Picture Perfect Poetry

is for Poetry.

And this one is Picture Perfect. It’s called Swan and Shadow by John Hollanders, and mesmerizes me every time I see and read it. It’s not just a poem for your ears, but for your eyes as well. I didn’t want to type it…I’d make too many mistakes and you wouldn’t have a Picture Perfect Poem then of a a swan and its reflection, but probably more like a T-Rex eating a goat, which would just be wrong.

Brilliant! Hollanders’  Poem is a  masterpiece.

Have you ever made a Picture Poem before? Me either. But if I did, I might do a Hippopotamus because they’re fat and I’d have lots of room to put words (except in the tail). Maybe someday when I’m bored and flipping rubberbands, I’ll try the hippo Poem (but don’t hold your breath).

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28 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Poetry

  1. Oh I’ve never seen such a thing, how delightful! Not sure what theme I would choose if I did one, Maybe a tree, although with all those branches it might be a bit confusing in what order the words should be read! Maybe that would be to my advantage…

    • A tree would be hard. I loved how this poem uses the breaks as part of the poem…and how as you read down and get to the shadow, the poem changes to talk about the image fading.

  2. That’s really amazing. He somehow placed each word perfectly – the words at the top are all about air and flying and the words at the bottom are more about the water. That would take up a lot of time. I’m with Carrie on doing something smaller. Maybe one of those flies that he talks about at first.

    • I know! Isn’t the message of the poem perfect for the picture? I love it. But to do one myself…yikes! I think I’ll switch to the ant or fly like you guys have suggested.

  3. That type of talent is beyond me. Finding the words for poems is difficult enough. Fitting their length into an artistic shape would be impossible!

  4. Perfectly good example of picture poetry. Although, I can’t help picturing the drafts he must have discarded. I think I’d choose a wombat and I’d call him Peter, Paul or maybe Patrick or hang on, perhaps Pascal.

    • Yeah, I found this when I was in a creative writing class in college. I wasn’t excited for the poetry section, but when I found this one, it changed my view. I love it!

  5. I’ve never seen this, I love it! This creativity is so beyond me – I don’t think I could pull it off, but I can definitely appreciate it!

    • I know. This one pulled me in against my will. I mean, if someone took the time to form their text into a picture, I better read it.

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