Oscar Organizing

is for Organizing.

Since tax season just ended, it’s time to organize and file away all that financial crap that is piled up in our homes. And if you have only a few papers, I’m downright envious of you. It seems each year my pile of papers grows. Icky receipts and Old papers are easy to ignore…but if you do, then you run the risk of becoming like one of my favorite Sesame Street characters–Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar made me laugh as a kid. His grumpy words were hilarious…but I think if I met him in real life, I might not find him so charming. Kids think pain and grumpiness is all for their enjoyment. Have you ever fallen or hurt yourself in front a kid? They laugh and laugh and laugh. Same with Oscar. He was funny to kids.

But if you become an unorganized Oscar the grouch as an adult, your family and friends won’t find you quite as appealing. And who wants to live in a stinky garbage can anyway.

So now to get to the point of this post! There isn’t one. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have a sensible post ready for Q to make up for it…so don’t leave me yet. In the meantime (or nice time), you can think of ways to Organize your life better so that you don’t become an Oscar. Here’s an Old post I did on breaking up daunting organizing into smaller size pebbles to accomplish it. See ya tomorrow, and watch out for Ostriches crossing the street (they’re as bad as chickens).

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38 thoughts on “Oscar Organizing

  1. O dear. 🙂 One of the things I want to organise this year is to change all paper bills, notifications etc., to electronic. I’m drowning in paper. So thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. I just read your old post. I’ve recently started doing something similar. I’ve written out a list of tasks that I have been procrastinating on for months (if not years in some cases!), and I just have to complete and cross off one of those a week – one a week! Pah! That’s easy right? Well, when I say “I’ve recently started”, I’m actually starting next week…

    Also, I do a 10 minute burst thing sometimes, just clean as much as I can in 10 minutes. It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short time slot isn’t it (especially if someone is coming round!). Another cleaning/sorting thing I like to do sometimes is grab a black bin bag (trash bag to you!), and I have to go through the house and fill it with things to throw away, I’m not allowed to cheat by emptying bins that were already designated as things to throw away, I have to find new things to throw away. I always manage to fill a bag quite easily because with kids there’s always a load of unnecessary stuff lurking around! And filling a bag like that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something on the cleaning front.

    • I like the crossing one thing off the list a week and the black bag. I’ll have to utilize those in the future. And it is amazing how much you can clean in 10 minutes if you go gungho.

  3. As you know, I got quite organized over spring break, so I should be set for a while. Though I’m sure I could always find something to go through. Argghh, best not to think about it. 🙂

    • As you know, I’m quite jealous of you already and wish I had cleaned during spring break instead of just having fun. Maybe next year? Ha!

  4. Organizing!!! That’s all I’ve been doing the past several weeks as I ready the house to put on the market….no fun at all 😦

  5. Mr. Craves bane of existence is my organizational skills – ha! The paperwork has exploded lately with closing on a house, renting a house, taxes, change of address stuff, etc. Just have not really felt like dealing with it all. Have a Great Day:)

    • I dejunked a lot of paper and filled up a laundry basket with it. But since it is years’ worth of sensitive info and I don’t have a shredder, it is still sitting in my office staring at me every time I go in to write. I’ve decided it is my new decor for that room.

  6. I love Oscar and he goes perfectly with tax season! That would be great to be able to just throw it all into his garbage can so he could then attack it and rip it to shreds.

  7. Organization has gone out the window this week. Everything began unraveling on Monday when my husband’s computer drew its final breath. Work projects are all coming in at once, too. So far, something has happened every day to throw us off track!

  8. Oh boy, it’s a toss up between who I loved more as a child, Cookie or Oscar. As an adult, it’s Cookie, hands down, but I just laughed and laughed at Oscar (you’re right!) as a child.

    I’m halfway organized, but only because I’m a stacker. I hate loose things sitting around, but put them all in a pile, and I’m a happy camper. Then if asked where something is, I can just say that it’s in that pile over there. (Never mind that it’s ten feet tall, lol.)

    • Cookie is awesome! I’d say I like him more as an adult too. Love your pile idea. Every now and then I whittle down piles (but only because they’re falling over and want to build them up again)

  9. My fav character was snuffaluffagus (spelling?). As for organization, for the most part I’m not bad, but don’t go into the basement! Can’t wait for Q! 🙂

    • Snuffy was awesome too. When I went to the Hogle zoo a few weeks ago, the elephants reminded me of Snuffy, and made me giggle. I was waiting for them to talk.

  10. I have a big shopping bag full of papers I need to file. It’s been getting fuller for the past year, when I stopped filling little by little. I guess I just need to do it and that’s it. Although I don’t see it, it’s in the back of my mind all the time and keeps me distracted and out of focus. I may just get to it tomorrow morning. I bet I’ll feel great when I’m done!

    • Tell me what it feels like when you’re done. Maybe I can bask in your enjoyment since mine is going to take into eternity to finish (at least it feels that way)

      • Guess what? I did it!!! I came back from dropping off my kids at school this morning and went right to the closet and started filing my giant pile away. It took me over an hour but now it’s all gone! Gosh, it feels so good to be done (I hadn’t filed for a year, yikes!) and I felt so productive I just finished a photo post and I’m on to writing another post. Phew!

    • It comes and goes in my DNA on a whim. Sometimes I like it…most times I don’t and have to force or trick myself into doing it.

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