Gumption and Gardening

G is for Gumption…which is courage, initiative, and resourcefulness.

A $20 Amazon Gift card waits on the line for those of you who bravely go where no man or woman has ever gone before (basically a whole month of alphabet posts with me). So far, there are 7 or 8 of you who have shown true gumption–or stick-to-it-iveness (is that a word?).

Congratulations to those of you who’ve kept up with each post last week and now going into week 2. Keep reading with Gusto. I will hereby crown you Gumption Gumbys.

Another G word that requires Gumption is Gardening.

Ginger -- Garden Guru

Ginger – Garden Guru

Now that spring is here, it’s time to start thinking about the yard again. I love gardens, but find my gumption running low by August after spending several months weeding and trying to keep up with zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and watermelon. This year I’m adding berries to the mix. Let’s see if I can NOT kill them. Here’s a picture of how Ginger helps while I’m weeding, hoeing, or doing other Gardening tasks. She is the Golden Garden Guru, keeping me on task.

Ginger: “Say! I think I see a nasty weed by that tomato. Yes…there. Good job. Now to your right. There’s another one.”

How can I not succeed with my own personal Garden Guru pushing me to high Gumption perfection. I’m hoping my gumption lasts through September this year. We’ll see. Do you have a garden? And how does your garden grow (Mary Quite Contrary–that’s how I feel come August)? What do you have Gumption to do?

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  1. Deep breath, and on to week two! I’m not very good with anything to do with gardening, even indoor plants don’t do well with me. I’ve just bought some grass seed because I have big bald patches on my lawn, so I’m going to attempt to fill them in. That will be the extent of my gardening for this year. I always think gardening is a lot like cooking, you either have a touch for it, or you don’t, and even if you follow precise instructions (or recipes!), if you don’t have the touch for it, it’s never going to be great.

    • You are doing awesome in this challenge–and congrats on winning Carrie’s loot today. You don’t need a green finger for gardening, you seem to have it for giveaways. You win a LOT!

  2. Ginger looks like a Good Garden supervisor. πŸ™‚ We have tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries, mandarin (the fruit, not the language), lemons and lots of flowers (although we haven’t tried eating those). My wife and I have a Good arrangement. She Grows food and I eat it. Fortunately for me, she loves Gardening. πŸ™‚ I will need Gumption very soon because my computer is causing me problems and I’m tempted to ditch it and buy one that will behave.

    • I like your arrangement with your wife. My dad and grandma are excellent gardeners (and so is my brother). I wish I was an excellent gardener, but alas, wishing does not make dreams come true. Only hard work does, and I tend to fall towards the lazy gardener side. I weed just enough to keep my plants from being choked out, but not so much that there are no weeds. And like I said, when the abundance of zucchini and tomatoes starts, I get really tired of eating it and tend to let the last month of produce rot or fall instead of canning it. I hate canning with a passion. Don’t tell your wife though (or my dad; he might disown me). I’ll cross my fingers for your computer to work, but that works about as well as wishing I was a good gardener. Not so much. But I’ll do it all the same (it’s the thought that counts).

  3. While I’m not a gardener, my mother is chaffing for it. Spring just has to actually hit our region. It’s still so bitingly cold!

    And I’ve happily been keeping up with your posts, though my lung infection last week probably caused me to miss commenting. Would you like me to go back and try again?

    • Sorry about the cold! And you’re doing great on the commenting. I have you marked down as one of the people who are in the running and have completed each post so far.

  4. Have fun with the garden. I used to enjoy gardening back in the Midwest. Once I moved west, I found it way too frustrating….heat, dry, wind, hail, altitude,and a lack of a green thumb told me to find another hobby….lol. Hope you and Ginger have lots of luck this season πŸ™‚

    • Yes, gardening in the west is a pain. In Vegas I felt like I spent hundreds of dollars on watering my garden for about $20 worth of produce. So I stopped. Here I just go at it pretty casual–going for things that are hard to kill like zucchini and tomatoes. My soil isn’t that great, but they still grow each year (more than I like sometimes).

  5. No gardening for me, but I do other yard work, mowing (my form of exercise), raking, seeding, watering the lawn. That kind of stuff. I can’t say I have much gumption when it comes to these tasks, but someones got to do them πŸ™‚

    Good job moving into week 2 – it’s been fun on this end. I’m still looking forward to seeing what you do with the tough letters. Being as creative as you are, though, I’m sure you’ll have fun with them!

    • Mowing the lawn is fun. I was kind of sad when my husband told me I couldn’t mow anymore because he wanted our boy to learn how to do it and for it be his chore. It is the one chore you can do that looks good for more than a day. I’m hanging in with this challenge, but find my gumption waning each time I have to write a post. Giddyap! (hope that helps me)

      • Feel free to send your son over to do my lawn — or you can come. I used to think lawn mowing was fun, until we bought a house on a hill πŸ™‚ I’d gladly give that chore up to you or your son πŸ˜‰

        • No hills on our yard. That must be why I still like it. I’ve gotten used to him mowing it…although I miss picking random patterns to do each week in the grass. I loved doing something different each week in my attempt at getting the perfect diamond cut lawn.

  6. Oh, Char. I hate to admit it, but I no longer have a garden. When I was young, and even up until a few years ago…yes I did! I canned, I froze, I made salsa and roasted things to freeze. I even used to can meat! Onions in panty hose hanging in the cellar, potatoes in buckets…the whole 9 yards. But, weeding time in Nebraska means temps in the 90s and mosquitoes, so I just decided I’d leave gardening to heartier people than I. I do miss tomatoes as I think Vine ripened Nebraska Tomatoes are the best, but I usually get a few from my mother-in-law and from the farmer’s market in town. So, I declare myself to be Lazy! Gumptionless. Glad you enjoy it, though.

    • Weeding in the 90s with skeeters sounds awful. You are forgiven for your lack of gumption. You have nothing left to prove. And I didn’t say I enjoy gardening…I just force myself to do it (and do a half-whacked job of it, I must say, as I hate canning and weeding and being diligent about taking care of the garden babies; my philosophy is…if a plant isn’t hardy, it shouldn’t be anywhere in my yard). That philosophy has worked good for me so far.

  7. Hahah! Lots of “G” words there! I have no gumption at all, especially while gardening, but still try every year. There’s usually not enough sun – that’s my excuse. My dog used to help when she was a puppy by digging everything up. If only I could have trained her to dig in the right spots, but of course that didn’t happen. Ginger looks very happy while gardening. πŸ™‚

    • Ginger does look happy, doesn’t she. She’s happy as long as I’m out there working. When I get lazy, she grimaces and starts barking (just kidding; she doesn’t know how to bark; she scares herself whenever a little howl emerges when she sees a cat outside the window at night)

  8. Love Gardening and Exploring Gardens:) At least Ginger does not destroy and dig holes – Good Doggie! I want to plant an herb garden this year and maybe a succelent garden too. I hear you on the veggies going into to overdrive along with the weeds at times. Happy Monday:)

    • I tried an herb garden last year, but didn’t do good at deadheading it and not letting the plants go to seed. Lazy, I guess. Maybe I’ll just stick to the basics this year that I can’t ruin.

      • My worst garden failure was growing lettuces – what a nightmare! That is one reason I am hestitant about an herb garden – go wild and may go invasive on you if not on top of it.

        • Mine went very wild. I did lettuce when I was first married and it grew great, but it was the worms inside each piece that drove me bonkers. Ick.

  9. Ooh, keep us posted on how the berries go! I don’t have a garden–I don’t like dirt and bugs and slimy things–but I’ve always wanted to live in a climate where I could grow fruit in my back yard. And I love berries. I’d love to know how it turns out for you!

    • Berries are my downfall in this yard. I’ve received several batches from others that tell me I can’t kill them (and then I go prove them wrong). This bunch I bought and they didn’t die last year (so there is a tiny bit of hope). My brother hates blackberries in Washington. They are a weed there. Why can’t they be a weed in my yard? They would thrive, as that is the best thing I grow (besides irises). I have 3 peach trees, 2 plums, 2 apples, a nectarine and cherry tree. Peaches are my favorite, and I will usually use all that fruit…but my laziness kicks in on the others and usually the lawn and beds are covered with rotting fruit come September. My husband curses my name then for being so gung-ho about needing lots of fruit trees. And yet, every time I go to a nursery, I salivate when I see a new fruit tree and vow that it will be yummy enough that I will actually do the thinning, picking and drying/canning required when I actually have it.

      • Oh my gosh, I would sit in your back yard and just read and eat fruit. How wonderful! Of course, I’d probably get the runs, but it might just be worth it. Very cool.

        • I think you have to eat a LOT of fruit before you get the runs, because I seriously can eat 6-7 white plums a day and it doesn’t affect me. And peaches, I eat them until I’m blue in the face, and feel pretty good. I got a dehydrator last fall, so I’m hoping to keep up drying the fruit I can’t eat this year. Don’t ever get an apple tree. S. U. C. K. S. They are so cheap to buy and it costs a fortune to spray for worms effectively. I asked my farmer uncle what he did with his apple trees to not get worms, and he said, “I cut them down.” Best advice ever.

  10. LOL! I bet Ginger is a great help in the garden πŸ˜€ When I weed I find my dogs pick them up and carry them away (I just have to teach them to take the weeds to the weed pile and not drop them at the back door!) πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck with the berries πŸ˜€

    • I will need the luck with the berries. That’s funny that your dogs pick up the weeds. Ginger just picks up branches and sticks when I’m trimming bushes or trees. She loves gnawing on them.

    • Good luck with the container garden. I’m terrible at growing things in pots…probably because I don’t have drips set up to go to them and I tend to forget watering.

  11. We did some garden work back in Illinois, but not so much here in Maryland. Commuting takes more time, so there’s less for the fun things after work. But I would love to be able to pick fresh berries from the yard!

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  13. Good luck with your berries. I had some beautiful strawberries that were just about ripe, the first ones of the season. Then yesterday I realized all the red ones were gone. Some damn squirrel dug a hole through the netting and helped himself to MY strawberries. I hate squirrels. I hope the letter S is not about them, until you write about them disappearing from the surface of the earth.

    • Ha ha! I will remember not to extol the ‘virtues’ of squirrels for letter S. I never had seen one before until we moved here to Idaho. I thought they were cute. Unfortunately, I’ve now learned what pests they are. Sorry about your strawberries! That is SAD!

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