Mind over Matter

M is for Mind (and Madness. I’m hoping I don’t end up in that state of mind after doing this A to Z Challenge).

Mind over Matter is useful in a lot of situations. Here is my short list of things I use Mind over Matter in during my life.

Exercise in any form takes a whole lot of Mind over Matter. My Matter likes to stay at my computer or stretch out on the couch with my Kindle or eat a Muffin (another great M word)…just about anything else besides exercise. The problem with letting my Matter win over my Mind is that soon my Matter can’t get off the couch.

To keep from becoming large Matter, I’ve had to lure my Mind with tricks to help it become stronger than Matter. That trick, for me, was reading. I love to read, so instead of watching TV on the stationary bike, I started reading my Kindle instead. Mind finally made Matter lose a few pounds this way. Yea!

I found it hard to endure 30 min. of TV on the bike (because I really can’t stand much on TV), but can go an hour or more with a good book, especially when I get to a suspenseful part. Then I can’t stop until I get to a stopping point. Sometimes that is 15 minutes later. Bonus! My Matter works harder because Mind wants some resolution (Don’t read Dan Brown books on your bike–each chapter ends with a cliffhanger and you’ll have to read the whole book before you can stop. Your legs will be sore!).

If you hate exercise, like me, then find a way to trick yourself into liking it. I’ve been enjoying biking for several weeks now because I get to do something I like while I sweat.

And the best reason for using Mind over Matter is so that you can eat More Macaroons, especially if you make this recipe (which is super easy and completely to die for–literally if you’re allergic to coconut). That is the reason I exercise…so I can eat good food later. But do use Mind over Matter to keep from eating the whole batch yourself. Then you will have sweat for no good reason.

There are lots of other things that require Mind over Matter, but I promised you shorter posts this Month…so tell me in the comments all the ones I didn’t think of. Thanks for your help.

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38 thoughts on “Mind over Matter

  1. Your description in the first paragraph sounds VERY familiar 🙂 I haven’t gotten my mind over that matter yet. Every spring I get motivated to exercise, but somehow my mind plays tricks on me and conveniently forgets that I’m supposed be doing this new routine or another and months go by. When I look back and I’m like, “wait, I haven’t exercised,” but I do get a lot of reading done 🙂 I’ll have to try to play tricks back I guess and try to combine the two like you’ve done.

    • I actually look forward to exercising lately because my Kindle is full of books I’m dying to read. You’ll have to try something like that (if you can).

  2. I’m not very good with exercising either. I go through phases of some form of exercise or other but then suddenly get really fed up of it. The only exercise I never get fed up with is dancing, and ideally I would go to a few dance classes a week, but there aren’t any that fit in well with my life at the moment in terms of timing/location etc. Or maybe that’s just an excuse, I don’t know. But if I don’t MIND then it doesn’t MATTER! (I’m not sure if that actually makes sense…I’ll just make some coconut macaroons instead).

    • Ha ha! I love that last sentence. If I don’t Mind, then it doesn’t Matter. That’s awesome. My boy loves when I do Just Dance with him for exercise. He’s really good, and I’m just an awkward mess, but it does seem to burn a lot of calories (at least I sweat, so I hope it is).

  3. Had yet to run into someone who could read while exercising easier than she or he could watch television. I almost wish it was that way for me, but my neuromuscular syndrome makes the effort so painful that concentration weakens. Television requires less effort, so it’s a much easier thing to consume while on the elliptical. I definitely wouldn’t have an exercise routine if not for Netflix Instant.

    John at The Bathroom Monologues

    • Yeah, you do what works for your particular situation. I think it’s great you’re exercising while watching TV. That’s what more normal people do (everyone else in my family thinks I’m weird because I don’t want to watch TV). And whatever it takes to motivate you to sweat, right?

  4. I’m very good with the excuses when it comes to exercising. When we’re traveling I’m much more active because I want to explore and take pictures…..at home, well I’m a work in progress. Need to work on that mind over matter stuff!

    • Yes, exercising in the outdoors is no trouble at all…it is just figuring out how to make it enjoyable in the confines of home when weather is bad or whatever.

  5. For me, it’s just the opposite. It takes mind over matter to sit for hours on end. Conferences are torture for me because of this. I so want to get up and walk in place, but I suppose the other attendees would frown upon that, which, when you think about it, is weird because they’re usually health-related conferences…

    Of course, when the alarm goes off at 5:45 am and tells me it’s time to go exercise, well, then, a bit–or a lot–of mind over matter is required.

    • You’re my hero in this area, because you already do the bike or whatever and do your blogging, help starving children in Africa, check in with your son’s PTA, cook dinner, and catch the latest You-tube videos to highlight for us about guys getting hurt all while burning calories. I don’t like sitting at conferences either (probably because I can’t lounge and throw my leg up on the seat beside me at a conference like I can at home)

      • “help starving children in Africa, check in with your son’s PTA”—Oops, I don’t think I’ve done either of those recently. But as you point out, I did write about testicular trauma, so that should count for something…

        • That definitely counts for a lot…but I was sure you were up there with those other doowickies I made up (and I know doowickies isn’t a word, but it sounds like one I’ve heard and so it stays)

  6. Ha! – loving your post – made me laugh and smile:) Here’s another M word for you. I finally found a happy MEDIUM when it comes exercise and healthful, mindful eating! Happy Monday:)

  7. I love sharing your posts. It make me happy to think I’m helping you spread joy. Thank you, Char. You are a positive influence in my life!

    • Aw shucks! That’s so nice. Ditto back to you. I love having you as my blogging friend, and think of you as my real friend too, Gina.

    • Me too! Last night trying to come up with a M post was driving me mad. I thought of Monsters, munchkins, Mops, but those didn’t seem too good.

  8. Great post, Char. I love your tips on distracting yourself from the fact you’re actually exercising. I sometimes exercise with music to distract my mind. Also, bargain hunting at shopping centres is a good distraction. My legs don’t seem to notice when I’m on the hunt. 🙂

    • Music would be nice; I used to put on headphones and rock out (but I could still see the distracting stats on the bike–time, calories burned, heartrate, etc) so the kindle works better for me because it covers that up and I can’t see it. Shopping doesn’t distract me either. I quite despise it and wish my girls would buy me things so I never had to go. We never got that mom-daughter bonding going on with shopping trips.

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