Animal Anomalies

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My daughter’s friend has a unique gift. She can look at a person and figure out what animal they resemble. She’s usually dead-on too.

So for my first post in the A to Z challenge, I want to challenge you to leave a comment about what animal you think you’re most like. I will respond with what animal I think you are (this might be easy for those of you I know; if you’re a first timer, I’ll just have to do my best to guess your ‘animal vibe.’)

Do you resemble a bulldog?

Or because of your spitting skills, would you link yourself to a camel?

Perhaps a Cheshire Cat is more your style.

I don’t have the animal/human scoping skills that my daughter’s friend has, but I’ll give it a go. The animal I think I’m most like is a Golden Retriever. That might be the reason I have one. Haven’t you noticed people look like their dogs?


Me as a person

Me if I was a dog (which I'm not)

Me if I was a dog (which I’m not)

So what animal do you think you resemble, act like, or have an eerily strange kinship to in this world? (No made-up animals–sorry to all of you who would have chosen Ewoks)

Oh, and one more piece of good news! If you endure this A to Z Challenge with me by reading and commenting on every alphabet post for April, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card. Yippee!!! (Thanks, Arlene, for the awesome idea!)

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****Thanks to This Cool Site for the funny pics.

***And a shout out today to Arlee Bird (who also starts with A), the founder of the A to Z Challenge.

60 thoughts on “Animal Anomalies

  1. Char, I was happy with chocolate, but an Amazon gift card? Think of all the Kindle books one can buy! A is for Awesome!

    As for resemblance to an animal. That’s tough! Elephant for my memory? Bird for their ability to soar and glide through life? Cats — just because I love cats! Can’t wait to see which animal you’ll pick for me. Don’t worry, I don’t insult easily 🙂

    • Yes, lots of books. I love Amazon gift cards. They cover everything! As for an animal. Hmmm. I like the 3 you picked, but I’m going to pick a giraffe for you because of your coffee mug gravatar. I can picture you as a giraffe gracefully sipping your coffee while you enjoy life.

  2. I hope all the challenges won’t be this difficult. 😉 Okay, I’m extremely adaptable therefore a cat, but I like night time, so an owl, but I’d want to be as close to being human as possible, so a chimp with an iPad (so I can still write). 🙂

    • Coming up with your own animal is terrifying, isn’t it? How about a cheetah. You’re clever, enjoy the night, and are fast at accomplishing your goals (and hopefully, I’m not the poor little antelope ready to be eaten). I guess Cheetahs can’t write, but I don’t know how good a chimp is either. I have seen a video of an elephant painting with its trunk. Maybe you could be an elephant and write.

  3. Well, not very original but I’m going to go with cat – usually quite composed and together but sometimes will just start acting playful and silly for no reason, sometimes likes company, but often likes to be alone, loves warmth and sun, sometimes likes to show-off and be admired, but don’t hassle me if I’m not in the mood, likes to be spoilt and pandered to, and is pretty convinced that I come from royal stock.

    • Well, you did just describe a cat to a T (whatever a T means). However, I think I’ll pick a tigress to you. I saw them play in the zoo once, and that was the funniest thing I ever saw. They are super playful and silly with each other, although they know they come from royal stock and don’t bother them if they aren’t in the mood. Still a cat, but I upped the ante.

    • I never want to come upon a wolf (or more likely their pack) when I’m outdoors, but I’ll be the first to admit they are amazing creatures. My daughters and I have collected wolf pictures and stuffed animals for years. Love them. I’ll say that’s a good pick for you. When you become a lawyer, a wolf will be a good icon to symbolize power, intellect, and endurance.

  4. I was going to say CAT, because I tend to be aloof and often resent unwanted, unexpected interruptions. But I’m also a chameleon in that I seem to be able to adapt to any situation a lot faster, and easier than most folks I know. So, Chameleon for me.

    • That’s a super pick. I’m not going to change that one. To be a chameleon as a person is a wonderful talent. I’d love to be part chameleon myself.

    • Well, monkey see, monkey do. Your ankle scratching talent is amazing, and is very monkey-like…but I will pick another animal for you. I see you as a gazelle–very trim, fit, fast, and elegant. All of us other animals look at you and feel a little jealous as you pass us by (but a good kind of jealous–like the kind that makes me want to get in shape and be a little better so I can run with you).

      • Ooh, a gazelle. I like that! You are so much better for my self esteem than my children are. And if you run with me, I promise we’ll stop at the DQ for a blizzard from time to time. After all, deprivation does no one any good.

  5. Hmmm. It’s boring, but I’m guessing I’m a lot like a cat. Moody. I’m purring one minute, then trying to bite you the next. I get excited about patches of light, am a night person and must have large amounts of sleep.
    It’s either a cat or a chameleon, because I can adapt to my surrounding pretty easily.

    • I’m going to pick a beaver for you because you are always busy building talents in all sorts of areas. You finish one dam and move on to the next one, never lazy or still. But you are a beaver that had braces, so you don’t have buck teeth.

    • Shannon, I think I’d pick a fox for you, because of your pretty red hair. I love foxes when I go camping. They are so silent and walk right through the campground, let me take their pictures of their beautiful coats. They are clever and smart.

  6. I look like a muppet but if I have to pick a real animal, I guess I’d go for either a monkey or a penguin because they can be pretty funny looking.

    • You are too hard on yourself (but usually we all are). I think I’d pick a horse for you, because I can see you running along those pretty New England beaches with your long hair flowing behind you while you enjoy the breeze. Then you’d nibble at some tall grass as you dream up poems.

    • I think lots of people think of cats, because cats think they’re human. From looking at your picture, I’m going to pick the black swan for you. I just saw one at the zoo this weekend, and they were so pretty. There are a lot of cool primates though too. I just can’t remember any of the cute ones names. I call them all monkeys to my kids, but I know that’s wrong. Tamarin, maybe?

  7. I often see myself as a bird, Char. I love the fact that your daughter can see what animal a person can be (though I could imagine it would be a little embarrassing if she told someone they look like a camel or hyena!) 😀

    You’re very generous for offering a $20 Amazon gift card! Well done 😉

    • Yeah, or if someone called me one of those crazy monkeys with the big noses (is it a gibbon? I can’t remember. There are too many primates). A bird would be good for you…but what type. Are you a night owl, or one of the early morning birds? Do you have long legs like a flamingo, or do you waddle like a duck? I like geese, but I bet you don’t have those in Australia. Do you?

  8. Hmm, this is a great idea, but a difficult question to answer! My favorite animal would be a horse, but am I like one? I don’t think so…. How about a deer? Someone who normally moves quietly in the background, but will sometimes surprise you by jumping across your path?

  9. You know we all have our own “animal” in our little family. I’m the panda bear. Looking forward to your alphabet posts this month!

    • Yea! I wanted to pick someone to be a kangaroo. They are so cool. And since you’re an Aussie, Kate, it fits you perfect. Have a hoppy day!

  10. Donkey. Definitely. I have long hair, like they have along their necks. I enjoy running. I have a big toothy smile. I will kick anyone that invades my personal space (unwantedly) or if they try to take my food. My singing voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. I’m slow to trust. I’m just a wee bit stubborn. And some people, upon occasion, have mistakingly referred to me as an ass.

    Oh and I just realized my best friend is often an ogre, lol, but I love her anyway.

    But I could be a dog too, as I love to sleep, play, get petted, and eat. Especially cookies!

    Good luck on your alphabet challenge!

    • I think the donkey sounds perfect for you, too, Christy. My sister loves and collects all things donkeys. She has the cutest collection ever, and whenever it’s her birthday, I look hard to find a humorous one with that A-word in it, because it always makes her laugh. And if Spot was a different animal (rather than the dog he is) I would peg him for a mountain lion, because he looks like he would love to hunt and sneak up on things and jump 20 feet through the air. Ginger would be a floppy-eared bunny because she’s lazy and doesn’t like to move around much, but likes to lay at my feet and know that she’s cute. And she’s eyeing my Easter candy right now.

      • Tee hee, I thought about Spot with an earlier commenter — she’s definitely a little potato, a spotted couch potato. But she’s so determined when she goes on walks with me, and reminds me of “The Little Engine That Could.” She’ll love to hear about the mountain lion, it will boost her ego!

        Ginger sounds like an adorable bunny! With her priorities in order, of course.

        • A spotted couch potato. I can only imagine. And the walks make me laugh, because Ginger can act so old sometimes, getting up slow and hobbling…and then I get the leash and she acts like a puppy. So funny.

  11. Gosh, I don’t know what animal I resemble. I have a lot of long, thick hair, so I guess I’ll go with a horse. Or maybe a lion. I guess it would depend on my mood. 😉

    • You make a good point. Our animals could definitely change with our moods. Sometimes I feel calm like a lamb, and other I just want to bite people, so maybe a snake when I’m angry.

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