Donkey, Deals, and Dollars

 is for Donkey, Deals and Dollars

You’ve heard of Don Quixote. Well, today I am going to introduce you to my imaginary kickboxing friend, Donkey-Hotay. He’s an ASStounding friend that never ASSumes things about me. He brays at my corny jokes, kicks me when I’m down, and is an all-around ASStonishing guy.  He’s a world class fighter, as seen by the following picture:

Donkey-Hotay can fight windmills with the best of the herd.


Donkey-Hotay can beat Donkey-Kong in a fight too. (I just know it…but I’m too lazy to draw another picture. Use your imagination.)

Donkey-Hotay can kickbox like you can’t believe. And since he’s imaginary, that’s pretty good, because most people can believe quite a bit in their minds. If you’re ever in dreamland and come across Donkey-Hotay, give him a wide berth. His legs are twitchy.

But best of all, Donkey-Hotay can save you Dollars. He’s good at finding Deals and other D words online. And he found a whopper of a Deal over at Gina Barlean’s blog. Today and tomorrow you can get her book, DEAD BLOW for free. FREE! I know free is letter F…but it’s still Free. So click on over to Amazon to get Donkey-Hotay’s DEAL of the DAY. And when you finish this awesome thriller, send Gina Barlean (the author) a hearty Hee-Haw by reviewing her book on Amazon and Goodreads (and if you’ve read mine, give me a Hee Haw too. We authors like reviews).

Sticking with the D theme, I hope you have a Doggone Delightful Day.

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29 thoughts on “Donkey, Deals, and Dollars

    • I love finding free deals. My kindle is full of them. Eventually I’ll get to them all. I loved Deadblow though. It was intense. Gina’s a good writer. And no, I’ve never tried kickboxing. It looks intense as well. I’ll leave it to Donkey-hotay.

  1. It’s quite scary this $20 Amazon competition, making sure I remember to comment every day, it’s so stressful, worrying that I might miss one, and we’re only on day 4! What sort of state will I be in by the end of the month? Not that I’m complaining you understand, it was my choice to put myself in the running. Maybe I should say ‘exciting’ rather than ‘scary’ and ‘stressful’, yes, exciting is better…in fact I feel better already just changing the word upon which I focus! How cool is that? This $20 Amazon is SO exciting! 🙂

    Oh, and I love the donkey drawing, what a talent!

    • Yeah, you’re awesome for remembering to get here each day. No wonder you win so many things. I love how words affect how we feel. That could be a whole post in itself. Thanks for liking my donkey drawing. It’s kind of fun to putter around…but I wish my oldest was here to draw for me. She’s better at cartooning than me.

  2. You have such a great imagination, Char. You had me laughing. Great drawing. I love the wonky blade on the windmill. Did Donkey-Hotay do that? Your donkey reminds me of the joke where a guy is drinking at a bar and another guy comes in and says to the barman, ‘G’day, Donkey.’ The first guy says to the barman, ‘Why does he call you donkey?’ The barman says, ‘he aw, he aw, he always calls me that.’ Thanks for the free book tip-off.

    • Glad you noticed my wonky blade. I was going to fix it, but I kind of liked it that way. My son noticed right away and told me to fix it, but by then it had grown on me and I liked it better than if it was straight. Great joke. And hope you enjoy the book. Gina’s a great writer. Her books aren’t my normal genre, but I find myself anxious to read hers when the next one comes out each time. I’ve enjoyed them all so far.

  3. Your blog posts are adorable and clever. And now I see you are and arTEEST! Bless you for plugging my book! You are the best, Char!

    • ArTEEST is going a bit too far, but thank you anyway for stroking my ego. My head is getting all bubbly and big. I like to dabble and pretend I can draw. It’s fun (if nothing else). And I couldn’t help but plug your book. It started with letter D and is Darned good.

    • Thanks, John. I had big hopes of drawing several great cartoons depicting Donkey-Hotay’s life for this post…but alas, I’m not too fast at figuring out how to use my Bamboo yet. So maybe another time.

  4. I think a children’s book on Donkey-Hotay would be great. And don’t sell your artistic talents short! Maybe your daughter could help with some of the illustrations…. You could really turn it into a family affair!

    • It would be fun. My daughter could make it great…she’s just slammed with work and school in another state, so I don’t dare bug her for a couple more years.

  5. Found your link on the A-Z Challenge list. Donkey Hotay is definitely one of the more interesting posts I’ve found today! I like your illustration too! 🙂

  6. Hahah! I don’t think I ever would have thought of Donkey Hotay for D. You probably already thought up one for X! Love the artwork and thanks for letting us know about that deal!

    • Thanks, Margie, for commenting, so I could find you. I’m terrible at finding other blogs myself, but enjoy plopping in to see others when I can easily click on your name on the comment.

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