Chocolate Cravings

 is for Chocolate

I couldn’t pass up the chance to brag up Chocolate some more. To do so, I will write a poem that I probably could have thought up in elementary school (see how it spells out C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E?).

At least it’s short. I could have done Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (my spell checker says I just spelled that wrong. Oh well!)


Ode to Chocolate


Can anything be better than chocolate?

Heck no!

Ooooo, that taste that melts on my tongue,

Cocoa and sugar mixed together

On a heavenly cloud of ecstacy.


Astonishing to my taste buds,

Tempting me

Every second of my life. Yum!

Thanks for sticking with me despite my poor poetry attempt (and forgive me if I’ve set off your drooling glands). May the thought of $20 Amazon card at the end of this help you through this trial. There are about 15 of you in the running! You can buy a LOT of chocolate for $20. What is your favorite chocolaty treat? Or do you hate chocolate (I won’t unfollow you if you admit this. More for me.)

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46 thoughts on “Chocolate Cravings

  1. Oh gosh, my favourite chocolaty treat? That’s so hard! It depends on what mood I’m in. In general I prefer milk or white chocolate to dark chocolate, but occasionally I like the kind of hit that can only be got from dark chocolate covered coffee beans. Then there’s chewy brownies, they’re pretty great right? I’m not going to start naming chocolate bars though because I could be here a while…well, maybe just a few…Butterfinger, Snickers, Double Decker, Crunchie…that’s it. Oh and Cadbury’s Creme eggs!

    • I got a Cadbury egg for Easter (I’m saving it for last). And chewy brownies (my downfall. I can never resist those no matter how much I swear to eat right or how full I am). Chocolate is fantastic, and it’s hard to narrow down a favorite, isn’t it?

  2. Fasting for bloodwork, this was about as tough an A-to-Z as it comes. Gosh I could go for a nice piece of chocolate about now. And the pudding heart photo is too cute, as well as mouthwatering!

    • Sorry about the fasting. This is a torture piece when it comes to that. Hopefully you can rebuild your body up with some good chocolate when you’re done.

  3. Yes! I knew you would pick “chocolate” for your C Choice! Though candy and cookies were also potential choices.

    Have to go with chocolate and peanut butter — any combo of the two is yummy. Especially in the form of Reese’s Cups or peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. ((Drool!))

    3 down, 27 to go! Or is it 23 to go? (Is this just the alphabet or every day in April?) Anyway, you’re doing great and you’re off to a strong start — keep it up!!!

    • I knew I wouldn’t surprise anyone with this choice…but it’s ME! I wouldn’t be true to myself if I neglected to honor Chocolate on its day. Reeses are very popular in my house. Sometimes, if they aren’t around, I take a couple chocolate chips and dip into the peanut butter jar. Yum! And I’m skipping Sundays, so only 23 more to go. Whew!

            • I used to feel the same way about DQ when we lived right around the block from it. We must have gone weekly to get fries and a shake. That was in my 20s when all those calories magically disappeared without any weight gain. I’m glad DQ (and Rocky Mt) are not close to me now. I might be 500 lbs if they were.

  4. Hmmm, chocolate brownies with walnuts….. Lindt milk chocolate with Hazelnuts…..Reeses peanut butter cups….excuse me while I run to the store 🙂

    • Dark chocolate brownies do sound divine right now. I think brownies are my favorite treat in the world (it kind of drives my family crazy. My husband says, “Who wants to make dessert?” and I answer, “I’ll make brownies.” and he says, “Who else wants to make something besides brownies?” And I grumble and moan that we can’t have brownies every night of the week.

  5. Another chocolate entry! I’m going to have to delve into the fridge in a moment… I love chocolatey drinks as well as the actual solid stuff but I just love biting through a square of dairy milk with a nice cold glass of milk to go with it. Yum!

    Nice to meet you, look forward to more.


    • Nice to meet you too, Lisa. Chocolate milk is what I drink most mornings for breakfast. Heaven help me if I ever become diabetic and can’t have that to start my day.

  6. Okay, this ages me, but, there is this Remington Steele episode (Does anyone even remember that show anymore? One of my favorites! It’s sooooo funny! But I have a weird sense of humor.) where Laura and her sister can’t even say the word, chocolate. They’re choco-holics and if they get too close to chocolate, look out! It won’t be pretty! Too funny!

    Love chocolate! Can’t choose a favorite! (Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I make Texas Sheet Cake and eat the frosting by the spoonfuls and ignore the cake. Heavenly!)

    • I loved Remington Steele too, but I don’t remember that episode (but don’t worry, I can’t remember when my kids’ piano lessons are either each week and it never changes). My mom always made Texas sheet cake as a kid. The frosting on that is to die for. Hmmm. I might have to make that just for memories sake (no other reason–yeah right.)

  7. Yes, knew you would do C = Chocolate. If you need help with D, it can be Dessert, which of course could be Chocolate too as is chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream or chocolate mouse cake (two of my favorites for chocolate and dessert) 🙂 Nice job on your A – Z — you are really mixing it up. I can’t wait to see what you do for Q, X and Z 🙂

    • ‘mousse cake” … not ‘mouse cake’ – definitely not mouse cake! I got so excited about chocolate cakes I hit ‘send’ before proofing. Yes, another chocolate lover here!

      • Ha ha. I was going to say I’d never tried mouse cake before. You’re so funny. And thanks for the Dessert idea. I was going to get creative and do a silly cartoon tomorrow, but we’ll see how much time I have to do that once I get home from my church activity.

  8. Ah, one of my favourite topics. 🙂 Great poem, I’d like to have that written in a chocolate colour in a lovely font and have it framed! I have developed a taste for ultra-dark chocolate in my quest for a lower sugar content. I now usually eat Lindt 70% and 85%. When I first tried it, it tasted bitter, but now it’s wonderful! (And there’s less guilt involved.)

    • The 70% are my favs. In the 80%s and I’m not as thrilled. I guess it’s an acquired taste. And thank you for the nice thought–my poem framed in chocolate. What a great idea.

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