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Everyone needs friends. A lot of you have cats as friends, but I have another furry friend. Ginger.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that Ginger is my lazy, happy, kind Golden Retriever. (Dang, there are a lot of G words creeping into this post…making me wish I’d saved this for Monday. Oh well)

I’m not a dog lover by any means. Dogs poop, slobber, drool, rub against your leg to be petted, jump on you, bite you (if they’re mean), poop some more…and then even SNIFF their poop. Disgusting creatures!

Yet, I have a dog. And I love Ginger with all my heart. She’s 10 years old this month, and not as spry as she used to be (unless I take her for a walk…and then she reverts to Balto the Sled Dog behavior, which can be a tad annoying when she’s jerking me down the street).

She somehow worked her way into my heart though and became my Furry Friend.

Now enough of the sap. It’s getting sticky here. In honor of my furry friend, I’m going to stop talking and post a collage of this dog that is so lovable she even got me and my husband to love her and talk in baby-talk to her (that’s how crazy lovable she is. Jeepers!).


Do you have a Furry Friend? Feathery Friend? Foolish Friend? What do you like best about them (and please don’t tell me you like scooping poop. I’ll know you’re lying).

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  1. She looks a bit like our Fox Red Lab Annie. A rescue from a breeding kennel. We had to have her spayed, then we had to have her knee remodelled due to cruciate ligament trouble – no insurance for any of it. She was crazy mad with other dogs at first (didn’t help that within half hour of picking her up she slipped her old collar and we lost her for 3 days!!). 2 years on she’s as good as gold. Beautiful dog. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always had cats, I just like them being around and mostly they’re no trouble, I have two at the moment, I’ve always had somewhere between one and four. Obviously everything has to be on their terms but as long as us humans understand that, then we all get along fine. I do like dogs as long as they are well trained, but they’re a lot more work aren’t they, and you have to be home more with them which doesn’t work for me right now. Your Ginger does look gorgeous!

    • Cats are nicer to have because they take care of themselves better–I’m just too allergic to them to enjoy them. You made it through this whole week, Vanessa! Good job!

    • So when your sons grow up and live on their own, are they going to make up for this lack of furry friends by having farms?

        • Ha ha! Yes. Us city folks have a hard time getting used to the smell of manure. Although my guess is that boys would have an easier time than us girls since they’ve survived junior high locker rooms already.

  3. Love the puppy pictures! If they could always look like puppies I might cave and get one. Isn’t it amazing how our furry friends work their way into our hearts! πŸ™‚ We’ve got 2 cats and I don’t think we could ever be without cats or animals of some sort in our lives!

  4. We have two furry friends–a pure white cat (Sophie) and a black lab/golden retriever mix (Olive). Olive is all black with beautiful flecks of gold on her legs. We already had Sophie when we got Olive as a puppy. Olive wanted to be friends with Sophie so badly, but Sophie was not impressed with Olive’s excessive high energy. But, now a year later, Olive has bounded her way into Sophie’s heart too.

    It is a good thing our apartment has a limit of two pets. Otherwise my daughter would probably be successful in her attempts to talk me into bringing into our home all kinds of pets!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    • I have allergies to cats (pretty dang bad–like as in my throat closes up and I can’t breathe bad)…so feel for you. When you have a pet, they grow on you, but I don’t see myself going out and getting another dog after Ginger just to fill her space. I wouldn’t get another kid if one of them died.

  5. Oh my, is there anything cuter than a Golden Retriever pup? I think not…..well maybe a Brittany Spaniel pup is equally as cute. Yes, our furry family members…..Bear completes our family and provides plenty of love and entertain (and of course poop).

    • I think all pups are way too cute. They have to be to make up for their biting and messes at that stage. I hear you about how our furry friends complete our families. Ginger is just one of the gang.

  6. I love animals in general. I’ve always owned a dog. My favorite dog as a kid was my black lab, Malcolm. Labs are special because of their wonderful personalities. There really just isn’t a better personality than a labs. Malcolm’s been gone for around 12 years, but I still think of him. Right now I have a Schnauzer named Schatzy and he is a little bugger. We love him. I’m also babysitting a toy poodle. Not my favorite dog breed, but she has her good qualities, I suppose. We had a chocolate Dalmatian once. Another beautiful animal with a nice personality. Very smart. Your Ginger looks like a wonderful companion. Glad you have her.

    • Oh, your Malcom sounds like the kind of dog movies are made after. I understand about toy poodles. They are kind of grouchy animals. My sister had a black one called Roo. My kids and I called it Roo-cifer.

  7. Growing up we had a golden retriever–she was a super sweet dog! I love your collage, I see that sweetness. We don’t have any pets right now, but I know we will someday soon-ish. πŸ™‚

    • She is a sweetie! I never thought I’d have a dog…but look at me now. If you get a pet, I want to know what you get.

  8. I’ve always been a cat person, but several years ago I decided my children needed a dog. I’m not sure why. I guess I thought it was an essential part of childhood. They had allergy issues and so I chose the bichon frise breed. My oldest named him Raymond, and yes, everyone who visits our home loves Raymond. The funny thing is, Raymond never got the memo that I’m a cat person. He bonded to me right away. It took me a year or so to bond with him. I just sort of realized it one day. I’m attached to this stinky little dog!

    • Ha ha! That’s a great story. It’s funny how certain animals sense your dislike and become all chummy with you. Cats always snuggle up to me, until I race from the house because I can’t breathe. I wish I wasn’t so allergic to them. They seem like nice creatures (when they want to be).

  9. We are now taking care of our daughter’s dog and cat for a week. Charcoal, cat, is about 18 years old and still can jump on the couch to be petted and Max is a Golden, 8 years olds, and still thinks he is a puppy. I see Gingel also likes to lay in the snow. He has been going on the lake now, ice, but it looks like it is still safe for a dog. I have a leash it the ice begins to melt to keep him in the yard. Some one in a truck was on it on Wednesday.
    Nicee pictures.

    • Oh goodness! You still have ice on your lake? Yikes. We’re in full blooming spring here. No ice (thank goodness). You are a saint to pet-sit Charcoal and Max. Enjoy them while they’re there.

  10. Ginger is absolutely beautiful! I have two furry friends. Sabre (9 year old German Shepherd) and Kitty (3 year old Rottweiler). I couldn’t live without them πŸ˜€

    • I love both those breeds. My brother in law trains dogs and always has a kennel full of Shepherds and Rottweilers. They are so obedient and nice…but scary when there is a threat. I love their names too–Sabre and Kitty. Awesome.

  11. Furry friends are so innocent looking aren’t they? We have a furry cat who likes metal for some reason. Not the music, but actual metal and especially metal tongs. Furry friends are fun to have around. πŸ™‚

  12. You like dogs! That automatically makes me want to be your friend. I LOVE dogs. Your blog has a wonderful design and I look forward to reading some of your writing.

  13. She’s beautiful!

    I love dogs, but we can’t have one because my hubby is allergic. Love visiting my mum and her maltese terrier though. She’s hopefully going to have puppies soon! That should be exciting.

    Rinelle Grey

    • Those allergies are a pain. That’s exciting about your mom’s puppies. I love puppies so much (except when they bite me)

  14. I’ve never been able to bring myself to replace my childhood dog. But once my husband and I retire, I think it’ll be time to share the house with a furry, four-footed companion.

    • I can totally understand not wanting to replace a beloved dog. I think I’ll be that way after Ginger goes. I already know no dog can top her.

  15. I’ve always lived with cats. The most I had at a time was 3, and it was a lot. I have none left now and it’s been about 6 months. It felt weird at first but I’m actually getting used to it. My last one was very disturbing at night and I have no shame admitting I’m really enjoying the uninterrupted sleep, something I haven’t had in over 10 years.

    • I think I won’t get another dog after Ginger…unless I was all alone and needed company. I won’t ever top my dog…so why try. And I hear you on getting sleep. Another commenter mentioned that their cat wakes them up every night. I couldn’t handle that.

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  17. Late to the comment party, but just wanted to say I love all the Ginger photos! She’s so gorgeous. I really think she deserves some yummy salmon for dinner!

    And let’s not even talk about poop, sigh. With Spot’s sensitive tummy and nine cows, lets just say our land is well fertilized.

    • yes, I’m sure your land is very well fertilized. Poor Spot. I feel bad for his sensitive stomach. No fun! Ginger says thanks for sticking up for her with the salmon comment. She’s smiling right now (actually she never stops, except to do a dufus face that makes me laugh).

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