freaky), no hair (but think of all the money he saves at the salon), and no tail (but he does have a deadly wand and isn’t afraid to use it).

The winner is….Vixen!

Noseless freaks that wave around wands when they’re angry make me a little nervous. Vixens don’t. I liked the colors on this one. And doesn’t that tail look cuddly? Much better than a hard magic stick.

I see you

If you chose Voldemort as the winner, watch out. He’s not even nice to his supporters, and might let his snake eat you for dinner. Vixen’s don’t do that (at least the ones here in Idaho). ***And in case you’re some super genius biologist and can tell what sex these foxes are from the pictures…and I happened to guess wrong and they aren’t female foxes…keep your comments to yourself. I don’t care if they are male. For today’s post, they are Vixenized!

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38 thoughts on “Vixen and Voldemort

  1. Whew! When you said you were going to compare vixen and Voldemort, at first I thought you were going to use the spiteful woman vixen. I was bracing for quite the duel. What if the spiteful woman had been scorned? I was not sure who would win.

    I much prefer the elegant vixen you chose instead.

    Beautiful photo!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    • Mean girls scare me…and probably Voldemort too (although Bellatrix didn’t seem to intimidate him). That would have been a nasty duel.

  2. Wow are we on V already! We’re really into the home straight now…

    Those little foxes are so cute and fluffy! I’m a little nervous of foxes lately because there have been a couple of incidents in the news over here in recent months of foxes sneaking into houses and attacking sleeping babies in their cribs! (Why would they do such a thing?!) – We don’t really have many dangerous creatures in the UK, so that sort of event attracts much attention.

  3. I will take those vixens any day over an evil wizard! We have a fair number of red foxes out here, and they are fun to watch when they don’t know you’re there.

  4. Hahah! I couldn’t even look at the Voldemort picture – too scary! I just saw a fox trotting around out here a few days ago and for some reason it really surprised me that it looked so much like a cross between a cat and a dog.

    • I know. Seriously that wizard is frightening to look at. That’s why I had to throw the pretty fox picture on to rest your eyes.

  5. This means we’re nearly at the end (it’s gone very fast) 😉

    I love that little vixen – much cuter than the other guy (who’s name escapes me for the moment) 😉

  6. I can’t believe I wasn’t here for V-day. I may have just improved the odds everyone else 🙂
    (I can’t remember if the rules said you have to comment on the day of … either way, 2 free books are GREAT prizez and I’m still following to the end!)

    Now as for that Vixen, what cuties! We saw foxes a lot more when we first moved in but not so much now. Beautiful little animals!

    • I think it was just comment. With people as far away as Australia, I’m not going to get ticky on days. They’re today might be my tomorrow…or whatever. That confuses me to think about time zones.

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