Kids and Kites

is for Kids…and Kites.

I love these pictures because they catch the essence of Joy with Kids. I think most of us have fond memories of childhood, and I think the reason is because Kids are amazed by every little thing. I remember finding potato bugs (I called them rolly polies) and being mesmerized by how they rolled up into a perfect ball whenever I touched them. I remember swinging as high as I could on my backyard swing, the air whipping through my hair and making me feel invincible. I spent hours climbing and playing in our front yard mulberry, loving the rough feel of bark under my hands.

Flying Kites

I love watching Kids play and talk. They’re so full of energy and enthusiasm. It makes me feel young again. It is especially fun to watch my Kids with a Kite. The one in these pictures was so strong it almost lifted our son off the ground that day.

Some people don’t like the term ‘Kids;’ they think it’s demeaning because it’s the same as for a baby goat. To those people I say…Have you watched a Kid recently. They jump around and bleet, neigh or croak like little goats all the time.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASo I will keep using the term Kid. I was a Kid. I love my own Kids. And I don’t think I’m demeaning anybody by using it. Maybe if some stalker dude comes up to a ‘child’ and says, “Hey, Kid,” you might get scared…but otherwise, I think it is endearing (or en-goating).

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30 thoughts on “Kids and Kites

  1. I love silhouette style photos. We have one where my wife is holding our son when he was about 12 months old. Kids have a different way of looking at the world and it’s full of wonder and possibilities. Kites are also a lot of fun. I’m glad our son had the opportunity to fly one.

  2. I use the term “kid” all the time and see nothing wrong with it. We have a lot of friends/acquaintances who never had children. My life would not have been complete without ‘kids’. Great silhouette photos 🙂

    • Oh my. She spaced them out just perfect to get 19 years of preschool in. I used to teach preschool years ago and the kids always made me laugh so hard.

  3. I’ve never flown a kite, but I have read ‘The Kite Runner.’

    Hey, what can I say, I’ve run out of witty things to say. Must recharge over the weekend…

    • I tried to fly homemade kites as a kid, but they never worked well for me. This acrobatic kite of my husband’s kind of scares me. I wanted him to hold me when I flew it as well so I wouldn’t kill someone. They zip with the wind and can come racing down to the ground at very scary speeds (and they’re big and will hurt whoever they hit). But I love to watch my husband fly it with the kids. And Kite Runner…that was a good one.

  4. Loving your post – love letting my inner kid out:) Mr. Craves grandmother gave him a kite for Easter until he was way in his 30s – ha! – whenever I see a kite I think of her (or a cardinal). I just enjoyed letting my imagination go wild and go on adventures as a kid and this adult kid has not change all that much! Happy Friday – Happy Weekend:)

    • That’s funny that he got them for so long. As you get older, those acrobatic kites can be spectacular to watch. I always crash them though.

  5. Great photos! We did kites a few times on the beach when the kids were younger, but never properly got to grips with it! In the UK ‘kids’ used to be seen as a very American word, but it’s pretty mainstream over here now too! Like you say though, some people find it a bit derogatory or whatever, but I find it quite a fun word!

    I started reading Eyes of Light yesterday! Enjoying it so far 🙂

    • That’s interesting to know that KID is more commonplace there now too. Hope you like my book. As I keep writing, I want to go back and change it to make it better…but I know I need to just get on with more stories. That is the curse of writing. You keep learning new things you wish you’d known a year or two ago on another story. Sigh.

    • I love all the cool designs in kites. I’d love to go to a kite festival (if there is one) someday. It would be fun to see all the colors and pictures on them.

  6. I use to love flying kites. We did the homemade ones and bought a few of the basic ones, too. But there were few of those acrobatic kites that you see today. Great photos!

    • I loved making the homemade ones as a little kid; they didn’t fly well, but I really didn’t care. It was the making them that was the most fun. And thanks about the photos; my 2nd daughter did them. She’s more artistic than me with photos.

  7. Used to fly kites ALL the time growing up and as a grown up. Nothing fancy, just the simple ones. They are so much fun to fly when tou can get them flying 🙂 I think I still have two in the garage. Great pics too!!

    • That’s funny that we picked the same things for several letters. Love your A to Z theme…and yes! pick a fun hike with your boys. You will never regret it (unless they puke all over you if they’re on your back…then you will regret it, but will still always remember it)

    • Is that what they’re called? Pill bugs. I’ve never seen them here. Of course, I’m not building cities in the dirt anymore, and seem to shovel with haste when I am digging. I only notice earthworms and spiders everywhere…and the occasional snake

  8. We have a family vacation planned for July and I am thinking about getting a kite like this to use with my nephews and nieces while we are at the beach. We need to create some memories.

    • This one is pretty fun, but you do have to be careful. They’re very strong and go super fast when they’re diving toward the ground. You don’t want to be in it’s way in case it crashes. It would hurt.

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