Scrabble my Brain during April Showers

Guess what? I’m doing the A to Z Challenge starting next week. Kindergarten is far behind me, and I thought a little brush up on my alphabet skills might be in order (especially since I’m a writer).

I also have a hard time passing up a challenge. Have I ever mentioned I’m a little competitive? It’s a flaw. When my husband and I first got married, we played Scrabble to decide who had to do dishes. It became quite intense, with 30 min turns as I tried to beat him (I hate dishes). Anyway, I didn’t like to lose…so after a few months of marital tension whenever I lost and spent the next day complaining about the rotten letters I’d drawn, or accused him of cheating, we decided not to play Scrabble any more. Games like U-No that require no skill or games like Boggle that I can beat anyone at are better. Scrabble sat in that in-between realm that left me frustrated.

But I’ve gone way off subject. Scrabble is fine and all, but I’m talking about the A to Z Challenge. Every day during the month of April, with Sundays off for good behavior, I will shower you with another letter in the alphabet, keeping with the schedule they’ve set up.

I know many of my followers don’t have time to follow daily…and I’ll forgive you for having a life not revolving around my whimsical love of letters and my competitive desire to complete a silly challenge. I will cry and miss you though.

If you have something wrong with your brain (like I do) and want to sign up as well for this torture, go HERE  and sign up with me. Misery loves company. There were already 1300 people signed up when I registered my blog on Saturday. You’re encouraged to visit blogs on the signup list, starting with the one right after yours.

So there. I’ve stated my case (and now you know I’m nuts). I’ve had a hard time blogging once a week lately, so this will definitely be a challenge.

Here are my promises for the A to Z Challenge.

  1. I will keep my posts short. Writing every day will tax any of you who try to stop by and support me with your cheerful comments…so I won’t post epic novels for each letter. (You can send me chocolate to thank me)
  2. I will not grumble (unless it’s G day, and then I’m allowed because grumble starts with G)
  3. I will vary topics and be as random as possible.
  4. I will finish. By darn, I’ll prove anyone wrong who doesn’t believe I can write 26 posts in a month—even about the letter X.
  5. I will not do this again for the rest of the year. (Send more chocolate, please)

There you have it! My Challenge and My Promises. Now, if you’ll excuse me for the rest of the week, I have to scrabble my brain to think up things that start with each letter so I can shower you with Alphabet goodness in April.

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42 thoughts on “Scrabble my Brain during April Showers

  1. Good luck Char! I admire your competitive nature. I have one of those too, but not so much for word games, more for video games and sports and especially sports video games like Madden NFL!

    So if we read and comment on every post from A to Z, will you send us chocolate? 😉

    • I’ve become entangled in several computer games over the years and have had to cold-turkey stop it to keep from losing control. I love having the high score. The meanest thing my husband ever did to me was hack into the high score record on Tetris in college (decades ago) and put himself in the #1 spot. I almost lost my mind. ***Oh, and good idea about the award thing. I think I might ponder that.

  2. I don’t mind scrabble. Maybe it’s because we have a dishwasher. 🙂 This challenge of yours reminds me of the writer who writes a novel for every letter of the alphabet. She sure did regret starting that. If it all gets too much, Char, use the Solomon Islands alphabet. It only has 11 letters. 🙂

    • I’ll be interested to see what I come up with each day as well. It might be things like A–Airhead, B–Batty, C–Crazy, D–Dotty, E–Eccentric…you get my drift.

  3. Good luck with this challenge, I’m sure you’ll do great with it! I’m competitive too, with my manfriend Neil, if we disagree about a point of fact on something, you can usually hear me say “Well let’s Google it to see who’s won.”

    • What would we do without our friend, Google? Days were bleak when we actually had to play games of Scrabble to decide our fate. Now, with a touch of a few keys, nothing is left to doubt.

    • I know! Some letters are going to be a challenge to not just be the same as everyone else. And if my brain hurts…I might be like everyone else and do Queen and xylophone.

  4. It must be difficult being #1 and having to lead out in everything. I know you can do it, but don’t count on any comments from me. I keep current and that is about it.

    • I’m #1 in birth order only; I don’t usually place #1 in anything else or lead. I just like to dabble in everything and enjoy lots of mediocre glory. Once I prove I can do something, I tend to lose interest…that’s why it’s safe to say I will do the A to Z challenge once and be satisfied.

  5. Each time I read a post about A to Z I am SO tempted to join in. I like the challenge part, but will be cheering from the sidelines this year. I’m in awe of those who participate!! 🙂

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  7. Hi Charissa, I’m stopping by to introduce myself and wish you luck with the A-Z Blog Challenge. I’ll mostly be exploring CHANGE and SENSORY AWARENESS and how to implement these concepts in storytelling. Hope to see you around -Belinda.

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