Hiking Happiness

H is for Hiking…and Happiness. The two go together unless you wear sandals, forget to bring water and snacks, or get lost. All three of those mishaps can turn Hiking Happiness into Hiking Hell. But that’s a post for another time. Trust me about being prepared for hikes though. I prefer heaven to hell any old hiking day.

Here are some Happy Hiking Hieroglyphs (just pretend).


Happy Hiker


Handsome Hunk (at least in his own mind)


Highlighted Hills


Hunched Huckleberry-picking


Huckleberries Hiding



Have a Happy Hayday!

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40 thoughts on “Hiking Happiness

    • Yes, well don’t get too jealous. The photos are from last year. They’re covered in a few feet of snow right now, so not as nice. I’m just anxious for summer to get here. I love camping and hiking. Is the lung infection chronic or temporary? Hope the latter.

  1. Great photos. Hiking in a place like that would suit me as long as I had water an a mobile phone in case I got lost. I would be quite happy sitting under a tree just enjoying nature.

    • You wouldn’t get too lost on this trail. It was a rough trail, but pretty well marked. The only time we got kind of lost was when we tried to go find a WWII plane that was on the other side of some lake. No trail to it. I guess technically we weren’t lost, but we did get beat to death as we worked our way through bogs, and log jambs. Icky.

  2. What lovely pictures! It’s all about the weather really, hiking around when the sun is shining makes you feel wonderful (as long as it’s not TOO hot for all that walking), but on a miserable cold rainy gray day, it’s a different story altogether.

  3. It does look like heaven, especially because of all that green! How do you get any writing done at all with hikes like that around you? I’d be tempted to just keep hiking.

    • Well, most of the good hikes are 2-3 hours away, so they have to be planned and aren’t usually spur of the moment distractions. I guess that’s good for my writing.

    • Oh my! Good luck with that. My daughters have a few days of anxiety, cursing and grouchiness whenever it’s time to sign up for classes and they don’t get what they wanted. I just remind them that ‘in my day’ (eye rolling) we had to register by phone, punching in each class code and then waiting to see if it accepted it, and then trying again. It was exhausting.

  4. Looks like Glacier Nat’l Park close to where I live. I’m hoping to have some hiking happiness this summer. I love hiking, but preparation is key. I have joint problems so I have to take extra precautions – hiking poles, knee braces, compression shorts for my hips, not to mention the other important items you mentioned – good shoes, food, water. I almost did myself in one year when I didn’t take enough water with me! Won’t do that again! πŸ™‚

    • I’d love to visit Glacier. A lot of my extended family has and their pictures are gorgeous. Someday! And yes, there is a lot more prep to hiking with age. As a teen, I hardly took time to take water, and pranced and ran up the mountains. Now I have to have super supportive shoes or else my hips and knees start aching, gallons of water so I don’t get a headache, etc.

  5. Glacier is absolutely beautiful with some great trails for hiking. Although, we had to deal with some late May snow when we were there. Still, hiking in a beautiful place is hard to beat.

      • Haha! I wasn’t going t use mine as my “h” post, but it took me so long to go through all the steps of receiving the award, I may change my mind. πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful pictures, but I’m not a hiker. Glad you enjoy it because someone oughta be out there enjoying the beauty of it all.

    • Each of us have our little hobbies. I love hiking, but don’t think you have to get way out in the wilderness to enjoy nature. Some of my favorite times are just meandering along our greenbelt by the river downtown.

  7. Ahhh, all that green. It’s so lush and the views are beautiful!!!!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see all that green foliage … soon!! πŸ™‚

    • I love green! I guess I could have done that for letter G. This hike started out with a magnificent view and ended with one. In between was a little more rugged than I liked and I was sore at the end, but the pictures made it worth it.

    • I love them too. I was sad because we hiked in a couple miles and by that lake in the pictures there were tons of huckleberries. But I had forgotten to bring zip lock bags or anything like that to hold them in. So we picked and ate while we walked. Then my husband found a bag later on down the trail in his backpack. But by then, there were no more ripe huckleberries on the bushes. That extra elevation had ripened the ones by the lake, but the lower ones were not ready and none of us had the energy to backtrack up the grueling trail to go fill up the back with huckleberries to take home. That haunted us the rest of the weekend (and still does).

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