Unique Universe

U is for Universe.

Every time I study a little about the Universe…I am humbled. The numbers boggle my mind. I jotted these tidbits down a few months ago when I was in a fact-finding mode.


Our galaxy is a fairly average size one in the Universe. Yet it still would take us 100,000 light years to travel across it. Whoa!


Another site said there are about 2,500 stars visible to the naked eye from Earth (3 if you live in Las Vegas). First, my hat is off to whoever took the time to count all 2,500 stars one night (and with no clothes on their eye as well). That’s patience (or boredom). Yet 2,500 is only a tiny fraction of the stars in our Milkyway galaxy. There are about 200-400 Billion Stars (the scientists can’t agree yet whether it’s 200 or 400 billion. They’re still counting).


And one more awe-inspiring fact about the Universe…there are at least as many galaxies in our Universe as there are stars in our own galaxy. In case you forgot from one paragraph to the next, let me reiterate. That’s way over a billion! Ubiquitous! (I don’t know if that makes sense there…but it’s a U word, and it sounds amazing, so I’m taking author privileges and Using it).

Here’s a video about the Universe that my daughter sent me a couple months ago. I found it Unique. I won’t take my Universe for granted anymore…even the dark ’empty’ space.

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  1. The universe is way bigger than we’d ever see. And I laughed about you only seeing 3 stars from Las Vegas (I’m surprised you could see any at all). If you go out to a rural area at night where there are no street lights or cities, you see the night sky as it was meant to be … like diamonds in the sky.

    • Yes, the best stargazing I ever did was sleeping out under the stars in the Sinai Peninsula on our way to Egypt. Incredible show all night. I don’t think I slept.

  2. The universe is a hard-to-contemplate thing; at least for a concrete thinker like me. That’s why I stick to the Milky Way only. And by that, you know I mean the chocolate bar…

    • I think it’s rude of scientists to take away our planet Pluto. I loved that one too because of its name. To me, it will always be a planet. No teacher is going to fail me for thinking otherwise.

  3. When I was a child, my dad would initiate star-watching picnics under our syringa tree; those were great days. I miss him. I should watch the universe tonight; bet I’ll see him up there.

  4. We’re really just a grain of sand in our galaxy, and I’m talking about the earth, not even each of us. It’s amazing how humongous the universe really is. I’ll have to share that video with my kids.

  5. Stars and the Universe, they are fascinating and amazing! Star gazing reminds me of me and my brother going out late at night to watch meteor showers. We lay on our backs on a table in the and try to count how many shooting stars we could see. That was pretty awesome!

    Now when I hear about meteor showers at 3 am I think, there is NO way I’m getting out of bed when I have to get up at 5:30 for work. One night recently when we were coming out of the grocery store picking up a few items for Saturday morning breakfast, we saw a huge comet/meteor flash by. It was too unreal to believe until we saw the news and they confirmed that many people on the East Coast saw it. It was pretty cool!

    • So cool that you got to see that big meteor. I love when I ‘accidentally’ see a shooting star. It’s a magical experience.

  6. Awww what a neat post Char! I laughed and I learned. (Very cute about the 3 Vegas stars!)

    One of my favorite movies ever is Jodi Foster’s “Contact.” I love the scene when she is tumbling through the universes and says, “There are no words. So. Beautiful.” That’s how I often feel looking up at the stars.

  7. Very cool movie! The universe is incredibly humbling. One of the really crazy things about it is the farther you look into it, the farther back in time you’re looking. Very strange. I love Carl Sagan for trying to make sense of it all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I have a poster of the Hubble Deep Field image in my office. Our universe is almost incomprehensible. And String Theory suggests there could be an infinite number of universes. Sometimes that makes me feel very small. But at others, I can almost feel the connections between us. It’s both humbling and awe-inspiring.

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