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Less you think I’m an extreme biker, let me assure you right up front that I’m more at the Granny level when it comes to biking trails than a BMX type. You know that woman who you hear a mile away because she’s cranking down on her squeaky brakes the whole way down a hill? That’s ME!

P1010290My husband and children on the other hand, are quite adept. But even though I’m a pathetic biker, it doesn’t keep me from loving it. I think mountain biking is one of the coolest exercises out there because it gets you outdoors and you see lots more country than if you’re hiking on your feet.

Unless you’re me. And then you still might be hiking on your feet when you come to hills. Oh well.

mountainbiking 007Here in Boise (another B word), we have lots of great trails in the foothills. If you’re lame like me, then you’ll be on trails with lots of other people (bikers, hikers, dogs that think they can do their business wherever they want because of oblivious owners). If you’re a little better, you can branch off onto steeper trails and leave the rest of us behind. Lucky you!

In honor of letter B, here are 2 other great places to mountain bike (according to my husband):

  • Moab – Slickrock and Porcupine Trails  (he dreams about these places and salivates every time he watches the video below)

P1000132Go HERE for cool Slickrock Biking Video

  • Bootleg Canyon outside of Boulder City, Nevada – My husband has given blood here several times. It’s for intense bikers who know what they’re doing (if you fall, the terrain isn’t kind).

A good B book that has bikes in it is…(wait for this, it’s great)…The B Book by the Berensteins. It’s awesome.

“Big brown bear, blue bull, beautiful baboon blowing bubbles biking backward…”

It doesn’t get better than that.

So enjoy letter B. Ride a bike, and if you’re feeling especially cool, bike backwards while blowing bubbles. Do you bike, and if so, where do you do it (the grocery store counts)? And if you don’t, what is something else you like to do that starts with letter B?

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49 thoughts on “Biking Beatitudes

  1. Oh, biking! I love to road bike (not so much mountain biking), but I haven’t started back up since we moved here. I haven’t found a good route yet, and now I have to hustle my bike out of a closet in the house rather than simply roll on out of the garage with my electric garage door opener. But, you have inspired me! I have to get back out there, especially before the heat of summer kicks in with full force! What a beautiful biking bulletin!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    • Glad to inspire you. My hat is off to you for road biking. I’m a little intimidated by cars, but think it’s great when I see people riding to work and stuff.

  2. I’m with you on being a Granny biker; in fact, I even ‘gave blood’ that way once. Again, I just love your images. Well, Spring is here…we’ll be pumping those tires soon. BTW, I’ve just ‘liked’ your FB page, so now we can follow your news there too.

    • It’s sad to give blood that way, although my husband wears his scars proudly (men!). My oldest is a little daring and when she first got into mt. biking, she biffed it and tore up her knee. I wasn’t too thrilled when my husband called to tell me he was running her in for stitches. Ick. My granny ways has helped me stay safe so far though.

    • Winter was harsh this year. Thankfully, ours seems gone (for now). Buds are out on trees and grass is starting to push out of the yellow thatch. I’ll cross my fingers that your spring hurries up and comes already too.

  3. We should go for a bike ride. Not in the hills though. That gives me heartbeat problems. I have some lovely routes through quiet neighborhoods to the E, S, and W of us.

    Fun post.

    • Yes, that would be fun. I’ve been riding the stationary bike in the garage because I don’t like to be cold, but the weather has been behaving lately. Outside rides would be much more fun (although I’ve got a LOT of reading in on the stationary one). You’ll have to show me your routes.

    • Falling is never fun. I won’t lie about that. When I first started, I told my husband I didn’t want to fall. He told me I would fall, and the question would be when. I’ve only had minor falls, where I catch myself and tear up the back of my leg on the pedals. I’m trying to avoid a major fall though (hence my granny level expertise). I don’t know if my body would ever recover. I’m not a spry 20 something anymore.

  4. I love to bike, but I’m not very good at it, I would describe my biking skills like you describe yours! I don’t like to bike where there is traffic, but luckily, close to us is a nature reserve which is perfect, it has a proper cycle track, but also off-road parts through woods. This is pretty much the only place that me and my kids go biking. Funnily enough, I posted about it on my blog almost exactly one year ago! (April 3, 2012) – (not that I’m trying to self promote, but you did ask, kind of…)

    • That nature reserve sounds awesome. We have the same kind of rules here on the Boise greenbelt, and people still break them all the time like you wrote about. I like rules because they do keep us all safer…but like I tell my girls as they’ve all learned to drive…you must be smart for all the dumb people out there who do break the rules. You can’t take it for granted that everyone will follow rules in driving or biking, so you have to exercise caution when your speeds increase.

  5. I live on gravel roads and do not bike, but when we were in Hawaii, we took a bike tour. Started at the top of Wamaia Canyon and we biked down 12 miles. I brought up the rear of 20 some people, braking all the way! But, I loved it.
    Thanks for sharing info about Boise. I really will have to visit that state!

    • Gravel roads aren’t my favorite for biking. Too easy to slip and fall, so I don’t blame you. Hopefully you have a nice 4-wheeler or something to zoom around on. Biking Wamaia Canyon sounds so fun. If you ever get here to the Boise area, you are invited to dinner (I’ll even pull out real plates instead of paper ones–hee hee)

  6. It takes me a while to get on one, but once I do go for a bike ride, I think, “What took me so long?” Feel so good afterwards. We have some nice trails around here, too, but certainly nothing like Bootleg Canyon. Yikes!

    • My husband told me straight out I couldn’t go on Bootleg canyon (not that I begged him to take me or anything). That terrain is nasty and the trails are thin and if I fell (which I would), I’d probably slide down 30 feet or so before a cactus stopped me. It didn’t help that he describes the rocks there as laser rocks (and he knows, because he came home several times all chopped up like hamburger). He still loves it because it’s very technical (guys!). Hopefully you’ll enjoy your tame trails there in Ohio (I can only imagine they are covered in tall green grass and wildflowers everywhere with lots of big trees). We don’t live by Bootleg Canyon anymore, so I don’t stress over my husband dying when he goes biking now. Whew!

  7. I remember “The B Book”! I loved it as a child!

    I’m not a big biker, though I do love baking buttery biscuits and butterscotch brownies. And I love those little gingery Biscoff cookies — yum!

    • As much as I like biking, I’m usually the one left behind because I’m slow and we need one extra bike anyway. So mom gets left. I’m okay with that. When I get left behind next time, I’m going to make butterscotch brownies (BBs) like you. Thanks for the idea. I’m eating a healthy lunch right now while dreaming about BB’s. Does dreaming add calories to carrot sticks?

      • Oh boy I hope not!
        I just finished a bowl of plain nonfat Greek yogurt for lunch. Bleh. (Though the Fage brand isn’t bad.)
        We’re going to Aruba next month, so I’m actually trying to get rid of that cookie and brownie weight I’ve put on. So I can re-gain it on vacation, haha.
        Eat a brownie for me too please!

  8. Makes me feel like a sissy for not bothering to bike on our unpaved road. And a bit of it is uphill! “I’ll never make it.” Well, don’t I feel silly now?

  9. Those bike trails look very scary. I love biking but on lamer, tamer trails. For anything too scary, I’ll hike instead so that my feet stay on the ground and (hopefully) don’t end up flying through the air.

    • Yes, I put the crazy ones on for my husband’s sake. He loved this post today. I’m all for the tamer, lamer ones too. They make me happy! Feet flying in the air isn’t all that great (in my humble opinion).

    • I like those hybrid bikes. The mt. bikes can be pretty hefty to bike around town. Glad you get your Sunday rides in–sounds perfect.

  10. Love the photos and thank you for mentioning the B Book – never heard of it before & it sounds amazing. But I actually belong to a very small club of people (whispers) who have never learned how to ride a bike. There, I’ve said it in public (hangs head before walking away….)

    • Don’t be embarrassed, Bridget. You probably have other talents that put my granny biking to shame. I can’t imagine trying to learn a bike as an adult. You fall a lot, and kid bodies are better adapted at that. I’d be in a hospital if I had to learn now.

  11. We’ve got a huge park just a few blocks away, so we’ll usually ride our bikes there. We keep saying we’re going to take them to the C&O Canal, which isn’t far away. Some day, maybe we will. 🙂

  12. Hello! Although I never learned to ride a bike, I still enjoyed your post! I especially enjoyed the reference to the Berenstain’s “B” book. I have read it many times to first graders as a librarian, and also as a grandma to grands and great-grands. Thanks for an interesting post. Regards to you. Ruby.

    • I know! Isn’t the B Book the best! I love it and loved reading it to my kids over and over again. And it will definitely be read some more by me when I get grandkids some day. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Biking is fun except when you’re a teenager riding with friends who have normal bikes and all you have is a dragster bike. I lived on my bike when I was that age, but once I bought a car, I never looked back. Thanks for the video link. I enjoyed the downhill bits the most. 🙂

    • Yeah, boys love their bikes. My husband lived on his bike too as a kid (and now lives on it for his hobby and exercise). I can imagine you on your dragster. My son’s friend came over one day with a bike that his uncle made for him. He’d taken apart an old motorcycle and put all the chrome and seat on the bike. so it was a motorcycle you pedaled. It was extremely heavy, but they had a blast out in the street riding it around. Glad you enjoyed the video. My husband loves that trail and watches that all the time.

  14. Loved bike riding but it’s been a while. The town we live in now is so hilly with narrow roads. Never feels safe riding on them. But do love the idea of getting back on the bike – thanks for the reminder Char! 🙂

    • I don’t like riding on the roads either. I only like biking if we’re out in the dirt trails of the foothills or the biker/walker lanes on the greenbelt where no cars exist.

  15. I love the Berenstein Bears B Book! Such a cool idea for a book, and brilliantly executed as always.

    Not so good at biking. And given that the only place to ride around here is on the road, it’s just not going to happen. But I’d love some trails like the ones in your photos to ride on.

    Rinelle Grey

    • I do enjoy our tame trails here. The ones in Utah and Nevada are for the more adept riders (not me). But I love seeing pics and videos of them. People can do some amazing things on bikes.

    • It’s just one of those silly kid books that everything starts with B and keeps building throughout the whole book. My kids loved it when they were little.

  16. I haven’t been on a bike for years, Char – but I used to love riding around the farm 😀 Maybe I’ll get back to it soon when the house is finished.

    I love the way your hubby has ‘given blood’ at Bootleg Canyon LOL 😀

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