Loving Light

L is for Light.

I Love Light’s role in our Lives. Each day, the sun sends rays from millions of miles away to touch our world and give Life. Without Light, our world would be nothing but a dark, cold barren place.

Besides giving Life, I Love how Light makes the world a more enjoyable place. I Love the artistic play of Light on people, places and things. The Grand Canyon wouldn’t be near as stunning without the changing shadows and hues cast as the Light varies during the day. Even people’s appearance changes in different Lights and shadows. Light reveals an infinity of possibilities within each Living and non-living thing.

English: view into Grand Canyon from South Rim...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Love that Light purely focused becomes a Laser with power to cut through almost anything, and to cut in microscopic detail within our bodies to heal.

Light is featured in the title of my first book: Eyes of Light


Today, since it’s Saturday and I feel like it, I’m giving my followers a code to get Eyes of Light for free (if you want it; I won’t twist your arm. I gave that up in 5th grade).  Click to Smashwords to read a synopsis. If you’re interested, then type in this code to get it for free: TD25F. (This code is only good through Monday, April 15th (8:00pm Pacific Time). Once you enter the code, it will let you choose which eBook format you want.

Have a de-Light-ful weekend.

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28 thoughts on “Loving Light

  1. Char, I love when the light lands on my skin, warming me through and through. Such a peaceful, calming feeling!

    Thanks so much for the code to your book! I’m running to Smashwords now to get it and can’t wait to start reading it. Ok so if I don’t get the Amazon card — you just gave me the best consolation prize!!! 🙂 Gracias!!!

    • Light on your skin is especially divine after a cold, cold spring, when the sun starts feeling warm again for the first time. *Glad you’re excited about the book. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Light is essential. It’s amazing what a day of sunshine can do for one’s spirit. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to live in Alaska where there is no daylight for days on end. I’d be a big grump.

    • I’d be a bigger grump. I like my light, and am almost uber-hyper-happy once summer gets here and it’s light outside until after 10pm. That used to be my favorite time to jog (when jogging didn’t throw my hip out). I’d run along with Ginger and think, “It’s bedtime…and still light!” And then I’d squeal for joy.

  3. That photo of the Grand Canyon reminded me of our stay at Lake Powell and how the light hit the mountains as the sun was rising…..stunning. My photos never seem to do the scenery justice. I’ll be sure and check out your book….thanks 🙂

  4. Such an interesting play on words, loving light. After reading your post, I realize it is mostly about how you love light. But, the thing the first came into my mind when I read the title was also about how light/truth/seeing clearly/insight help us to feel love.

    Even when we lived near Seattle with so many months of clouds, the light played off the clouds and gave them an ever-changing skyscape. We also had more rainbows there than anywhere else I have ever lived. We needed both the light and the ever present misting rain to give us that unique glimpse of beauty on such a regular basis.

    I love light and the love that comes with light!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    • Rainbows–perfect side effect of light. We don’t get near enough rainbows here in Boise–and way too few this spring. I bet you really appreciated light in Seattle, since its cloudy there so often.

  5. What a great L choice. It’s odd for me to be a night owl, but love light, especially sun light, so much. I love the glow of light along the horizon as the sun is rising–I think the most beautiful sight I’ve seen is sunrise from an airplane coasting through clouds of pink and gold and maroon. It felt as I imagine heaven feeling.

    Thank you for the code to your book!

    • You’re welcome. That does sound like heaven how you describe the sunrise from the plane. I remember Jake Garn speaking at my husband’s graduation a million years ago (he went up on the space shuttle once); he talked about how the most breathtaking sight he saw was when he looked back on earth, and saw thousands of rainbows all over the earth from the play on light. I doubt I’ll ever get that view, but I’ve never forgotten it and imagine the plane is a close 2nd.

  6. Oh it’s so true, the last two years we’ve gone away to a Greek island for a week in the summer and I always notice how the light is so different and just makes you feel so much more alive as soon as you wake up. I get really fed up with the months and months of gloominess in the winter here.

    • A Greek island sounds perfect. We’ve thought about going to Hawaii in the winter instead of the summer, just to escape negative temps and gray skies in January. But we can’t kayak the ocean then…so we have only gone in the summer when it’s not too bad in Idaho either. But maybe someday we’ll take a break from winter and experience light on a tropical paradise.

  7. I love the movement of light e.g., candlelight, lightning and reflections off water. I also love how light can make hilarious long shadows in the afternoon.

    • Perfect examples of light’s many facets. Yes, the shadows that play in the light are so crazy sometimes (especially my own).

  8. The absence of light this winter really brought down my mood. It’s wonderful to have sunny days again to recharge and renew. You have sunlight until 10 at night in summer? Wow! That must be amazing. 🙂

    • Yeah! I think it’s one of the best things about Boise, Idaho. We’re right on the time zone line–30 minutes away is Pacific time. So we kind of gain an hour that way that the other side of the state doesn’t have. In Vegas, it got dark at 4pm in the winter…which always made me a little depressed. Of course it gets lighter in the morning later here…but I would rather have more light in the evening than be woke up by the sun at 5am like in Vegas.

  9. Light is a beautiful things. Thanks for reminding me of all the amazing things it does. You are so right about the Grand Canyon–it is completely different by morning light than by dusk light. 🙂

    • I could write so much more, but I promised to keep it short this month since I’m doing the daily posts. Grand Canyon was the best example though. I loved how it seemed like a different view with the changing angle and brightness of the sun.

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